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Septemeber 7th

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We are a strange race. We interact with touch and noise , show safety with holding and breathing. Lowering our tones when mad or when others need to be calmed and our empathy reeks as we smash our lips together to show desire and take our clothes off to show lust , or commitment if you're not a shitty person. Holding hands and playing in the sun with happy noises , noises most of us don't talk about but all understand and distinguish from the other noises our bodies make to get attention. Like a bunch of animals growing old together.

He stared at the walls posters, cheap highschool quotes and ugly clothing from decades ago. The chairs in a circle as he barley held on to what Miss.Harley was talking about until she said his name. "Sollux! What about you, do you know why you are joining us today?" Sollux looked at her with dread at the question, especially since she was so happy and ready, she wanted an answer from him. Everyone was looking at him now. Only now did Sol get a good look at everyone. It was a strange group of about 5 kids who all looked sleepless or drugged. He only recognized 1 , mostly because he mooched a cigarette off him earlier today. He looked sick and tired, it was mostly his eye bags and his messy hair. He looked strange but not dirty as he had red hair that contracted the angry resting face he had. The kid next to him though, he was DIRTY and most likely drugged out of his mind. His clothes were baggy and his ears were covered in piercings and his arms sleeved with tattoos. The dirty kid was singing earlier , loud, and cigarette boy was yelling at him, they must be friends.

The one sitting next to him was a girl and she was stunning. Long blonde hair was blue dye bleached into her bangs ; he had to admit she was pretty but looking at her made you feel..bad. She gave off bitchy vibes and she had a mad case of resting 'I'll kill you' face. It almost gave him chills. Next to her was a noticeably younger kid, maybe about teenaged in a wheelchair. He looked the happiest because he had a small smile as he looked at Sol , a smile FULL of braces. He had shaved sides and a big poof of brown hair. The last kid wasn't looking at him , in fact she was looking down at her feet as her shoulder-lengthed black hair fell by her face and she played with her fingers. Sollux finally reverted his eyes to Mrs.Harley again.

"My friend said it would be good for me. She said I needed the support" he tried answering in a way she couldn't ask questions to. But sure enough she opened her mouth again. "Why does she think this of you? Do you have any idea why?" She was pushing him now. He could tell it wasn't her intention but it was coming off super annoying. He thought for a gentle way to dish out the shit he was dealing with but suddenly it all came out, he just hadn't said her name in awhile.

"My girlfriend is dead."

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cigarettes are dangerous

Sollux had pretty much known that his while life. His grandma would grumble about his dad smoking when he was a kid , he usually just coughed and laughed her off. He pulled the cigarette out of mouth and blew the smoke at Terezi , she laughed as she waved the smoke away. Terezi was pretty much his bestfriend since he met her. She blew her smoke back at him as she drug her cigarette from her mouth. Her smile was also something so amazing, wide and white , it was one of her most recognizable features.

Terezi was the first one to actually say anything that wasn't about Aradia. No "I'm so sorry" or sad looks. She sat next to him in silence before she complained about how quiet he was , they never left each other since. Sollux hadn't really found out she was blind until a few days into the friendship. She was so independent and smart , you couldn't really tell.

"So, Kanaya, Rose, and I are going to dinner tonight. I thought I should ask you. You haven't gone out in awhile.." Sollux awkwardly shifted. "Nah not my thing. Also Rose probably hates me" Terezi dropped her cigarettes and crunched it under her heel. She pushed back her bangs and grabbed her cane from its leaning position on the wall. "It wouldn't kill you to make friends asshole."

Sollux smiled as he threw down his cigarette and made his way to the ugly blue van his brother picked out. He hated it but it was cool for drugs. Sollux climbed into the front seat and fixed his hair in the side mirror. Terezi sat back in the passenger seat and leaned on her hand into the open window. Sollux started the car and sighed "I'm sorry." Terezi looked up and smiled "it's was a stretch but I thought I'd ask. You have mituna to deal with." Sollux looked away from her with a half smile and started driving. Terezi was a good person.

A person with bad taste in friends.

Sollux dropped Terezi off with Kanaya and before he could pull away she waved at him to stop and she ran to the door. She crossed her arms over the window seal and slightly leaned into the car. "Where are you going? Your going to dinner with us aren't you?" Sollux smiled at her and nervously laughed. Kanaya had always been really sweet ever since he met her. She was Terezi and Karkats' ride the day they met and was very cautious about Terezi not leaving with her. Sollux thought it was silly at the time before he figured out she was blind, which only made Kanaya seem like a better friend than most people he had ever met.

"No I can't, I have cleaning up to do, better jobs to find, taxes and shit" none of those things actually seemed like bad ideas but he was mostly just lying his way out. Kanaya sighed and stood up straight, leaning out of the car. "Well atleast your getting yourself a job you don't hate" she smiled. He could tell she knew he was lying but she was being kind, she was always being kind. "Tell me how dinner goes" he called from the street as he backed out.

Sollux began driving when his phone went off. He picked up the phone as he turned into the next street "hello?" It was one of Mitunas nurses. "Sollux! Are you on your way now? Mituna has been so excited to see you" Sollux could hear Mituna laugh and call out his name in the background and Sollux smiled.

It was nurse Pisces, Mitunas favorite. Sollux had a lot of upcomings with her. He went to highschool with her , Feferi Pisces was the nicest, prettiest, richest, girl in school. She was almost unreal. And now she works at a children's hospital and it was nauseating how perfect she was. Sollux almost hated her.

"Yes actually, tell him I'm coming asap." Sollux pulled into the closest driveway and turned around towards the hospital. "We'll be waiting" and she hung up the phone. Sollux threw his phone back on the seat and drove as quickly as possible to the hospital. It wasn't a dire rush but he'd forgot all about seeing his brother. He soon pulled into the hospital parking lot and made his way inside.

He walked up to the familiar face at the front desk. He'd already grown quite familiar with her and didn't need to sign in but talking to her was just part of the routine at this point. The nurse who greeted everyone and talked to the kids was a girl named Nepeta. Nep had dyed pink hair and orange roots , the pink was faded but she'd always been too busy to redye it. She always went on and on with Sollux, she said his face was welcoming and felt like someone you could open up to. Sollux never got it, his hallow smokers face , sleepless eyes , messy hair , and shitty piercings? Yup. Welcoming. Nepeta was sweet though , she'd probably talk to Hitler because "she liked his mustache" or something. It wasn't really bad, she probably has lots of friends and probably plays dnd or something.

"Sollux! Mituna has been going off all day about you. I was worried you weren't gonna show," she spun once around in her spinny chair so she was facing him directly. ",But as always you show up! Just a little later than planned , that's one thing I like about you!" Sollux smiled and wrote his name on the little clipboard 'for legal reasons' and handed Nep back her pen , it had a small flower hot glued to the top so everyone knew it was hers, cute.

"Thanks Nep. You're pretty cool." Nepeta's face lit up slightly and she laughed softly. "Thank you Captor!"

Sollux waved her goodbye and took long steps to Mitunas room and pushed the door open. As he stood in the door way he knocked on the wood to grab their attention. Mituna looked up and screamed with excitement and tried launching from his bed to Sol. Feferi quickly blocked him from falling from the bed. "Everytime you come into the room you indanger another helpless bee" she joked. Sollux smiled at her and sat in the chair by the ugly hospital bed.

Mituna had a very welcoming room. It had fish on the ceiling and it was pretty colorful. It had lots of flowers from both of the captors friends. Mostly Kanaya. Toys from the giftshop downstairs and a huge window that showed off all the downtown buildings near the hospital. Mituna said he liked it , but Sollux wasn't sure. "I'm so sorry I'm late tun-" Sollux tried to apologize but like always Mituna stopped him. "It's alright, I had plenty of time to draw stuff for you! Look!"

Tuna handed Sol three papers. One was obviously sollux by the ugly van with.. Terezi? Mituna wasn't too good at capturing likeness. The other 2 were the buildings outside the windows. He drew these often. One in the early morning or at night when the stars were still out or when the sun was JUST rising, and the other at mid-day or when the sun started going down. He was getting better at drawing the buildings. Granted it's all he saw most the time.

Mituna was really sick. He has mental trama to the brain. Taking him off his machines was dangerous so he didn't go outside much unless it was a good day. Those were always his favorites. Until then Sollux would send him photos of the parks he saw , the train, the buildings. Stuff tuna couldn't see from his hospital room. Tuna said it wasn't the same but he still loved it. Mituna was gonna be a famous artist they'd make movies about one day.

"This one is a little off.. I can't decide if this is a window or a flag! It's so far away" tuna sighed. Sol reached over and ran his hand through his brothers hair and smiled. "These are the BEST drawings I've seen of this building ever!" Sollux claimed. Mituna laughed and snatched his pictures back "you said that YESTERDAY!"

Sollux laughed at his brother until Feferi pulled on his shoulder. "Let's talk in the hallway." Sollux got up as another nurse sat in his place to keep Mituna company. Feferi closed the door behind them and sighed. "Well he's not getting worse, but he's not getting better," she turned her clipboard a few pages and looked back up at Sollux ", we fear his body might be getting used to the medicine that keeps him sober. He hasn't had a seizure all week which is good but his temperature is EVERYWHERE and he's getting angrier quicker and barley listens to any of us."

Sollux leaned against the wall and sighed. "What other medicine can he take?" Feferi looked at her board again and made a little worried noise. "Expensive ones." He leaned his head back on to the wall and grumbled. Feferi flipped the pages down so that she could tuck it back under her arm and put her hand on the lower part of his neck and smiled with apathy. "I can help with the medicine.. it won't be a bother," she assured him as she moved her hand closer to his chest ",anything for a friend."

Sollux quickly threw off his jacket as Fef fell backwards on the back seat of his van. Fef had already tore out her bun from work and her glasses had fallen off when she hustled into the car. She laughed softly as he undid the buttons on her shirt and he straddled her hips. Sollux looked down at her as she undid his pants and he only now realised what he was doing. This quick, rushed, mess wasn't him was it? Atleast it didn't use to be him. She was so erotic. Like he ripped her from a magazine he knew he definitely wasn't supposed to reading. Her eyes were like Aradias. Maybe that's why he was okay with this , because it felt normal.

Her hair was all over the place. The sweat on her forehead made it stick to her face and it fell acrossed the seat like it was underwater. Her hand was gripping the top of the seat as Sollux thrusted her into it. Sollux couldn't really help himself when it came to Fef. No , he didn't love her, but he loved what she reminded him of. A time before Mituna got sick , a time before he was alone, when AA still came home everyday. This wasn't the same though; nothing was the same. This wasn't love , it was fucking. It was gross teenagers having nasty quick sex in an ugly van on a Saturday.

Sollux woke up in the backseat alone. The sun was out and it nearly blinded him the second he opened his eyes. He quickly sat up and found his glasses in the cup holder and put them on. He stretched and slumped into the seat. Sol almost fell back asleep when his phone went off and he slowly sat up again. He found it quickly on the floor and saw 8 missed calls from Terezi and a text from Fef. He opened Fefs message first;

Read this when you wake up! sorry I left so quickly. My mom was mad I hadn't come home yet. Stay safe.
sent 2:48am Sunday

Sollux clicked off the message as his phone suddenly buzzed again and the bright call screen popped up. It was Terezi.

She wasn't going to be happy.

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Terezi wasn't letting him live it down.

They sat in the parking lot of an old gas station in silence as Terezi tapped her feet. It had been weeks, almost THREE WEEKS. Terezi snorted slightly and turned to Sollux. "Scale from 1-10," Sollux sighed and fell on his back ",how nice were her tits?" Sollux punched her arm over and over from his spot on the ground "shut up!"

Terezi cackled and pushed Sollux away. "I'm still in shock , it's like a proper sitcom. Young man has sex with dying brothers nurse!" Sollux snorted. "More like a porn title."

Terezi smiled as Sollux layed on the ground and looked up at the sky. Terezi reached her hand out until she found his face and felt the small stubble on his chin. When she met Sollux he was clean, his cheeks soft, warm, and young. He was older now, his face sharp and hallow, cold, stubby. Like a mid-life crisis before he even reached 'mid-life'. He felt sad.

Terezi moved her hand and fell back with him , the gravel uncomfortable against her back. "You're my bestfriend" she reached around for his hand and grabbed it. Sollux looked at her. He hadn't looked at her in a really long time. He'd seen her but he hadn't looked at her. Her hair was in buns today , it was short so she never did much with it. Her skin was so clean and soft , her face round and her eyes narrow as she looked towards the sky. Did she know the sun was so bright against her face? He was certain he'd read something about that in middle school but he'd never actually asked Terezi. He didn't want her to think he was ignorant , she was his bestfriend but she could still think he was an idiot.

He could have layed there for hours until the loud horn shook him from his state on the ground. He slowly sat up with Terezi as Kanaya waved them over to her car. "Hello Sollux!" She chimed as she got out to help Terezi, though Sollux would of. He walked around the car to the passenger side and climbed over the open top and plopped into the seat. Terezi put her hands in the air as Kanaya started driving and the cool September air shot at them. Sollux took off his glasses and held them tightly in his hands so the wind wouldn't take them. Terezi laughed as the wind hit her face. It was one of her favorite feelings.

Kanaya pulled into her driveway and opened Terezi's door and helped her out , handing her the red stick from the trunk. Terezi surprisingly didn't use the stick much, she knew her way around most of the places she was at. Kanaya followed her inside , she always was super protective of where Terezi was and when she got there , though she didn't really need any extra help at all. "I'll be back loves!"

Kanaya hurried back to the car, and started driving again. "Sollux are you sure you don't want to stay?" She seemed worried, she was using mom tone. "No I'm fine. It's supposed to get pretty stormy tonight and I don't want to bother you all if I get stuck. It'll be a waste of space so I should get home now." Kanaya half smiled at him and rubbed his shoulder "you'll never be a waste of space to us!" Even though she tried Sollux convinced her to just bring him home. The drive was filled with Kanaya talking about Rose, her sister, and friends. Sollux would comment every so often but most his conversations were just him listening.

"Stay safe okay? Call me if you need anything" she called to him as he walked up to his small house. He waved her goodbye and stepped inside. He threw down his bag and turned on a few lights. Sol picked up his phone and called Feferi who picked up instantly. "Hey Sol, calling about Mituna?" He confirmed and soon he heard tunas voice. "Hey tuna, how ya feeling?"

"I feel pretty good, Fef put me on new medicine and I feel stronger! Maybe I can take another trip day soon. I can't wait! Also I met this really cool nurse , he was around your age! He told me all about his job and-" Mituna rambled on and on about his day and Sollux sat and smiled. He didn't know why but whenever he heard that little voice of his , all he could do was tear up. Mituna was the light of his life.

After awhile Mituna started yawning and loosing track of what he was saying and Sollux spoke up "hey buddy, let's talk tomorrow. You sound super tired." Tuna protested but finally agreed. Feferi said something from the background Sol didn't quite understand but Tuna mumbled an okay. "I love you Sol!" and here came the watery eyes.

"I love you too, tuna."

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Sollux sighed and layed himself into bed. His neck sore and his hair gross , and his pants about 3 days old, he layed his face directly into the pillow and screamed, pounding his fists on the bed next to him. he sat up and wiped his watery eyes, this had become a bedtime tradition. He would yell and put himself down and it always helped him sleep. He would never recommend it though. Sollux stood up and took off his pants , jacket, and shoes, leaving himself in his boxers and his t-shirt. Plus some very fashionable "zombie" socks he stole from his brothers room and forced them to squeeze over his feet. He looked at himself in his mirror and sighed, he was so fucking dirty. He put his hands on his forehead and made a straining noise as they slowly ran through his hair and lazily fell back to his side and he rolled his lips ; creating a "pfff" noise. Sol raised his hand to the month old sticky notes on the wall. Mituna wrote him countless notes every morning before he was forced to leave and live in the hospital. 

Sollux went to shut his door and locked it. He made his way to the window and opened it , breathing heavy as the cold summer air swept through the room and into his chest. Sollux had to sleep with the window open ever since Mituna left. Sollux never made much money so Mituna slept in his room every night, and tuna was so young that they would just lay close together and it was never weird , even when Aradia moved in, sol, tuna, and ara would all cuddle close and laugh until they all fell asleep. It was good.


Sollux finally layed down again and covered up. The sounds of the city around him filled the room and he didn't feel so alone. "Goodnight tuna" he whispered and closed his eyes. "Goodnight stars."


Sollux slowly opened his eyes , confused. He slowly sat up and blindly looked around, in a morning daze. He felt around his bed until he found his glasses , the taste of morning in this mouth, he checked his phone. "3:14 am," he mumbled ",Jesus fuc-" and there it was. The noise that woke him up. He turned to his window and saw it rattling. Almost so viciously it was forcing itself from the wall. He got up slowly and put his hand on the window , looking outside to see something falling..from the sky? It was probably a shooting star or a plane, but what was happening to the window? He looked back inside as he slowly felt his feet shake. Sollux turned to see his bed moving , his blankets being thrown around , his lamp falling from his nightstand along with other trash and junky toys on the stand, his records falling from his dresser, and his clothes shaking from their hangers. 

Sollux picked up his phone and checked everything, new reports of a crash? A meteor coming down to kill us? He needed to be with Tuna right nown! 


He had no time to think on impact. His body being thrown back against the wall, his phone shooting from his hand. He hit the wall with blunt force and his vision went black. He couldn't open his eyes but they burnt, his shoulder throbbing, and his legs numb. He pushed himself up against the wall, his left hand gripping his right shoulder incredibly tight in pain as he slowly gained his balance. 

He opened his eyes to a fucking mess. 


His floor was pitch black , stained. His furniture either gone , against the wall, or starting a small fire on one of its corners. He tried stepping forward bUT his bed had completely been pushed upwards so it stood like a barrier , knocking him on his face as he fell over it. He quickly gained his balance to see that his door was gone. capoy, missing! He gazed into the hallway. Could he even call it that anymore?, the giant hole in his FUCKING HOUSE didn't ring as well. He was terrified as he stepped forward , limping slightly. He gazed over the holes walls to see what has hit his house. 

A bomb? A meteor?.. an alien?

That's when it looked up at his , large white eyes , soft purple pupils staring into him. It's face glowing with stars , stars scattered on its face like freckles. It's body also sprinkled with the beautiful constellations. Sollux stepped back as it moved closer towards him, attempting to climb from the hole it made in his house. He quickly fell backwards and crawled to his phone, quickly calling Kanaya. 


"Sollux? It's rather early to be calling me! Are you oka-"

"Kanaya im so scared. My house is FULL OF aliens. Well one alien. Or goverment weapon? It's seen me im dead but please tell Terezi I love her and-"

"WOAH WOAH what are you on about! I'm on my way there right now! What happened, are you hur-" 


Sollux hung up the phone as the creature made its way out of the hole. It was human shaped, VERY human shaped , very beautiful. And very naked. Sollux felt his face turn hot but he convinced himself it was with fear as the //thing// moved towards him and he tried pushing up against his bed, which was no use as the bed was already fully against the wall. 


The creature bent down and touched Solluxs face , his hand burning Sols face with such a horrible pain it was like touching the sun. Sollux looked into the aliens eyes and felt a cold chill up his spine, and a hot trail on liquid down his leg and he finally decided:


He was looking at at god. 

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Sollux sat in his kitchen, his heart still racing, as he watched the alien creature dig through his cupboards. He watched the alien stop as he ran out of things to shuffle through and turned to the pile he had made on the floor , ripped open a box of mac 'n' cheese , and started shoving handfuls of the dry noodles in his mouth.

"Excuse me," Sollux stopped as the alien looked up with full cheeks, making weird confused faces everytime he bit down , and snorted ",do you want some help?"

Sollux found himself scared again as the alien stood up and walked towards him. "Well um," Sollux softly grabbed hold of the unopened box of mac that the alien was clutching in his other hand ", I can cook them. They taste better that way. You can add cheese flavors to make it nicer to eat!" Sollux wasn't gonna test his luck on an alien, he didn't know what to say or do because he didn't want it to open it's mouth and unhinge it's jaw and rip his face off... it was highly unlikely but he was careful. The alien has calmed down since he arrived, his shoulders weren't bent or twisted and his face wasn't angry. He was warm and the small stars on his face glimmered softer now. He was a beautiful creature.

As Sol took out the pots and poured the water he couldn't help but glance at him every few moments. It was easier to study him as the water boiled and the alien climbed on to the sink counter and played with the sink faucet, turning it on and off, running his hands under the water and poking at the dirty dishes sollux has piling up.

His face was sharp but his skin soft and littered with what appeared to be freckles but instead they were stars. they rested on his face with ease, like they belonged there. they twinkled and it looked as if he could stand outside and disappear into the sky. His hair was thick and swayed backwards like a greaser but with a small piece curled and fallen neatly to his forehead. His hair didn't look greasy either, it looked natural and soft. It was a dark black , the small curl looked dyed purple, but none of it looked tampered with. It looked like if you cut all his hair off it would grow back the same; purple and all. His body was slim and stout and his fingers long and graceful, like a hand model on a jewelry show for old people to buy things on, he looked very european. His eyes wide and unnatural. They were purple and had hints of blues and white, his eyelashes reached his eyebrows, which were cut and pampered perfectly. He was gorgeous and Sollux found himself wondering where he was from, and why he looked so human.

Soon Sollux finished his new.. friends mac and poured some into a bowl. He watched the creature stare at it for a few moments and then shoveled it into his mouth. Just then Sollux looked up in shock as the creature smiled at him "this is AMAZING!" Sollux blinked a few times, English? He heard him mumble to himself a few moments ago but it was old and didn't sound human at all, but this was english. "Tha-thank you! My brother loves my Mac 'n' Cheese too um, you can speak?" The creature covered his mouth as he smiled and nodded. "Is that what I'm speaking? Lovely. I've never really SPOKEN before, well not in anyway you'd understand."


Sollux , in shock, shook his head and laughed nervously "Well I guess that works I um well," he took a deep breath and convinced himself this was okay, just pretend his a new guy at work you've just met!...oh shit. It only just hit Sollux that he hasn't said his name, and he had been calling this thing alien and creature in his head ",well im Sollux Captor and this is my house.."

The alien looked up and nodded, like he was thinking about what he had just learned closely. "I'm Eridan, I'm a star!" He stated casually and began eating again. Sollux squinted his eyes in confusion and grabbed his attention ",you're a.. what?"

Eridan looked up and sat straight on the counter. "I'm Eridan, I'm the beta aquarii of the constellation Aquarius." His pupils were small and his face serious. "I am extremely far from home.." he looked down and looked almost scared. "I need to go home!" He began to panic.

Sollux couldn't help but get second hand panic from the star on his counter. How was this happening? He suddenly got hit with the reality in front of him. He was dreaming, it wasn't real. He needed to call, he needed to-FUCK WHAT WAS HE GONNA DO. "I need to call Mituna and Terezi and my Therapist and I um," he looked up at Eridan who was staring at him. It felt like he was looking right through him and he continued on rambling and freaking out when suddenly the sound of tires of gravel and the slamming of doors and running could be heard, Eridan scrambled off the counter and crawled into the bathroom, slipping into the bathroom, hitting his head and pushing his body back on the edge of the tub.

Sollux barley moved to the speed of Eridan as his door was pushed open and Kanaya rushed in, followed by a flustered Terezi and a confused Rose. "SOLLUX CAPTOR WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!"

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Vriska helped her boyfriend from their bed, placed him in his chair, and helped him navigate around the bed to the livingroom. She was exhausted, her eyes narrow and groggy, her hair was pulled up and natted from sleeping. Her boyfriend had lost his legs about a year ago, and he was still recovering. He was much better than he had started but he still needed medicine at times, care, and physical training. Vriska had decided she would do it all herself. She stopped his wheelchair in the bathroom and turned on the bathtub faucet and pushed his chair to the edge of the bath "Tell me when it's just right okay, Tavey?" Tavros blushed at the nickname and gave her a set of awkward finger guns. He left his hand under the running water as it piled over his fingers, fondling with the nosel to make it cold or warm.

She pulled his medicine from the above cabinets over the toilet. The small case had each day of the week on it, each one sporting a different color. She opened Thursday and placed the assortment of meds on the counter and ran a cup of water for Tavros from the bathroom sink. She looked up at herself in the mirror and ran her hand down the front of her bangs. Her eyes looked fogged and her makeup was smugged from the night before, she forgot to take it off after passing out of the couch. She felt sad, really sad. Tavros shut the bathwater off and turned to her "Its done running!" Vriska looked up and was broken from her trance as she rubbed at her eyes and turned around to help Tavros into the tub and help wash his body.

Tavros was small, not only his now current frame, but his body. He was average for a young adult man, he was slightly built from his previous job, he used to work in construction, and he wasn't stick thin. Just average thin. His face was soft and round, his cheeks always warm , his body the same. His hair was cut with only a strip of his brown wavy locks in a single path down his head, his sides shaved. He had a nose ring, one that mimicked a bulls. He used to have earrings but he let them close up so he has little marks on his ears. His face littered with dark freckles that weren't easy to miss. Vriska smiled at him as she washed his back and shoulders and made her way down his arms. He washed his own hair, it made him feel more capable than he felt in a long time. The doctor said it would be good for him to slowly get into habits he would usually do that didn't include his legs.

Vriska stood as he rinsed his hair and body. She unplugged the bath and let it drain fully, Tavros talking to her about the dream he had that night, she nodded and smiled as he talked, drying his hair and helping him dry his body. She picked him up and let him balance of the tub edge as she handed him fresh clothes to change into. She brushed his hair as he took his medicine in a large gulp and put the cup on the counter where he could reach. Vriska then lifted him back into the chair and pushed him into the living room and put on the news for them to make fun of. Tavros needed to be woken up early so there wasn't usually much on so this became tradition. She made them both cereal and sat on the couch, as near to Tav as she could and began to eat.

She found herself looking out the apartment window at the early morning sky, the stars falling away and the soft colors of the morning peaking over the horizon she could barley glimpse from where she sat. She leaned toward to better hear the news stories from the news reporter as the tv began to static and the lights go out, a small rumble under their feet. She put her bowl down on the table quickly and grabbed for the handles on Tavs wheelchair to keep him grounded. The rumble soon stopped and the mandatory lights and anything plugged in turned back on. She stood up and looked outside to be surprised by... nothing. A few car alarms turned on outside and she could see a few people in the apartment parking lot looking around in confusing but not a thing ground breaking.

Soon a soft knock could be heard and Tavros wheeled to the door, a little shooken up. He opened the door and wheeled backwards to pull it open. "Hey karkat, Gamzee, are you okay?" Standing infront of him was 2 young boys, close to his age. The one who knocked was Karkat, a short and slightly chubby boy with thick locks of curly ,red, hair that complimented his pale skin. He has many freckles ,like Tavros, but his were more assorted to his nose and cheeks, a few on his forehead too. He looked tired ,as usual, and was wearing his boxers and a stupid vacation T-shirt from one of Gamzees trips, he assumed. The taller boy was Gamzee, Karkats roomate and.. boyfriend? Him and Vriska had been pondering the question for awhile but hadn't landed enough evidence to have a solid answer. Gamzee also had very curly hair, but his was more textured and tight, styled to a loose afro style. His dark skin made him and Karkat look like proper opposites. He was wearing long spotted pants, and no shirt at all. Bold move. He had a few tattoos, most of random flowers and colors. Karkat looked rather shocked as well but Gamzee looked calm. "Yes we're alright, we came to ask you two the same question."

There was one thing Karkat was bad at was being, subtle. He was always worried about Tavros for the past year, and Tavros was happy that his friends worried for him, but the worry only popped up after he lost his legs. Tavros didn't mind it much though, it just made him feel a little childish. "Yeah we're fine, we were watching the news when it happened. A tiny earthquake isn't too scary-" Vriska turned to the door with an annoyed expression "just let them in Tavros, jesus." Tavros looked down, embarrassed, and gestered for them to walk in, letting Gamzee shut the door as he rolled back to the living room and facing the now small group in the small apartment.

"People say most small earthquakes are only starters of larger ones!" Gamzee claimed in that funny voice of his. Karkat smacked his shoulder and glared at him but Gamzee only laughed. Tavros always wished to have a relationship like those two, romantic or not, he never had much backbone against Vriska and always took her too seriously, he was so stupid sometimes. He ignored himself and listened to the others talk without much input.

In the midst of talking the phone chimed and stopped them all from talking. Gamzee looked slightly embarrassed as he pulled out his phone and looked at it. "Oh it's Kanaya! She must have felt the quake too." He answered the phone with smile but dropped into a serious expression and began talking causally, in a very calm voice. It was strange.

Gamzee made a face and studdered a small bit "uh what? I mean yes I did, but why?" He pulled the phone from his mouth and whispered to Karkat. "She's asking about college?" Karkat made a confused face and opened his mouth to say something but shut his mouth. Gamzee turned his attention back to Kanaya "Yeah we're with Vriska and Tavros, want us to bring them? Well I am anyway. Yup. Yup. Bye." He hung up the phone and signed. "Kanaya is sending me an address and wants me to bring you guys too," Vriska stopped him ",Where is this place? Tavros can't miss his next meds-" Gamzee spoke over her again "Just bring them?"

Vriska looked very upset and annoyed but grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and grabbed the case and put them in her purse, but didn't forget to mumble with an annoying tone all the way to the car.


They drove for about 40 minutes until they pulled up to a shitty , meth looking house, in the middle of butt fuck nowhere. Vriska didn't skip a beat as she saw Kanaya leave the house to get them "you better have a good ass reason to bring us to nowhere at 5 in the morning, it's falling apart! You know how Tavros is, he can't just be dragged around!" Kanaya put her hands on Vriskas shoulders and calmed her down with the smooth motherly voice of hers "We really need you all to be here, remember Sollux?" Vriska thought for a moment. "That really sad dude with the dead girlfriend from therapy?" Kanaya nodded and smiled at the rest of the group as they got from the car, Gamzee helping Tavros from the car into his now unfolded wheelchair. Vriska tensed up and felt her stomach quake and tensed up , but Kanaya rubbed on her shoulder and began talking to the group. "Well Sollux had something very..interesting happen to him this morning and Gamzee is very good with...stars"

Gamzee cocked his head and Karkat grabbed on to his arm. "What do you mean?" Karkat spoke for Gamzee as Kanaya gestered for them all to walk inside.

Sollux looked up from the living room floor with Terezi as the group entered his house. "Jeez Kanaya I didn't need a squat team. You said 'a guy' not a group of people" Vriska yet again spoke up in anger "Its because of your sad ass that we were all hauled here so this better be real important-" she stopped walking towards him and stopped talking as she noticed the strange person sitting on the floor lock her eyes and she screamed. "KANAYA WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?!"
Gamzee pulled away from Karkat and quickly made his way to the floor and sat with Eridan. Gamzee had a wide smile as he reached to touch him, Karkat quickly followed.

Eridan jumped back at the commotion on to Sollux and Terezi who held him as he pushed back against them. "Its okay Eridan, he's here to help you get back..home"
Tavros grabbed onto Vriskas wrists and mumbled to her with a pure terrified tone. "What have we gotten ourselves into??"