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Four Souls

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Drusilla was crying.

Her tears were going to drive Angelus insane too. His soul was going to make him crazy. At another time he would have laughed at her plight, he would have thought she was funny. Oh how he would have enjoyed her suffering. Right now though, Angelus can relate all too well to what Drusilla is going through. The pain that she is feeling... the shock of having a soul forced back inside.

Darla was glaring at Drusilla.

She wasn't crying, and didn't look as though she would start crying any time soon. As always Darla looked calculative but there was a tired and haunted look about her that spoke to the affect a soul was having on her. Angelus could barely remember how he had made it back to this house after he had been cursed by the gypsies. He had gone to look for Darla, feeling sick and confused. Dread had coursed through him in a way that he couldn't remember as he had stumbled up the short steps. He had heard Drusilla screaming from within the house. He had opened the door, listening to the sound of Darla yelling at the younger vampire. A part of Angelus knew, before he entered the house, that he was not the only vampire cursed on that night.

He watched Darla move toward Drusilla.

"Drusilla." She spoke.

Her voice was calm and steady. She sounded like a different version of Spike when she crouched down like that. It was probably the only thing that she could think to do.

Angelus stood at the fireplace helplessly. For once he had no idea what to do. Earlier, he would have known exactly what to do to shut Drusilla up. Right now he can see no possible solution. He can come up with no way to comfort a girl that he had so brutally tortured. Darla had a better chance of quieting the younger vampire, but she wasn't succeeding. Drusilla's screams were growing louder. It's a miracle that no one has come knocking on the door. Angelus isn't sure that he's stable enough himself to figure out an excuse if asked.

It isn't long before Darla gives up entirely. Stepping back when Drusilla's hand lashes out, almost cutting the older vampires cheek.


"BE QUIET." Darla screams back.

Her voice as loud and as shrill as Drusilla's is. He watches them, feels small as he thinks on everything that has brought him this moment.

In one second Angelus's life was one way, in the next his life had change completely. It was as though he had been reborn again. This time around the life he was born into was much less pleasant.

" I can't stand this. You Angelus, you just had to make her crazy." Darla spun around to face him.

The hysterical rage on her face only made him snap though.

"And whose fault was that?" He exploded, nothing could ever compare to the fury that he felt in himself at that moment towards her.

The anger he felt towards the world, towards everything that he had ever touched in his life.

"Your fault. You made me first Darla." He shouted and he knew that he was only hurting her right then as she soaked in his every sentence.

He could see it in her eyes as they flickered, in her lower lip as it started to tremble under his truths.

He knew exactly what he was doing to her but he just couldn't stop it. Because to some degree he did blame her, if only a little, if only enough for him to be able to spit out this venom as well as she had served it unto him. The master had made her and someone had made the master long before that, this blame she was bringing back could only leave them all guilty.

She couldn't seem to stop herself either though before she had yelled. It was the only thing they could for a second understand to do anymore. They were a cursed "family" for travelling together and now they were cornered, Angelus couldn't think properly. He was still speaking.

"-Practically egged me on, gift wrapped her, look at the marvelous seer Angelus. Look at her, you made us." He accused-

"Stop it, stop it." Spike's quiet whisper of a voice rose up through the screaming, barely heard but their heightened hearing was attuned to even the smallest nuances.

Their yelling ceased as they turned to him. Sitting still, sitting still against the wall beside the fire. Spike had curled himself into a ball meekly... brokenly, like so many of their victims. Drusilla's harsh wails could be heard throughout the house, lost and alone yet it was quiet as they stared at the shivering, youngest vampire in their group. Angelus couldn't comfort Drusilla or Spike. A part of him didn't want to. They were all strangers now and the sound of hitched crying only brought pain. They all pretended they couldn't hear Drusilla's cries. Spike wasn't going to her to comfort her this time, she had made him and now he was confused. As confused as all of them were.

"I- I killed my mother... she was the only family I ever had and I, I thought this was better." Will whispered, staring at his hands blankly as if he could see her blood.

Abruptly he stood up.

"I need a bath." Spike said and ran towards the bathroom.

Maybe Spike's reaction was the most logical of all. Angelus glanced over to Darla, and they were almost of one thought again. As always, one thought...

The bath was a wonderful idea but...

"We need to fix this." Darla said, her voice raspy from her yelling but determined.

The gypsies, that's what they needed. He held open the door for her, as they left he glanced back to the poor rocking girl that was still crying loudly. She looked exhausted and her whimpers were trailing into ramblings. Drusilla was lost to herself in her mind.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered.

Her cries broke, and then she began screaming again.