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The Nerd and The Jock

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So this thing happened, um, yeah.... 


Someone got into my co-author's account and deleted both the works we were working on, so I'm going to start uploading the chapters again. 


I'm really, really, really sorry if anyone was really invested in this fan fiction.... but...


I won't be uploading for a bit, I'm still trying to get this all sorted out, I'm really sorry. The 57 chapters we have are split between 26 maybe 27 documents... I'm sorry but it might be a very long time until more comes out....  I hope you all understand. 


Thank you




Hey guys it's me again.... (3/31/17)

Hello, readers, this is Duke, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to continue writing this fan fiction.... that being said, someone has messaged me about continuing this on their own so please go check out TNATJ for the rest of their awesome chapters that they can think of! I hope you will forgive me for this... but it's been too much stress lately, and now I will get to read right along side you wonderful readers. Here's the link for the continuation from the posted chapters on....