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Zatarra: A Tale of Revenge

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Amanda was sitting in her chair when she returned to her room. Her red dress slid silkily as her legs crossed. Alex moved from her station in the doorway to walk across the room and sat on the bed almost knee to knee with the other woman. "Hello Amanda."

Amanda smiled. "Hello Alexandra." She re-crossed her legs and placing her hand at the edge of the chair she leaned forward. "And how do you feel today?"

The younger woman chuckled. Her body ached and she could barely walk straight but... "Strangely liberated."

Nodding Amanda studied the other woman's expression. "You are to be more liberated. Percy has given you the nod. You can have some freedom to leave on your own tonight."

Alex leaned back and watched the other woman. "I can go out?"

"You can do a great many things. All in moderation of course. No flying to Tokyo for sushi unless there is a mission involved."

Alex smirked. "Damn and I was craving some raw fish."

Amanda's brow rose. "If that is your pleasure, I am certain we can find something a bit closer to home. I know a good place an hour's drive." Fingers lightly trailed down Alex's throat. Her face grew serious. "I am not just here to let you know about your extended leash as I have heard your fellow recruits call it."


"Percy wants me to make certain you understand that this is not an honor code thing Alexandra."

"Then what kind of thing is it?"

Amanda took a breath. "It is an explosive packet where it will do the most harm kind of thing Alexandra. The tracker that medical placed inside of you today to be precise... You are to enjoy your new leash, but never forget that the other end is very tightly held." Amanda smiled. "But, we won't have any problems, will we Alexandra?"

"No, Amanda."

"That's right...because you are my good girl. You will always do what you are told."

Alexandra stared at the floor. The realization of what the implant in her neck could do sinking in.

"I imagine you'll want to visit a drinking establishment with your new found liberation. Be back in the morning. You have an assignment. Something you can really sink your teeth into...and if you do a good job it will move you from recruit to agent."

Alex stood and stalked out without another word. She knew that the surgery that was done on her was not about shits and giggles but these people constantly found new lows to sink to. She growled and went looking for Nikita.



She found Nikita leaning over a bench snagging her bag. She opted for light. "With an ass like that, leash or no leash I will be wanting to buy the first round."

Nikita snorted as she straightened. "You never quit."

"Would you want me to?" Alexandra asked as she strolled around the bench to draw close.

Nikita smiled sadly. "I would miss it."

Alex cleared her throat. "Where are you taking me?"

The other woman chuckled. "I know just the place." She smiled.



Alexandra laughed hard almost losing her rum and coke and popcorn simultaneously. Nikita rescued the drink and put it on the table. "Don't you dare drop that on this carpet. I am all out of club soda." She chuckled at Alex who seemed unaware that Nikita was trying to get her drunk.

Alex tossed her a kernel of popcorn, deftly caught. "Sorry, It's been a while since I-"

She shrieked as Nikita pinched her and threw herself out from under the blanket. Her finger wagged back at the deeply satisfied looking older woman. "Since you had any alcoholic beverages...clearly."

"Hey, I can hold my own."

"Sure." Nikita snorted and dug a candy bar out of the sack of snacks they had filled at the store giggling like carefree youth as they plotted an evening away from the grey and steel hell they called Division. Nikita flipped it to her companion. "Eat something. I don't want you passing out on me, Alex... we have a stack of movies to watch." The truth was she wanted Alexandra intoxicated. She wanted to feel the recruit out and determine just how much she could trust her.

Alexandra slid back under the blanket, inches away from her companion. She had more drinks than she intended. It was time to ease up on the rum. They watched a romantic comedy, one of the stack they rented. "You loved him didn't you?" Alex asked quietly.

Nikita nodded. "Yes," She whispered.

"I'm sorry." Alex floudered for something more. "Had a girlfriend. She died. Its hard... Losing someone you love."

Nikita looked into her face. "What was her name?"

Alex smiled. "Helina." Her smile faded. "Drugs took her."

Nikita frowned. "You still kept getting high after that?"

Alexandra shook her head. She looked at Nikita. "It wasn't like that." She hesitated. She wanted to say something but … "It's hard to explain."

The older woman lean in kissing her temple. "I get it," she said quietly.

Alex tensed. Nikita's eyes met hers for a long moment. "What will you do?" Alex asked, trying to play it cool. Nikita's scent and gentle lips left her breathless.


"Division. You know they did it." Alexandra looked up at her.

Nikita turned her head to stare at the reflection in the mirror over the dresser next to the TV. "What can I do, Alex? Run away? They would love to chase me... and you know what they would do if they found me?" she replied hollowly, unready to completely trust this woman sitting mere inches away from her.

Alex buried her face in Nikita's shoulder a moment. "At least you have the option to try. They wired me to blow." Her lip quivered as she tried to exercise control through a haze of rum and coke. She bit her lip as Nikita's fingers slid through her hair.

They both felt lost, but they felt lost together.