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Community Centre Party

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Title: Community Centre Party
Pairing: Janto
Rating: PG at the moment, but could change
Spoilers: All of Torchwood
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Torchwood
Summary: Rhiannon wants to meet this Jack she has heard so much about. Ianto has to ask his lover if he will come to his nephew’s birthday party and meet the family
Feedback: Yes please

NB For Vivian finally posted the first chapter lol. Ianto survived COE, let’s say there was an antidote that they had found, and he took it. Also, Gwen is not pregnant. Please step into my world of denial, enjoy your stay.

Chapter One

Ianto glared down at his mobile, and then sighed. There was no way Jack was going to say yes to this. He grabbed the mug full of scolding hot coffee and headed to Jack’s office.

Ianto stopped at the doorway and stared in. He smiled at Jack concentrating hard on his paperwork. He couldn’t believe this man wanted him. Jack was charming, captivating and good-looking. The smile fell from the Welshman’s face, wondering when Jack would wake up and realise he wanted someone different, someone like Gwen. Ianto was so confused about what their relationship was. It started off with flirting, the friendship, and back to the flirting. Ianto tried to get his mind of the CCTV camera footage of when Jack had first come back. The way he had looked at her, and how much she wanted him to say anything so she could cancel the wedding. Ianto knew one day he would have to talk to Jack about this, about his feelings, and what their relationship was. That would happen another day, today he had a favour to ask.

Jack looked up and saw Ianto who stood in the doorway holding a mug. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have someone like Ianto. He was loyal to a fault, and so very adventurous in bed. Even though Ianto had never been with a man, he had thrown himself into it completely. No one person or creature in this whole universe made him feel like Ianto did. Jack couldn’t remember the last time he had felt like this. Even though they were perfect together, he had noticed recently that there was something bothering his lover. If Ianto didn’t start talking about it soon, he was going to have to mention it. There was also a problem with Gwen, with them all almost dying she had started to flirt with him again. Jack had honestly thought they were past that. It also looked like she didn’t realise what she was doing and how much it would hurt Ianto. He was going to have to talk to her about this as well.

‘Ianto.’ Jack grinned at the younger man. He raised an eyebrow and nodded to the mug. ‘I hope that is for me.’

Ianto laughed. ‘Of course it is.’ Ianto walked in and placed it down onto the desk. ‘Uhhh, I need to ask you something.’

Jack waited for a moment, but Ianto stood there fidgeting. ‘What is it Ianto? I am guessing it’s not something I’m not going to like isn’t it?’ Jack replied, and grinned. To be honest there, wasn’t much he wouldn’t do for his lover to make him happy.

‘Well, my sister called, and,’ Ianto paused, ‘did I tell you about her friend seeing us?’

Jack frowned at him. ‘No, seeing us how?’ The immortal hoped it wasn’t something to adult as it had been passed onto Ianto’s sister.

‘We had dinner at that French restaurant.’ Ianto explained.

‘Ok and your sister called you to…..’ Jack stared at Ianto and waited for him to continue.

‘Well she heard so much about you, Rhiannon wants to meet you. My nephew David is having a birthday party, and she wants us to go.’ Ianto rushed it all out.

‘You want me to meet your family?’ Jack asked.