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Intern Senna and the Unexpected Sick Day (podfic)

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18 minutes, 56 seconds.


Direct download (right-click and save) an unzipped 12 MB mp3 file from Dropbox.

Backup links: get the file(s) from a Google Drive folder.


Listen to the full podfic:

Backup links: stream at or at the Google Drive folder linked above.

Reader's notes

I was in the mood to do a Night Vale episode, and creating Intern Senna out of her words and the context of Night Vale was a really fun challenge.

Thanks to ester_inc for patiently answering all my questions about sound effects. My interpretation of the text is, for better or worse, my own responsibility.

The weather is "Tallulah" by Company of Thieves, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. For those with accessibility concerns, the only music playing under speech is during the credits, which are reproduced here:

Welcome to Night Vale is a production of Commonplace Books. It is written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, and produced by Joseph Fink. The voice of Night Vale is Cecil Baldwin.

I am not Cecil Baldwin, and ester_inc is neither Joseph Fink nor Jeffrey Cranor. This story and podfic are not-for-profit transformative works made out of love and affection.

Instrumental music by Disparition; all of it can be found at or This episode’s weather was “Tallulah” by Company of Thieves. Find out more at Or, find links to buy the song, as well as to leave feedback to the author and reader, at, or by searching for this story at

Check out for more information on Welcome to Night Vale, and while you’re there, consider clicking the donate link, that would be cool of you.

Today’s proverb: It is what it is, except of course when it's a carnivorous watermelon instead.

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than especially radiant smiles.

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