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2014-10-06 21:35:19 UTC


  • Coders: Emily E, james_, Lady Oscar
  • Code reviewers: Ariana, Elz, james_
  • Testers: Lady Oscar, mumble, Scott


  • The Locales page now lists all locales that the Archive supports. (What's a locale?) Users can now suggest new locales, and Admins can edit or add existing locales from this page.
  • Previously when following incorrect links to AO3 News posts, pseuds, works, or tags, the Archive would redirect you to the next best page, e.g. the main works index, and display a brief message. Instead of redirecting, we now show an Error 404 page. This preserves the address (work, tag, etc.) you were trying to reach in the address bar, allowing you to fix a typo and try again, for example.
  • If for some reason your browser cookies for the AO3 get deleted or corrupted, you will be automatically logged out of the Archive and shown a page informing you of the action. (See our post,, for tips and tricks on dealing with log-in problems.)
  • We fixed and updated a number of our automated tests (which ensure that the Archive will still work as expected when we change or update code).
  • We also added and improved automated tests that cover administrative actions (such as posting a new AO3 News post, or managing invitations), moving us closer to 100% code coverage of those features!
  • The Technical Support and Feedback form has been updated to correctly list all the languages Support can answer questions in. The new ones are: català, čeština, magyar, and Русский.
  • We have updated a section of the Archive TOS FAQs. The final sentence of the "Can I archive original fiction" question has been changed to: "We presume that, by posting the work to the Archive, the creator is making a statement that they believe it's a fanwork. As such, unless the work doesn't meet some other criterion, it will be allowed to remain.". Previously, the final sentence read: "In general, when there is doubt as to whether a particular work counts as a fanwork, we will trust the judgment of the work's creator."

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.