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Okay, this epic undertaking started in 2011, when I first put ideas to word document and began writing. I knew it was going to take me a while, I just didn't realise it was going to take this long! Between my muse going on an extremely long vacation and RL interfering all the time, I never thought I was going to finish it. I still haven't finished it (I don't have season 5 as of yet, so no Sleeping in the Light, and that's kind of important!) but at least I'm further on than I was a couple of months ago. My muse has returned rejuvenated and I have a little more time on my hands to actually write. So...this is a WiP, but it will be finished. I've never abandoned any of my stories and I'm not about to start now. :) It won't be updated every week, but once a month at least. I don't have the time to write like I used to, but I will not give this story up! (And it hasn't been beta'd so any mistakes are mine).

This is mainly about Sinclair and Ivanova, and bringing them together as a couple. Don't like, don't read, it's easy. And because it's about those two, most of the chapters will be focussing on their characters and on Sinclair in particular. Why? A few reasons. One, he's always been my favourite character and I'm always sad we only see him in season 1 (ignoring guest appearances). Two, I think he and Ivanova have a great chemistry, even just as friends. It's a challenge for me to take it one step further, while still keeping them in character. Three, as I just said, it's a challenge and I like challenges – it's also a challenge to keep Sinclair in all the episodes, while still having Sheridan present. Fun. Four, there isn't enough Sinclair fanfic out there. And was sad to hear that Michael O'Hare died last year (2012) but when I learnt (as did everyone else) the truth behind his departure from the show, when they did the 20 year reunion (May 2013), my respect for the man shot up. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, search YouTube for 'J. Michael Straczynski's Promise (Babylon 5 Reunion)). The fans kept him going and he loved us for that. I'd like to do my part to see that Sinclair, and Michael O'Hare, aren't forgotten, and this work of fanfiction is it. Which is why I'm posting the first chapter today, on the first anniversary of his death.

And I don't think I can do better than the great JMS at all. I'm just playing.

(More) Boring stuff – the chronology of the episodes seem to be a subject of great debate, so I searched the internet for a few different timelines until I found one that seemed to do the job. Season 1 in particular is difficult to get straight because the order the episodes are on the DVDs is not the order they're meant to be in. This is the chronology I used from this site – – so please don't tell me the chapters aren't in the right order according to the episodes. It might be confusing (it certainly was for me writing them!) but that's the order I've chosen to use. Also, I've moved War Without End Pts 1 & 2 to Season 4 because it fits my fanfic better. :) So the section for Season 3 will be shorter and the one for Season 4 longer. And lastly, I'm using the '101' numbering for the chapter titles (meaning Season 1, episode 1) as well as the episode title. I've also used some dialogue from the episodes, but as little as possible. And where I have used dialogue, I haven't copied it word for word. So if it's not exact, it's deliberate. And some dialogue may be spoken by different characters. Again, deliberate. And the info for the characters history was taken from this site -

I hope this works, I hope it all makes sense, and I hope at least one other person at there enjoys reading it. If not, I at least enjoyed writing it. :) And I hope it helps keep the memory of Sinclair, Valen, and Michael O'Hare alive.