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Annie hung up the phone and as much as she wanted to turn on the TV, she didn't. She was going to have to tell the boys, make sure that they didn't talk to any reporters that might get curious enough to come all of that way. Cammie had sounded fine, but she knew better than that. She knew how much hurt that calm voice could hide. She was hurt too, hurt on Cammie's behalf. She didn't know what had gone wrong, but there was only one thing she could think of that had changed in Cammie's life. She dialed a number that she hadn't wanted Cammie to give her in the first place.

"Hello...Cammie?" After ignoring more than her fair share of calls that day Drew simply answered because she recognized the area code. Two seconds later, when her mind caught up, she knew it was probably a bad idea. They had reporters in Wyoming too.

"No, it's her... it's her sister." She steeled herself. "I just... What happened? What the hell happened?" Her voice was already shaking. "Why did you do it? What do you have to prove and why the hell did it have to involve Cammie?"

"I'm sorry?" Drew sat up straighter and clutched the phone to her ear. She could hear the anger, the frustration in Annie's voice. She had heard it in Cammie's, but even then it hadn't been directed so solely at her. "I don't know what you've been reading, but I can assure you that this isn't my doing..."

"There's no point in you lying to me." Annie lashed out. "Cammie was getting along just find before you came along. I can put two and two together."

"Look...I've done everything...everything to respect Cammie to keep this secret. She shook her head as if Annie could see it. "I would never hurt her this way. I love her too much for that."

Annie scoffed. "You were just using her. I don't know how, but you are. Are you enjoying all of this publicity? Has it been good for your career?"

"My career is just fine without Cammie or her secrets," Drew retorted, rising to it in spite of herself. She pursed her lips. "I know you don't like me, okay? I know you aren't okay with who Cammie is, but I can't believe you'd accuse me of this." She could feel the blood rushing to her ears as her voice rose. "I would have stopped this if I'd known, and I can't believe you...I just...Christ...I love her."

Annie's face was turning red. "Shut up. Just shut up." She shook her head, trying to fight back tears. "You've ruined her life. I hope you realize that." She didn't let Drew retort. She just hung up.

Drew was prepared to yell, but the click of the receiver completely deflated her. She leaned back and squeezed the bridge of her nose, trying to stave off tears. It didn't work, and she ended up curled against the arm of her sofa wishing she could simply just make it better.