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Part 1: Letters

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Part 1: Letters


Sunlight was streaming through the cabin as Maurice read The Adventures of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It was one of the few books he took with him from his home. He dared not bring Plato's Symposium, Shakespeare, or any Greek classics. Anything that would remind him of Clive or Cambridge was all left behind. His life was here now, with Alec.

Maurice continued to read and heard the bed creak as Alec got out of bed. Maurice averted his eyes from the book and stared at his lover's graceful figure. Alec stretched and walked over to Maurice, rubbing his eyes. "What you readin' Maurice? I hope it's not one of them bloody books you used to read."

Maurice chuckled, " Oh, no dear Alec it's not one of those. It's Oliver Twist, by Dickens. You may have heard of it," said Maurice placing his book down and reaching to his lover.

Alec sat down sideways on Maurice's lap and hugged him. "I reckon Fred might've said somein' about it. I can't say right now, for I'm bit tir-" said Alec yawning.

Maurice smiled and rubbed Alec's back. " It's a great book, a classic to my mind." Maurice turned to look at Alec and said, "Would you like me to read it to you some time?"

Alec smiled and placed a lock of hair behind Maurice's ears. "I can read Maurice, for I did write you them letters years ago."

A knife went through Maurice's heart. He had almost forgotten Alec could write, and the letters… "Forgive me Alec, I just- forgot," said Maurice averting his eyes from him.

The letters reminded Maurice of his past life. Clive had left, but then Alec came along. For Maurice was plunged deeper into a pit of doubt and confusion. When the letters came, it just made Maurice's life miserable again. The blackmail, the tension, oh, how he loathed it! He didn't like the idea that he had almost lost Alec over those letters. At the time he didn't realize how much he needed him. Maurice would never had met a more honest and loyal man in his life if he had left him. It was hard for him to imagine almost saying no to this boy and walking back into English society. The past bothered Maurice the most.

Alec cupped Maurice's face in his hands and brought his lips to his. "Don't be sorry. But I would be nice if you could read it t'me. I'd rather not have me strugglin' over words while you can read it t'me alright."

Maurice looked back at Alec, smiling, and said, "Alright, why not." Alec kissed him again and Maurice kissed him back, passionately.

"Don't be bothered about the past no more Maurice. It's finished." Alec was right, it was all behind them now.

"Thank god it is."