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The Ice in Windless Cold (podfic)

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1 hour, 33 minutes.


Direct download (right-click and save) an unzipped 57 MB mp3 file or a zipped 62 MB m4b podbook from Dropbox.

Backup links: get the file(s) from a Google Drive folder.


Listen to a sample:

Or listen to the full podfic:

Backup links: stream sample only at or at the Google Drive folder linked above.

Reader's notes

It's a story about Steve overcoming past trauma through the love of his team, magic, and kinky poly sex, all of which are highly relevant to my interests.

The music is "January Hymn" by the Decemberists, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than zombie bacon.

(Also announced at: my journal, amplificathon @ DW, amplificathon @ LJ, and avengers_2k.)