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2010-12-15 23:01:21 -0500

Welcome to revision 3435, up from revision 3403! We have a bunch of fun things in this revision along with some much-needed performance enhancements! Thanks to all the wonderful coders and testers who contributed to this release, and a special thanks to mumble, who put the release notes together!


RSS feed for admin posts

If you want to keep track of what we post about the site, you can now follow our admin posts via an RSS feed: add to an RSS reader of your choice.

CSS styling for works!!!!

For a long time our users have been asking for better ways to style their works on the AO3. We really wanted to give users greater control over their font choices, positioning, typography, etc, but accessibility is also a major concern for us, and we wanted to make sure that it would be easy for users to override more complex styling if they wanted or needed to. We’re thrilled to announce that we have now introduced ‘work skins’, which allow us to have our elaborately iced, twelve-tier cake with sparkles on and eat it too! For information on the new feature and how it works, check out our Tutorial on styling works (coming soon!).


Lots of people have asked us for a quick way to leave love or appreciation for a work, and we were very happy to oblige! You can now leave ‘kudos’ at the click of a button – works with kudos will display this happy little AO3 dude: Kudos: Mini AO3 icon with an arc of hearts over its head along with names and numbers of folk who left kudos. We think this will be a great way for people to spread the love during the holiday season, when finding time to read fic in between family commitments can make it hard to leave long comments.


Finally, we couldn’t let this release go by without welcoming the newest addition to the AO3 family! After a month of producing amazing amounts of code, our senior coder Astolat went one better and also produced a beautiful baby girl! Baby Hypatia was born on the 7th December, weighing 7lbs 4oz. Astolat was coding right up until her waters broke, and sending emails about our new servers while she was in labour! (Our staff are crazy dedicated, OMG.) Mommy and baby are doing well – KUDOS ASTOLAT! Kudos: Mini AO3 icon with an arc of hearts over its head

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details


  • Added the ability to post works without previewing them first (especially handy for editing!)
  • Added the option to leave ‘kudos’ on works.
  • Made ‘leave comment’ box visible by default.
  • Added new styling option for works via ‘work skins’:
    • Renamed “Light Style” to “Hide/Show Creator’s Style”
    • Renamed “Disable User Generated Styles” to “Always hide custom styles”
    • Created public “Basic Formatting” work skin
  • Made comment form show by default
  • Added additional caching to works and chapters for better performance
  • Comments now display user’s local time instead of server time
  • Entering a wrong collection name in the Post New form now yields an error message
  • More improvements and bugfixes for automated tests
  • added RSS feed for admin posts (
  • Tweaks to the “share” option to spiff it up a bit!


  • Fixed a bug causing 500 errors for some people when posting to fulfil challenge assignments.
  • Unbroke OpenID login
  • The share box is now disabled for users without javascript so that it doesn’t hog screen real estate.
  • Fixed issue causing 500 errors when downloading fics with related works
  • Fixed some overlapping issues in the comments section
  • Fixed some mangled text on the sign-up page