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Unexpected Changes

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Ladybug knew she was making a mistake, but she also knew that the feelings that had been brewing between her and chat couldn’t be held back anymore.

Their lips crashed in a desperate storm, chat running his claws down her back. The goosebumps raised on her skin, making her skin that much more sensitive. Every stroke of his claws through her suit pushed her further into his embrace. Ladybug yanked the zipper of Chat’s skin tight leather suit down, peeling it off his sweat soaked skin. While his suit had a zipper, hers didn’t, and she knew she would have to release her miraculous if she was going to get what she so desperately needed. Ladybug knew that, knew the risks that were the reasons she was so stubborn about keeping their identities secret, and also knew that she was incapable of keeping away anymore.

She pulled away from his lips reluctantly. “Chat… I’m going to let my miraculous go.”

He growled softly, and kissed her neck, nipping the soft skin. “Do it. Whoever you are, it won’t matter.” He sucked several hickies onto the pale white skin.

Ladybug let out a soft breath and she was suddenly in her normal form, Marinette. She looked up at Chat’s glowing green eyes. If he was surprised, she wasn’t aware of it before he was yanking her clothes off. She lifted her hips up to give him an easier purchase on her hips as he pulled off her pants. His fingers worked under her shirt, lifting it up and over her head. Her bra was snapped off at the front clasps. Marinette was left in just her panties, as Chat slipped out of his suit. Only his mask was left, his length hardening at the sight of his lover.

“Chat…” She whispered, laid out on the floor of the abandoned warehouse. Her hair was coming out of its typical pigtails, and her cheeks were a pleasantly blushed pink.

“I need you, my lady.” He knelt down in front of his love, and slowly, teasingly, pulled down her panties. He caressed her clit, his hands normal without the addition of his suit. His thumb flicked over her clit, every stroke causing her to arch her spine and moan his name.

“Chat Noir…” She dragged out his name as she moaned it. He throbbed with need, but pushed it back with the hand that wasn’t pleasuring his lady. He stroked his index finger in between the sweet pink of her lower lips. Her blushing core was dripping with need for the boy who had been with her through so much. The trust they shared had changed into love, and beyond that love had developed lust. Their burning lust had continually crashed together always at the wrong time, but this time nothing was going to stop them.

Chat flicked out his tongue as he lowered his mouth to the writhing hips of his lover. He gently kissed her clit, then replaced his teasing fingers with his tongue, slowly slipping it in and out of his panting lover as he drove her to climax. Her hips lifted off the ground as she shook with the waves of her climax. Chat pulled her close as she shook, and as she came down from her high, he took advantage of her high by pulling him onto his length. Her relaxed muscles and glowing high made the transition easy for her.

As she came back to herself, she became aware of him waiting for her, for her permission. “Go.” She whispered, and he lowered her back to the ground, starting his thrusting slow, but picking up speed with every frenzied moan of his lover. He drove her relentlessly to another climax, hissing when she dug her nails into his shoulder blades as she groaned. Finally, he could hold himself back no longer and he unraveled, hitting his own climax and clinging to his lover.

“Chat…” She hummed, pushing a strand of soft blonde hair back where it belonged.

“My lady.” He kisses her brow and holds her close, stroking her back gently. “Are you alright? I was a little rough.”

She smiles at him. “Yeah, I’m fine. You were great, Chat.”

“Was I… purr-fect?” He teases his love, nipping her earlobe. Ladybug squirms under his touch.

“Chaat! Stop ruining the moment.” She rests her head on his shoulder. “We should get going, my silly kitty. I need to get some work done.” Marinette gets up and grabs her clothes.

“My lady, when can I see you again?” Chat grabs her wrist and looks into her eyes.

“I’m not sure. Probably when the next akuma shows up, Chat. My finals are coming up soon.”

“Mine too, milady. I’ll need to see you anyway.” He pulls her hand to his mouth and kisses it gently.

“We’ll see how it happens.” Marinette pulls her hand away and walks out after dressing.