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2014-06-27 16:16:13 -0400


  • Coders: Enigel, Lady Oscar, sarken, Scott
  • Code reviewers: Enigel, sarken
  • Testers: Ariana, Emilie, highlander_ii, Lady Oscar, mumble, Runt, sarken


  • Works & Bookmarks
    • Trying to access and save changes to a multi-chapter draft with notes (!) would cause an error 500. This is fixed now, with thanks to the intrepid user who helped us figure this out!
    • In the posting/editing form, the autocomplete fields were not properly associated with their labels (e.g. Fandoms, Characters, Collections/Challenges, etc.), making it almost impossible to use the form with screenreaders. This is now fixed.
    • In the posting/editing form, the autocomplete fields for tags would not find certain tags with quotes or parentheses in them (e.g. typing Bucky wouldn't suggest James "Bucky" Barnes). Those tags should now show up for the appropriate searches.
    • In HTML tables with the <caption> element, the caption was hidden by CSS, but created a huge gap above the table. Table captions are now displayed, and the gap was fixed.
    • After we added horizontal scrolling for large images, some users were reporting vertical scrollbars on some works. This should now be fixed.
    • In your History and Marked for Later list, deleted works would leave behind a "(Deleted work)" blurb, with no way to remove it from your list. You can now remove it.
    • When adding tags to a bookmark, commas in Chinese and Japanese scripts were not parsed as tag separators, leading to one long, smushed-together tag. This has been fixed.
  • Collections & Challenges
    • It wasn't possible to delete a collection without JavaScript enabled. Now it is!
    • The sign-up summary for challenges was just a blank page when the challenge included no tags at all (e.g. just relied on written descriptions of the prompts). We now show a note when no tags are present to build a summary from.
  • Misc.
    • Tag use counts sometimes get out of sync; we've added a button that allows wranglers to fix the count if they run into such a tag.
    • We updated the Bootstrap drop-down plugin used for the main navigation.
    • We "humanized" code elements used in error messages across the site by adding spaces and switching from uppercase to lowercase. Things like, "We couldn't save this UserInviteRequest" should be much more readable now.
    • Cleaned up the HTML mark-up for pagination links (e.g. Previous | 1 | 2 | Next) across the site.
    • Updated the support form to have the correct limit on summary length (100 characters).

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.