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5 million fanworks

On 17 July, the Archive of Our Own hit 2 million registered users. Today, we have reached an even more significant milestone: 5 million posted fanworks! \o/

AO3 entered open beta in November of 2009. It took until February of 2014 to reach the first 1 million fanworks, but almost every year since then we've reached another million. In July of 2018, we reached 4 million fanworks, and in October of that year, we reached 30,000 fandoms.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits AO3, both those 2 million registered users and the many unregistered users who visit the site alongside them, for helping us get to this point. It's because of you that AO3 is what it is today.

In celebration of this 5 million fanworks milestone, we're presenting you with a challenge: AO3 Bingo! AO3 Bingo is a cross between regular bingo, a fanworks rec list, and a scavenger hunt. Everyone can play AO3 Bingo, and we have different reward badges according to the number of challenges you complete.

But first, here’s how the AO3 Bingo card works:

The graphic below is your AO3 Bingo card. Each square contains a type of fanwork or fanwork-related element that can be found on AO3. For each square, you recommend a fanwork or related element that you love by providing a link to an AO3 page that contains something that matches the square. Once you complete one of the types of bingo listed below, you win a badge!

You can play by posting your cards and links on social media using the hashtag #AO3Bingo. You can also comment on this post to play.

Follow the links below to access your badge, and you can post it on social media, hang it up on your door, wave it around in a parade, or otherwise put it wherever you please. We’re using the honor system here, so we’re counting on you to keep track of your own completed challenges.

How to get a bingo:

Complete five of the challenges in a line across, down, or diagonally (much like normal bingo), and you will have earned the bronze badge.

Complete the challenges in a checkerboard pattern (either all of the red squares or all of the white squares), and you will have earned the silver badge.

Finally, if you complete all twenty-five challenges on the AO3 Bingo card, then you will have earned the gold badge!

Good luck, and don’t forget to use the #AO3Bingo hashtag on social media so we can find your post!

The #AO3Bingo card (html version):

Fanworks bingo card. Celebrate 5 million fanworks on AO3 by recommending a fanwork for each square!  Cross them off as you go and show off your favourite fanworks. Squares for each column, listed from top to bottom, are as follows. B: a fanworks challenge; a meta work; a photo manip; a podfic over 1 hour; a fanwork for when you're happy. I: a podfic under 30 minutes; a fanwork with one of your favourite tropes; a character study fanwork; a fanwork in progress; a fanvid. N: a comment you left on a fanwork; a creator with only one posted fanwork; Free! Your favourite fanwork; a fanwork for when you're sad; a 100-word drabble. G: a fan art based on another fanwork; a fanwork from a small fandom; a crossover fanwork; a favourite additional tag; a fanmix. O: a fanfic over 50,000 words long; a canon-divergent fanwork; a fanwork with a colour in the title; a fan art comic; a