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Jack/Daniel Humor Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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Daniel rolls over in his sleep, sighing softly. With his jaw slack and the furrow in his brow finally relaxed, he looks twelve years younger than Jack instead of just nine.

Jack leans over, brushing phantom hair from Daniel's cheek. Daniel turns toward his palm, fingers flexing until Jack places his hand in Daniel's grasp. Daniel's soft lips pucker in a mimic of a kiss.

It's sweet and adorable and there's a part of Jack that wants to get the camera so he has photos for blackmail.

Thankfully, he's better than that.

"Ow!" Daniel wakes quickly from the slap on his cheek. "What the hell?"

Jack turns over, hiding his smirk. "You woke me up. You're too cute."

Jack can hear Daniel cock his eyebrow, but a second later a heavy archaeologist drapes himself over Jack's back and a few minutes later they're both snuggled up and asleep, looking cute.