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Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 4-8 2019

The Archive of Our Own, recently announced as a 2019 Hugo Award finalist, is the OTW's largest project. With more than 31,000 fandoms, 4.5 million works, 1.8 million registered users, and countless guests, there's a lot to take care of. With the help of your donations, we work hard to make the Archive the best it can be.

In the past six months alone, AO3 has had several updates to improve both user experience and behind-the-scenes workings.

All of this is possible because of your donations. Your support allows us to continue to maintain and improve the Archive.

And don't forget, if you'd like to support the OTW on a continuing basis, you can set up a recurring donation. You can choose any donation amount for as often and as long as you want, and save up for one of our thank you gifts!