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Mr. Mysterious

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It would be a huge understatement if Deputy Parrish said he was only a little bit surprised that after a hundred years someone finally moved into the Beesbury house by the preserve at first he thought a group of kids had broken into play with a ouija board since the building has been rumored to be haunted since the sixties when a squatter supposedly died in there a part of him found it silly that a town with a known supernatural presence still fooled around with that paranormal stuff but that hypothesis was put to rest when he caught a glimpse of a tall man taking boxes from his big expensive black SUV and bringing them into the house. The mysterious man was tall with messy hair, a scraggly beard and large bags underneath his eyes as if he hasn't slept in days to go with the all black outfit he was wearing which Parrish found odd since it’s quite humid right now in this part of California it was also weird how the guy was moving his stuff in at eleven o’clock at night but then again maybe he drove from somewhere far away. As the deputy pulled his cruiser away from the opposite side of the dirt road from where he was watching the house and its new owner, he made a mental note to let Sheriff Hale know that someone new joined the Beacon Hills community so that she could welcome him since she along with the mayor are the welcome wagon for their little town. Just as the BHPD issued car crept back into town, passing businesses that had already closed with the exception of a gas station that stayed open until midnight Jordan suddenly got a gut feeling that spread from his gut to the base of his cock giving him a tingling sensation told him something was off about the newcomer and that he had to see him again.
The first time the young wolves first saw the mysterious man in black was when they were raiding the grocery store for snacks for their weekly movie night. Scott was tasked with getting the chips and dip when he saw him standing there just staring at the Doritos as if he was spacing out before he could politely ask him to back up a little so that he could snag a three bags of them McCall was hit by his scent. A unique mixture of forest and another smell that he couldn't put his finger on wafted around the beta clogging his nose and somehow his mind making him a little drowsy before he finally snapped out of it and found that the man was gone, leaving him standing there like an idiot not wanting to look like a fool he hurriedly grabbed the chips and dips taking off before his friends started to notice his absence. “Did you get lost or something?” Another beta asked in a tone that practically screamed asshole as he plopped the horde of edible treats down on the conveyor belt behind the asshole, Jackson's, pile of various flavors of popcorn because everyone seemed to like different types. The crooked jaw youth didn't know what to say so he just gave his pack mate a stupid look because honestly, he didn't want to come clean that some older guy had him so mesmerized. Before Scott could try and give an excuse that sounded believable the two of them were met by the most grumpy face in the world of which belongs to Derek, who since he was the alpha’s son thought that meant keeping an eye on the younger members of the pack to make sure they don't get into trouble.
The rugged game warden, Chris Argent, was out on a call about a possible poacher when he first saw the man in black leaning up against a tree smoking a cigarette not too far away from the old house. Maybe it was the way the moonlight shined down on him or the way the young man’s clothes clung to his body, but it made a shiver run up Argents spine that left him with a wanting. The longer he stood there watching the other the more he began to want to do stuff to him like maybe slide those slacks down to his ankles and see what kind of heat he's packing and maybe taste it too. Just thinking about that made his spiral out of control thinking about all the other things that he could do like maybe taste the curly haired man’s pink bud, worship those legs that look like they were chiseled out of marble, and leave some serious hickies on that pale neck. ‘Jesus fucking christ!’ Was all he managed to say to himself before readjusting his half erected cock in his pants before turning around and taking back off into the woods to look for that poacher.