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2014-08-28 21:09:45 UTC


  • Coders: Ariana, hill, james_, Marie, sarken, Scott, Stephanie Smith
  • Code reviewers: Ariana, Elz, james_
  • Testers: Lady Oscar, mumble, sarken


  • The experimental "Hide my work from search engines when possible." preference was not properly applying the necessary markers to individual works. Now it does.
  • When a user tried to access a page that didn't exist, we previously displayed an error message and redirected the user to a more general page. We now properly show the 404 error page with a helpful hint about what content couldn't be found.
  • When trying to remove the name from a collection, you'd get an ugly error 500; now a proper error message is displayed that asks you to enter a name.
  • Rewrote the live validation code used for various error messages across the site, e.g. if you click into and then out of a comment field without typing anything, to make it more maintainable. (This was deployed as Release 0.9.17.)
  • Optimized the code we use to make sure usernames and passwords have the proper length when creating a new account or changing the password.
  • The label and input on the bookmark filters are now properly associated in the HTML, which is important for accessibility.
  • Fixed some mark-up in our header and footer code in preparation for more work on site translation.
  • Some mark-up on the "New Tag" page (accessible to wranglers) was wonky; now it's not wonky anymore.
  • Fixed various broken bits in our automated testing suite.

Known Issues

We are currently dealing with indexing and caching issues which mean works might suddenly go "missing" from a tag listing, or a user's own works page. The work is still in the database, but the search index is intermittently losing track of it. Please bear with us as we work to solve these problems!

See our Known Issues page for current issues.