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The delay had become a canceled flight, the canceled flight had become a standby ticket, and the snowstorm did its best to stop even that. Abbie had long given up hope of getting to DC that night—had told Taylor not to wait up. Yet, a sudden change in the winds and a determined pilot had let her make it anyway. Now it was nearly 2 AM as she slipped into the bedroom. Taylor was sleeping soundly, and Abbie smiled to see her in one of her old tee shirts. As much as Taylor made fun of the color—Abbie caught them tossed in the laundry whenever they were apart too long. As quietly as she could, Abbie shed her clothes, letting them drop onto the floor. Her exhaustion began to abate as she slipped into bed, only pausing for a moment to consider before moving to cover Taylor's sleeping form. The blond was warm and soft, and Abbie pressed her lips to her collarbone, tangling her bare legs through her partner's. She missed Taylor so much, and she felt so good—Abbie wasn't about to wait for Taylor to wake, her hands were already pushing the soft cotton of the shirt up over her ribs as her lips moved up the blonde's neck.

Taylor shivered in her sleep at the suddenly cold hands on her sides and the suddenly cold feet pressing into her calves. "Abbie?" Her voice was still thick as she started to wake up and her eyes were little more than slits. Still, she pressed into the body in bed with her. There was no way that anyone else could have gotten into the room.

"Shhh.." Abbie muttered before kissing Taylor soundly, opening her mouth and sliding her tongue past the other woman's teeth. She didn't take the time to break away and pull Taylor's shirt off completely, instead reaching down to tug off her shorts, pushing them the rest of the way off with her feet. Finally content with the feel of Taylor naked under her, Abbie let out a low moan into the blonde's mouth.

"Mmmm." Taylor let her eyes close again, even as she was becoming more and more alert. She wrapped her arms and legs around Abbie and held her close. "Thought you were stuck in New York," she mumbled between kisses, very glad that that clearly wasn't the case.

"Not anymore..." Abbie's voice was deep, heated, and she rolled back quickly, pulling Taylor over her. She was already close just feeling Taylor on her, having been thinking about this moment since the plane had touched down safely an hour earlier. "Need you..." She kissed Taylor's ear, licking it after, ""

"Awfully demanding for someone who just woke me up." Taylor pushed her thigh up between Abbie's as she pulled her closer, running her hands down Abbie's sides. She didn't think that she would ever get tired of Abbie whispering things like that to her.

"Awfully smug for someone who's already quite awake." Abbie could feel Taylor's growing wetness on her skin, and she nipped at her neck between quickening breaths.

"Smug huh?" Taylor slipped a hand between their bodies and found Abbie's clit, rubbing it quickly. This wasn't exactly a night for them to take their time.

"Ohhh...." Abbie pressed back against the pillows. Her breath was already catching in the back of her throat. "Yes..." That her reaction was only going to prove Taylor's point didn't matter in the slightest.

"Seems like I have a reason to be." Taylor kisses Abbie deeply and kept touching her, trying to push her over the edge.

Abbie let out a quiet cry as she let herself go- giving up all the tension of the long day, the longer week. Finally, she pulled Taylor in and kissed her deeply, "Mmm...God I missed you Taylor..."

Taylor chuckled as she held Abbie in her arms. "I couldn't tell." She brushed her nose against Abbie's cheek and kissed under her ear. "I've missed you too."

"It's late.." Abbie let a ghost of a smile cross her lips lazily, "I'm sure you have a busy day in the morning- you should really get some sleep."

"Not a chance in hell." Taylor pinched Abbie's ass and then rolled them over.

Abbie squirmed, smile growing wider as she found herself on top of Taylor again. "Well I suppose the least I could do is help you relax." She was already ducking under the blankets, and working her lips down Taylor's body.

"Mmhmm." Taylor tangled her fingers into Abbie's hair and encouraged her to keep going, squirming at feeling of Abbie's fingertips on her thighs and her breath across her stomach.

Under the covers, Abbie smiled and closed her eyes, letting Taylor subtly guide her where she wanted. She moaned quietly at the tightening fingers in her hair, the familiar way Taylor slid her thighs over her shoulders. Hearing Taylor, feeling her squirm just slightly only made Abbie lick her more intently. It was like they were never apart.

Abbie's mouth was hot against her and it was getting harder and harder to control her moans. She pressed up against Abbie's tongue as her climax washed over her, then desperately pulled her up for a kiss, needing to feel her close and shivering at the taste of herself on Abbie's lips.

They lay together, kissing as they both calmed. Nothing more really needed to be said, and Abbie sighed, finally resting her head on Taylor's shoulder. Already, her breath was evening, limbs growing heavy from the exhaustion of the day.

Taylor pressed one last kiss to Abbie's forehead before she pulled the blankets even tighter around them. She could hear the wind picking up outside and already wasn't looking forward to having to face it in the morning. But having Abbie there made the prospect just a bit more tolerable.