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2019-11-15 23:54:27 UTC

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a few brief periods when the Archive has been slow to load (or refusing to load at all). This is because our Elasticsearch servers are under some strain. We've made some adjustments to our server setup, but because this is our busiest time of year, we expect the problems to continue until we're able to have new servers delivered and installed in a few months.

We've been planning this server purchase for a while now, but the machines we wanted -- AMD's Epyc Rome CPUs, which have an increased core count and are cheaper than the Intel equivalent -- didn't come on the market until August. Now that they've been released, we're working on finding the best price to help us make the most of your generous donations. We expect to order them very soon.

While we're waiting for our new servers, we plan to upgrade the Elasticsearch software to see if the newer version offers any performance improvements. We hope this upgrade and the changes to our server setup will keep things from getting much worse during our end-of-year traffic influx.

Thank you for your patience, and for all the donations that allow us to buy new hardware when these situations arise!

Update 27 November: The servers have been ordered, but it will still be a few months before they are delivered and installed.