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Coming Home

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Trini's hands shook as she picked up the phone. Somehow, unsteady, fumbling fingers found the right numbers and dialed. As the phone made soft beeps, ringing on the other end, she felt her world contract around her.

This shouldn't have made her nervous, but she'd been gone a long time. Too long.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end sounded confused, not recognizing the number she had called from. Her heart leapt into her throat and stuck there for a long moment.

"... Jason," she managed. She sounded so strange, almost foreign.


Her heart ached to hear that familiar voice. She closed her eyes against the homesick tears that had formed there. "Hi, Jason."

"Trini!" The interjection was a female voice, and exuberant: Kimberly. She should have known better than to think she would catch Jason alone; he was always with somebody. There came the muffled sound of a brief struggle, then a sigh. "Trini!"

"Hi, Kim," she said pleasantly.

"When are you coming back to Angel Grove?" Leave it to Kim to cut straight to the chase. She had kept in touch with Kimberly over the past few years, if only sporadically, while her ties to the rest of her high school friends had slowly frayed apart. Kim had to have guessed that her getting in touch with Jason meant something. Too bad even Trini wasn't sure what it meant, aside from the obvious.


"You've been saying that for months now, Trini!" She could practically see Kim's pout.

"I know. And I mean it. My plane leaves on Sunday."

Kim let out a squeal that was entirely too immature for her age, not that it mattered. "Oh my god, really? There's so much we'll have to catch up on! You won't believe what they've done to the mall!"

Trini had to laugh. She listened good-naturedly to the rest of Kimberly's plans, which came bubbling out in an ecstatic babble and seemed to have been in place ever since the moment she last left Angel Grove, and did her best to ignore the uncomfortable knot of nervousness that had formed in her stomach.

Finally, Jason said something. She didn't hear what it was, but Kim took the hint. "Oh, I better go. Call me later, okay? I want to know when you're getting in."

"Of course, Kim."


"Bye," she said, even as the line went dead. So that was that. It hadn't gone at all like she'd hoped. But it was a start; a new beginning.