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A Difficult Conversation,

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Michael was doing sit-ups in his loft when Fi walked in. he continued as she sat on a bar stool waiting for him to finish. He knew he was done after one-fifty and needed to stop, but he needed to bide time so he could talk to her. It had been a few weeks since that talk with Jesse in the garage, and he was ready to come out. Michael had talked to Jesse already-not telling him about liking him, but telling him he was gay. Jesse had confessed that he was also gay, and for weeks they talked about what it was like to hide. He stopped when he felt Fi run her hands over his chest, and kiss his lips.

“Michael, why don’t you stop for a while?” She was being seductive and flirty.

Sadly Michael didn’t feel that urge over take him, the urge to take her in his arms and make love to her. He knew he still loved her and cared deeply for her, but she wasn’t what he wanted. He tried making himself feel what he once felt for her, but there was nothing there.

“Fi, we need to talk.” He said sitting up while lightly pushing her back. He stood and headed over to the kitchen, after taking a bottle of water from the fridge he sat at a bar stool.

Fiona sat along side him, and asked. “What is it?”

He turned to face her and saw concern in her eyes, a loving smile on her lips. It broke his heart knowing what he was about to say could change everything, making things either good or bad for ever. He smiled at her but it was a weak smile. She placed her hand on his, squeezing it lightly.

This was getting harder every minute, so he needed to just come out and say it. “Fi, What I’m going to tell you, is something that I had to really think about. For the first time in my life I’m worried about loosing you, my mom, and Sam, because of what I’m about to tell you.”

‘Michael, whatever it is I‘m there for you. I‘m sure Sam will be too, the three of us have too much of a history, to let anything destroy that bond.” Fi said placing both her hands on his arm, and turning her full attention to him.

Just then the loft door opened and Sam walked in. Great, Michael thought, Sam’s here. Then Michael realized this was a good thing, he could tell both of them. He’d talk to his mom alone, besides telling her it was Jesse he liked, would bring up the burn notice thingy again.

“Did I come at a bad time?” Sam asked opening a beer, and standing on the other side of the counter. “I could drink this outside.”

“No Sam, stay I need to talk to you too.” Michael said.

Sam saw the worried expression on his friend’s face and asked. “What is it, Mikey?”

He waited a while longer before speaking. When he did his voice was low and serious. “I’m gay.”

Those two words seemed to eco threw the loft, along with the rhythm of the music coming from the club below. Sam and Fi were silent for a while letting the news sink in. Fi took her hands off Michael’s arm and reached for Sam’s beer, for no reason really, just so she had something to do. While Fi drank some of the beer, Sam spoke up.

“That’s cool, Mikey, I have no problem with it.” Sam meant what he said. He smiled at his friend, and took his beer back from Fi.

“Yeah that’s cool.” Fi said but wasn’t being as truthful as Sam.

“Fi, are you ok?” Michael asked.

“I’m fine, it’s just a lot to take in at one time.” She stood from the stool and started pacing. “Part of me is wondering if you were gay when we dated back in Dublin, and if you really ever loved me.”


“No let me finish.” She cut him off. “Another part of me is ok with it, and wants you to be happy, but right now that part is smaller then the first one.”

“Fiona, I still care deeply for you, and love you as a friend.” Michael caught her before she made it to the door. “I’ve always known I had homosexual tendencies, always knew something was there. I’m tired of hiding, Fi, it’s time for me to come out.”

“I’m not angry at you.” Fi said reassuringly. “It’s just going to take some time to get use to.”

He looked back at Sam who was working on his second beer. “Thanks guys, I just hope it’s as easy to tell my mom, she‘ll be upset about not being able to have grandkids.”

“Um, Mike, I just have one question.” Sam said with a smile. “Um…I was just wondering…”.

Suddenly Michael knew what Sam was thinking. “You think because I’m gay I now have a crush on you?” He shouted in mock-anger.

“Mikey, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I’m just teasing you.” He said while laughing. “Besides I value our friendship too much to complicate it with romance.”

“Ok.” Sam said.

“Hey while we’re on the subject.” Fi said. “Is there anyone one you like?”

Michael thought for a minute. Should he tell them? How would they react to the news of him crushing on the man he burned? They accepted him when he told them he was gay. But would they be supportive of him after they found out? Well there was only one way to find out, he needed to tell them.

“Yes there is.”

“Who is it?” Sam and Fi asked in unison.

When Mike didn’t answer right away, Fi asked. “Is it Barry?”

Before Michael could respond, Sam said. “No Fi, it’s got to be Jason Bly.”

“Bly! Are you kidding me.” Fi laughed. “I think Barry’s a better choice, he’s in Miami and I think he already likes Michael.”

Michael was becoming amused and listened for a while, but he knew he needed to tell them. “Guys it’s neither of them.”

‘Sorry Michael, who is it?” Fi asked.

“It’s Jesse.”

“Jesse, as in the spy you burned?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” Michael answered.

“As in the man whose going to kill the man who burned him?”

“Yes!” He shouted causing Sam and Fi to jump a little. “I know all of that, and I know starting a romantic relationship with him is a bad idea.”

“As long as you know it’s a bad idea.” Fi said. “I know some guys I can set you up with. How about Seymour?”

“He’s gay?” Sam and Mike asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but I can find out.”

“Fi, that won’t be necessary.” Michael said walking to the fridge for a yogurt. “Though I kind of think he‘s gay, I‘m not telling him right now.”

“He is?” Sam and Fi said.

“If I did tell him and hooked up with him, I could handle him finding out I burned him.”

“How?” Sam asked.

“I’ll just tell him it was Vaughn, and suggest going after him.”

“Well as long as you know what you’re doing.”

“Fi, I don’t know what to do. Hey you almost killed me when we met.”

Fi didn‘t answer just walked to the door, and said. “Sam, I’ll take you to dinner at the Carlito tonight.”

Sam wasn’t buying her sudden niceness, and stayed put. “What’s the catch?”

“Can’t a girl take her best friend out ot dinner, without wanting anything?” When Fi saw that Sam wasn’t making any moves she said. “Ok fine. I need your help stealing a shipment of MP90’s, rocket launchers, Mack-10’s, and AK-47’s.”

“Fi, what are you plotting world war three?” Michael asked.

“No. I have buyers for them, and need to get them by tomorrow.” She smiled sweetly at Sam. “Would you also give me back-up when I sell them, we’ll be traveling out to Orlando.”

“No, ask Michael.” Sam demanded still not moving.

“Michael needs to stay hear and talk to his mom, about what he just talked to us about.”

‘Sam, she won’t stop until you say yes.” Michael said.

Sam let out a sigh of exasperation as he stood, and headed for the door. “Happiest place of earth.” Before closing the door he said. “Mikey, if you don’t hear from us by the weekend, come looking for us.”

“I’ll do that.” He said as the door closed.

A few minuets later Michael’s cell phone beeped, indicating he got a text. He picked up the phone and read, it was from Jesse.

Just saw them leave, is it clear?

Michael replied. Yes it is, unless u found some 1 else in the nightclub below my loft?

Jesse replied. Never baby u r the only 1.

As he put his phone on the counter the front door opened, and Jesse walked in.

“Did you tell them, how did they react?”

“I just told them I was gay, but didn’t tell them we were dating.” He brushed his fingers over Jesse’s left cheek. “I still have to talk to my mom.”

“I know.” Jesse said. “Then we can tell them we’re dating.”

‘Yes.” Michael took the younger man into his arms and kissed him.