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Teal'c Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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There was a certain sport to it, a kind of calculating athleticism, subtle in its application and precision. Bowling was Daniel, whereas jello wrestling was Vala. Which is why Vala couldn't understand why Teal'c had taken her bowling after all the enticing discussions about the texture and slide of gelatin.

Teal'c bowed to Vala as he returned from the lane, quietly acknowledging that it was her turn.

She rolled her eyes, unfurled her legs, and clopped the rental shoes on the polished floor. "Muscles." She hefted the bright green ball into her arms. "This isn't my game. Really. It requires patience, and you know how I feel about that." Vala opened her stance and swung the ball from between her legs as she'd seen some young girls doing. "I haven't even hit any pins." She turned when the ball curved its way into the gutter.

"Vala Mal Doran, I believe you have the concentration for this game and that you will find it enjoyable."

Vala pursed her lips skeptically.

"I know! Why don't we sneak around behind the works and draw faces on all the pins? Or exchange people's bowling balls! Or, uh. . . ." The ball return spat out her ball. "We could—"

"You could attempt to hit the pins," Teal'c suggested none too firmly.

A smile wavered over Vala's face. "Right." She picked up the ball again, this time affecting the stance Teal'c had originally taught her. Bowling was slightly more exciting when Teal'c was helping her, guiding her arm through the smooth motion, his muscles enveloping her frame, his shadow shielding the glaring fluorescent lights, his velvety baritone caressing her nerves as he talked her through the motion, helping to narrow her focus until the release. . . .

She swung her arm, let go of the ball, straight down the center, and watched with amazement as it spun and rolled over the oiled lane until it cracked into the center pin, knocking down six others with it.

"Did you see that?" Vala hollered. "I hit them!"

"Well done, Vala Mal Doran."

"No, no, Muscles. I hit them! Me! I did it!"

"You did indeed."

"Ha!" Vala dropped into her seat, her shoulders hunching naturally. "That was great."

"I knew that you could focus and perform well in this game." Teal'c retrieved his ball and stepped towards the lane.

"Yeah," Vala said, pausing until Teal'c prepared to release the ball. "It all came together when I started thinking about how bowling is just like sex."

To his credit, Teal'c kept the ball in their lane, but it was his only gutter ball the whole night.