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2011-05-03 05:46:02 -0400

May has arrived, and our April Showers Challenge has drawn to a close! Through the month of April, we were highlighting fandoms in need of love on the Archive of Our Own and our sister project Fanlore. We've been enjoying all the fannish May flowers which have appeared as a result.

595 works were posted on the AO3 under the April Showers Challenge tag. People didn't confine themselves to the fandoms we highlighted - we were happy to see people archiving works in more than 80 fandoms, including Captain Future, Starsky and Hutch and Monty Python and the Holy Grail! In addition, 2,122 works were posted in the fandoms we highlighted. See the full list below!

On Fanlore, fans took the opportunity to fill in some of their fannish history. The Fanlore team created a bunch of memories pages for the featured fandoms - memories pages are designed as an informal place to record your defining memories of a particular fandom, without worrying about exactly how to categorise them. Check them out and add your fannish history! Other April Showers activity on Fanlore included updates about the history of the fan convention. You can read more about what Fanlore have been up to during the challenge at their April Showers posts.

April Showers - The Masterlist

We've really enjoyed seeing people delving into their fannish history (recent and not-so-recent). Remember, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to archive on the AO3 or record your fannish history on Fanlore. Anyone who is interested is welcome to post their recollections (atany time) on Fanlore itself or to the Fanlore dreamwidth community posts linked in this post. Don't worry about formatting - their trusty team of wiki gardeners are eager to help out! On the AO3, you can use our import function to easily upload work hosted on other sites. If you don't have an account and you want one, then just add your email address to our invitations queue (wait time currently less than a week).

Enjoy fannish May flowers, and the wealth of fannish histories we share!