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Synthesis Reaction

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Bunk beds were not made for this kind of thing, Hoseok thought as his elbow banged against the wall for the fifth or sixth time. The cramped space almost tempted him to fling Taehyung across all three of the bottom bunks, but that would involve being (at least partially) on Jimin's bed, and that would just be weird. Taehyung wasn't making it any easier. He chuckled and wriggled beneath Hoseok on the bed, his t-shirt sliding up just enough to reveal a thin line of skin. That skin was a reminder that Hoseok didn't really have that much to complain about. Not when they had the room to themselves, the door locked, and the majority of the others out to see a movie. The only exception was Jungkook, who was meeting friends from school to catch up on missed work. Free days like today were a rarity Hoseok wasn't about to waste complaining.

Leaning in for another kiss, Hoseok planted his hands on either side in hopes of not falling forward. Taehyung was a weird guy, but being physically knocked breathless was rarely a turn on. Taehyung's hands sneaked around Hoseok's sides and yanked him closer so he couldn't help but fall a little, just enough that their chests pressed together and Hoseok could feel Taehyung's heart racing.

"You're having too much fun," Hoseok grumbled, but his smile ruined the effect. Taehyung beamed and shifted until Hoseok was resting perfectly between Taehyung's legs. The gasp that escaped Hoseok's lips when Taehyung arched up to grind against him was a little too loud, even if they were home alone. Never knew when someone could return unannounced. Hoseok mimicked the movement and groaned quietly at the much needed friction.

Beneath him, Taehyung bit his lip and continued struggling, tugging at Hoseok's shirt in a childishly endearing way. Balancing how stupidly cute Taehyung could be with how badly Hoseok wanted Taehyung's wet, full lips on him was a daily struggle Hoseok usually lost. The result was a terribly conflicted feeling that made his cock twitch in his shorts at every one of Taehyung's giggles and shy glances. Hoseok flailed his shirt off in his usual graceless fashion and was rewarded with warm hands on his skin. He pushed into Taehyung's touches and started pushing at all of Taehyung's clothes, shirt and shorts and boxers alike. It seemed to take forever until Taehyung's head reappeared from his shirt and he managed to kick off his shorts, but the wait was worth it. Hoseok licked his lips and kissed Taehyung's collarbone gently as his hands wandered along his chest. When Taehyung whined in impatience Hoseok rewarded him with a sharp bite to his shoulder.

"Hyung," Taehyung groaned and moved against Hoseok in a beautifully desperate way. Taehyung's bare legs slid against the cloth of Hoseok's shorts and a hand palmed him through the material. Hoseok's face fell forward just enough to smack against the headboard of the bed. While he saw stars and fell to the side, Taehyung laughed his ass off and and rolled them over. If he weren't already used to something going wrong during their all too rushed encounters, Hoseok might have been offended.

Instead, when Taehyung said, "You're really bad at this, hyung." Hoseok just shrugged and slid his hands up Taehyung's sides. He couldn't see how he could be so bad if he ended up with a lapful of naked Taehyung.

"Then show me how it's done," he replied calmly and squeezed Taehyung's ass. Taehyung countered by removing the rest of Hoseok's clothing in a few far less disastrous movements. Raising an eyebrow in appreciation, Hoseok smiled when Taehyung leaned in for another kiss. His hands wandered over Taehyung's back and he nibbled Taehyung's lower lip. Above, Taehyung returned with too much tongue but Hoseok adapted. His tongue teased Taehyung's and pulled back playfully. They both had room for improvement, at least.

While Taehyung was distracted, Hoseok's hand crept between them until he could brush his finger lightly against Taehyung's cock. The boy's entire body went rigid for a second and Hoseok's free hand held Taehyung by the neck, keeping him in the kiss while Hoseok's fingers played against the taut and sensitive skin. Taehyung whined something against Hoseok's mouth. "I'm not so bad, right?" he asked, pulling away just enough to allow them space to breathe. With lidded eyes Taehyung nodded.

This time it was Hoseok who tensed as he pressed his cock against Taehyung's. He wrapped his hand around both of them and marveled at how hot Taehyung's flesh felt against his own. Mumbling something incoherent into Taehyung's mouth, Hoseok's hips rose slightly off the bed when he started stroking them together. Taehyung groaned and pushed into Hoseok's hand. Despite his unpredictability, Taehyung was easy to guide in bed, willing to meet Hoseok's pace every time. Hoseok took his time, just barely moving enough to keep them from getting frustrated until his fingers were sticky with precum. Hoseok paused to switch hands just so he could press his dirty fingers against Taehyung's mouth. The filmy liquid smeared across Taehyung's lips and his tongue darted out to lick some of the mess away. Hoseok's eyes felt glued to Taehyung's mouth, following that tongue and chasing it with his own. Taehyung tasted slightly bitter this time and Hoseok's kisses turned sloppy.

Hoseok's hand stroked them hard and fast now. Pleasure blurred his thoughts and all he could focus on was the feel of his fingers, the heavy sound of Taehyung's panting just above his ear. Taehyung thrust into Hoseok's hand with his eyes squeezed shut. As tempting as it was to close his eyes, too, and lose himself like that, Hoseok forced himself to focus, take in every bead of sweat that dripped down Taehyung's temple and the light flush across his tan cheeks. These were images he'd need later, when schedules left no time to be alone like this and he had to rely on his touch and memories alone.

"Taehyung-ah," he muttered quietly. His free hand ran down the back of Taehyung's thigh, and he felt Taehyung tense just moments before he came with a strained, Hyung. Only then did Hoseok let his eyes fall closed and the sensations and sounds surrounded him. Taehyung's breath against his ear, Taehyung's thighs rubbing against the side of his legs, Taehyung's spunk coating his fingers and making it so much easier to stroke himself until he, too, felt his climax hit. Words fell from his lips which sounded kind of like Taehyung's name, kind of like some of their lyrics mixed together. He stroked himself, still holding Taehyung close, until his cock was completely soft in his hand and his chest rose and fell in erratic, desperate heaves.

Eventually Taehyung pulled away and fell back. Technically he was half on Jimin's bed but Hoseok no longer cared. He rolled over onto his side and their legs tangled together. Just a little ways away, Taehyung smiled sleepily. Those perfect lips parted to say something and Hoseok reached out to pull him closer.

"I'm hungry," Taehyung mumbled against Hoseok's shoulder.

He expected nothing less.