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Zatarra: A Tale of Revenge

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Alexandra stood as Percy paced back and forth behind the desk. "You let this Kaiken ninja wanna-be destroy the value of the package, Alex. You have no idea how disappointed I am."

Her jaw muscles twitched. "Package compromised. Money brought back. Nikita lost." She ticked off the list of everything Percy was likely to comment on. Barely five minutes in and it was already a horrifically long meeting.

He looked at her sneering slightly. "Nikita was a very good agent, but obviously not good enough." He slowly sat down in his chair. "I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. Not today, but soon."

"Understood sir. Thank you."

Alexandra soon left the office for the main corridor. She checked left to right before entering the women's restroom. She jumped lightly onto a toilet and removed a ventilation panel to climb in. The ventilation system was localized. Heavily guarded against infiltration from the outside, but it did not prevent movement by say a young agent skinnying along to the other bathroom to avoid the monitoring that was so prevalent in public spaces. She carefully lowered herself to the seat of a toilet in the men's room. Her face twisted. "Urinal cakes," she whispered. She pulled out an out of order sign and an adhesive strip from her jacket lining and secured the outside of her stall. Flicking the lock, she turned and poured water from the bowl around her camouflaging stall. She perched and waited.

She chewed on her lip as the hour dragged on and men used the facilities. Suddenly, she straightened slightly, the familiar light footsteps that only an hour ago paced across carpet. She lowered herself and slid from the stall. Percy was relieving himself as Alex pushed a pressure injector to his neck. She lowered him as he became loose and started collapsing. She dragged him to the out of order stall. "Sorry about putting you in the toilet water boss, but at least it will help the piss on your pants." She lifted herself back into the ventilation and using a block and tackle she had stowed in the air ducts earlier, lifted the man in after her. She slid the lid back into place just as the men's room door opened again.



Alex was soon facing the older man bound in a chair in the cleaning supply room. He was struggling to get his vocal cords to cooperate. "They say knowledge is power. I am going to give you a little power here. I am Alexandra Udinov and you arranged the death of my family."

Percy's eyes went still as they probed the younger woman's face.

"Oh I know. You have some magic hold over people to keep them in line. I get that. I also get that to release your monsters, you have to die." She looked him over. "I can keep you alive a long time Percy." She smiled. "And don't worry about your office. It'll be taken care of."

A series of raps was heard on the door before the knob turned. "Ah, here we go Percy. Your replacement."

Amanda walked into the closet. She smiled. "Oh Alexandra, you do bring me the nicest presents."

"Sorry Amanda, this is my toy."

"Pity." Amanda ran her fingers through Percy's hair before tightening and yanking his head back. "Think of all the fun we could have together."

Percy's eyes bounced to Alexandra.

Alex laughed. "If I didn't have this whole blood for blood thing going, I think we could play with him forever."

"Not forever, just long enough for me to neutralize his insurance policy and then I expect you will want to find out just how far his intestines will stretch... I see my little chemical cocktail is working well." Amanda noted.

"Limited involuntary and facial muscle use. Limp as a carrot otherwise."

Amanda sighed. "There was one problem with it." She removed a jeweled pin from her hair. She slid it into the skin of his arm. "Little nerve awareness anywhere..." She pulled the now bloody pin and moved it to his face, pressing into his cheek. She smiled as his eyes whirled. "Save the functional facial areas. Pity." She handed the pin to Alexandra who smiled.

"I have arranged a transport out. Just take him out in the linens basket in ..." she checked her watch. "Twenty seven minutes when I free up a window of time via the facility monitoring system. Do try to avoid Michael. He is bound to try to be heroic and stupid." Amanda smiled. "Percy still has him thinking that his way is the American way." She paused. "I suppose in a way it is. The business of America is doing business after all."

"And the rest of the information?"

"I will give you the name of the client when you are clear of the facility... and the assassin? Well, it hardly matters but I will tell you once Percy's toys are neutralized." She stroked Alex's cheek. "It will be very difficult to avoid killing him. I want to give you motivation to do your very best my dear Alexandra. I do love you at your very best." Amanda pressed Alex against the wall, fingers roaming under her blouse, as she leaned into her. "You always want to be your very best for me... don't you?" Amanda roughly kissed Alex as Percy watched. She turned and patted Percy's cheek. The older woman realized her finger had dipped into the blood dripping down his skin and sucked the crimson fluid off her digit with a smirk.

"Alexandra will take very good care of you Percy. As good as I would." She glared before slipping out of the room.

Alex watched her leave and turned to Percy. "Be glad that my getting you was part of the deal. Anything I could do would pale compared to her. Fucking evil bitch." She dragged the laundry cart over and started maneuvering the man into it.