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because maybe, you're gonna be the one who saves me

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“Time isn’t something we have, Maria…” he protested.

“We have fire…” she flicked open her Zippo lighter.  “Wanna burn some stuff?” 

He sighed, shaking his head and sitting back down.  “I guess I’ll just have to wait until it stops hurting.”  

Maria sat down beside him, sliding her arm around his shoulders.  “I’m here for you, Steve.”  

He reached up to cover her hand with his.  “Thank you.”

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“You don’t want to know, Steve…” Maria said with a shake of her head.  “There are some doors best left unopened.”  

He nodded, pursing his lips. “I think I’d like to know.  It’s an online blog site, correct?  I think I understand blogging.”  

Maria snickered, “I don’t think bloggers even understand blogging.”  

He shrugged. “I’m one step ahead, then.”  

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Her lips were tantalizingly firm.  Steve knew he shouldn’t be overthinking this as much as he was.  He and Maria had discussed this part about their undercover assignment.  

He was supposed to be a professional, dammit.  

But it was hard to be when her fingertips were scraping his scalp and her lips were so nice and soft…she smelled like vanilla and coconuts.  He gripped her waist and pulled her closer, throwing caution to the wind.  

They were supposed to make it look legitimate, right?

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“Okay, so…we just need to tell them we’re here on a mission.  Tell them their clearance level isn’t high enough to know the details…”  Maria nodded her head.  “Yeah.  That could work!  It could.”

“Or…you know…we could tell them the truth.  That we’re here on a much needed vacation together.  I don’t think the Bartons are going to go blab this all over or anything.  They understand the need for privacy as much as the next person…” Steve offered, shrugging his shoulders.  

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“Gimme a boost…” Maria said, looking over her shoulder at Steve as she held the star aloft in her arm.

“I’m literally tall enough to put the star on the top of the tree…” Steve said, kneeling nonetheless because he knew there was no arguing with her.  Maria put the star on the top.  It was how it was done, according to her.

“I’m literally tall enough when you give me a boost.  And I don’t want to live in a world where you’re complaining about having to put your hand on my ass to keep me steady…”  She winked at him and stepped up onto his knee to balance on one foot while she stuck the star on the top of the tree.  

“That was not a complaint. Believe me.”  

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“Shhh…” Maria pressed her finger to Steve’s lips.  “You’re going to have to quiet down…” she glanced over her shoulder at the door to their hotel room and then over at the wall to their left.  “I’m not sure how thick the walls are…”  

“Maria…” Steve tucked his fingers under the waistband of her panties, tugging them down over her hips and off completely. “We’re on vacation.”  He knelt down on the floor in front of her, lifting one of her legs and placing it on his shoulder.  His lips trailed kisses up her bare thigh.  “We’re quiet all the time. Just this once, I want to hear you…”  His tongue licked a hot stripe up the crease of her thigh and she very nearly melted down onto the bed.  

She moaned softly when he repeated the action, getting infinitesimally closer to her center with every swipe of his tongue.  “Isn’t it…isn’t it fun to hide things, though? Makes it feel dangerous?”  

His head appeared, one eyebrow arched as he sent her an incredulous look.  “Fuck danger, I want to be boring.”  

“Language…” she chastised, squealing loudly when he leaned back down and flicked his tongue up her slit to spread her open.  

“I would say hush, but it’s kind of the opposite of what I want right now…” he muttered.  His tongue swirled over her clit, making her cry out.  He hummed happily and repeated the action.  “That’s much better…”  

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“Just…just keep hold of my hand, Steve.”  Maria gripped his arm, realizing very quickly that it was futile to try to keep him from falling.  He had a good eighty pounds on her and his butt was determined to get to know every square inch of the ice intimately.  

“No, Maria.  I’m going to let go and fall on my face again. Please, please let me, it’s my one wish.”  Even while deeply concentrating on trying not to fall, he still had time to snark at her.

She rolled her eyes and held on tight.  “You know me. My middle name is Dream hyphen Crusher.”  

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It was a joke on Bucky’s part.  It had to be, given how the jerk was over there laughing like it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.  Steve reminded himself to get him back the first chance he got.  Itching powder in his boxers or something.  

As it was…he was standing under the mistletoe with Maria, who just so happened to be the only dame in the world he wanted to be standing under the mistletoe with.  And who probably felt the exact opposite about him.

“Uh…” He faltered, looking up at the greenery and back down into her eyes.  

“Uh…I think you’re supposed to kiss me, Captain,” she teased, prodding him in the gut.  

Or maybe Steve couldn’t read Deputy Director Hill as well as he thought he could.  He’d think about it later.  He had a lady to kiss.  

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Maria’s eyebrow arched as she brushed past him.  Steve shivered as he watched her leave the room.  The dress she was wearing left little to the imagination.  

It dipped down low in front and fit tightly around her curves.  He imagined what it would be like to slide it off her shoulders, all the way to the floor.  All the while, she could look at him like she was now.  Daring him to try it.  

He gulped and shifted his stance.  Probably wasn’t a good idea to get this turned on in public.  

He chanced another look over, locking eyes with her again.  She glanced down slightly and back up, smirking smugly.

He raised his eyebrows and relaxed a little.  If she wasn’t worried, neither was he.  

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It didn’t matter that it was for the best.  Not in the long run, anyway.  

Nope, Steve was starting to see that good intentions meant shit all if your heart wasn’t in it.  And his heart?  His heart was with Maria.  

And Maria?  She was long gone.  

To be continued…

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It all started with that one disagreement.  About his socks, if Steve was remembering correctly.  

But he knew now that the fight wasn’t about the socks.  It was about much, much more than that.  Maria was beginning her fight for him.  And he’d been utterly clueless. 

And he’d lost her in the process.  

To be continued…

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Maria knew it was him. Mostly because she’d been waiting for this for weeks.  Since he’d done the noble thing and ended it.  Ended it over a disagreement no less.  

His eyes were red; his cheeks were tear-streaked.  

And he stayed in her hallway until she’d answered his question.  

“Forgive me?”  

She reached out, yanking him in by his shirt.  She pressed her lips to his in what she hoped was a good enough answer.  Because she was through crying and that’s all she’d do if she tried to speak.

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Steve’s mouth went dry when she crossed her leg.  He had to remind himself that they were in a meeting.  A meeting with government officials.  And Tony Stark.  

But Maria was playing with the hem of her skirt, tugging it up and up…and up.  Revealing the lacy tops of her thigh-highs.  

She stole a glance over at him, a smirk barely perceptible.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  

Steve ran his hand over his face and scooted his chair over closer.  He moved his hand over, placing it on her thigh.  

Maria shifted in her seat and pushed his hand up between her legs.

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Steve snapped his hips forward, filling her completely in one movement.  

Maria gasped, her hands tightening on his shoulders as he ducked down to nuzzle her neck.  His breathing was shallow as he peppered kisses up and down her throat where he could reach.  

“You okay?” he murmured, his voice hot and delicious against her skin.  

“More than…” she replied, squeezing her muscles around him as she reached down to grab his buttocks.  “Could you move, maybe?”

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Maria felt a little silly as she pulled on the revealing nighty.  A glance in the mirror made her wonder if she’d be less exposed going out there in nothing at all.  

Of course, when she gathered up her courage and walked out into the bedroom, she was treated to the sight of Captain America, completely caught off guard.  Captain America, with his eyes popping out of his head.  

Captain America, softly whispering ‘holy fuck’, under his breath.  

“Language, Cap…” she teased, crawling up the bed towards him.  

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There were still twelve blocks to go. Maria had known they weren’t going to make it before the rain started.  

But Steve still seemed to labor under the false pretense that he was somehow able to stop the weather with a scowl and a few words.  

He wasn’t.  

As the first raindrops started to fall, Maria reached for his hand, tugging him close to her.  “C’mon, Steve.  Live a little.  Come get caught in the rain with me.”  

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Maria shivered again and snuggled closer to Steve.  “Don’t think too much of this, Rogers.  I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t absolutely necessary for my health…”  

Steve snorted in a way that told her he didn’t quite believe her.  “Keep tell yourself that.  And stick your hand a little further up my shirt, I have an itch…” 

She rolled her eyes and let her head rest on his shoulder as she scooted her hand further up his back beneath his t-shirt.  “Where? Up?  Or over?”    

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“Like this?” Steve whispered, his fingers sliding down her belly and further still, dipping into her slick heat.  

Maria nodded, her moan catching in her throat as his fingers moved in tight circles.  She fell back on the softer than usual pillows, falling back, back, back.  Beyond her bed, beyond the floor of her apartment…

She sat up with a start, her breath coming out in short bursts.  

“Everything alright, Hill?” Steve asked, his expression was one of concern.  “Sounded like one hell of a dream you were having…”  

She felt her cheeks redden as she reached down to smooth out the non-existent creases in her tactical pants.  “It was.”  

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Maria climbed into Steve’s lap, reaching for the sash of her robe.  Steve’s eyes widened when he realized she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  

“Maria…”  His worried brow unknit itself, his head falling onto the back of the sofa as she kissed his neck.  

Her lips dragged lazily over his throat.  “I know this is probably the furthest thing from your mind…but…”  

“You’d be surprised how often this is the only thing I think about…” he confessed, his hands sliding from her waist up her torso to cup her breasts.

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Steve’s lips sought hers in the darkness.  He kissed her with abandon.  To the point where Maria was sure that someone was going to catch them.  

“Steve…” she murmured.  “Someone will see…”  

“Let them…” he whispered, his hands pushing her hair back from her face.  “Let them see.  I don’t care anymore, Maria.  I can’t live without you anymore…”  

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Steve rubbed small circles around her clit, her ass stinging from her recent spanking.  

“Are you sure you want the extra credit?” Steve asked, his voice deep and gruff.  “Are you sure you can take it?”  

Maria nodded.  “Yes…yes sir…I can take it…” She arched her back, her nipples grazing over the tweed fabric of his pants.  His fingers kept swirling lightly over her clit, making her whine and writhe on his lap.  

“Look at you…” he murmured.  “You can’t even keep still…”  He ceased touching her, only to bring his hand down hard on her ass, making her yelp and moan with every stroke.  

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She exhaled, her breath hot on his skin.  

Maria worked her hand up and down his stiff cock.  “You’re so nice and hard for me, Steve…”  

He’d been hard for her all day.  She’d been stroking him, teasing him for hours.  Sometimes in public, with her hand down his pants underneath tables.  

He was aching with it, precome smeared on the tip.  He just wanted to come.  Three quick pumps of her hand and he’d be there.  

“So big and hard and…slick…” she murmured, leaning down to kiss the tip.  

Steve whimpered and then he got what he wanted.  Three sharp tugs and he was coming.