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Gamemaker's Guide

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Capitol Citizen-

Congratulations on being promoted to Probationary Gamemaker! The transition from watching the games to designing them can be a hard one, but your ever-benevolent government is here to help you through every step of the process. Read the following information carefully and follow the instructions and tips included for a fantastic first games!


The Gamemaker Council is a twelve-person committee composed of at least seven Master Gamemakers, who have organized at least one games, and up to five Probationary Gamemakers such as yourself, who have been selected as successors. Candidates are screened vigorously for the position, and open spots are rare. Once selected, Probationary Gamemakers are given this guide, appropriate documentation regarding budget and arena location, and a timeframe in which to complete their first games.

Typically, game design and construction takes five to seven years, with reports on previous and current games done during the preparation process. If this seems frightening, don't worry! Probationary Gamemakers are never given Quarter Quells, and low-impact years can make future games even more exciting!

There are four major divisions of the Department of Games: Construction (including the Architectural Design Corps and Avox construction teams), Wildlife (including the Natural Disaster, Ecology, and Creative Evolution Divisions), Technology (including Avox installation teams, the District Three Cross-training Program, and the Climate Control Division), and Marketing (including the Media, Fashion Design, and Gambling Divisions). These people exist to make your vision happen and to ensure that your games succeeds in all major areas.

NOTE: As a Probationary Gamemaker, you are not allowed to bet.


Each arena is prefabricated according to the Capitol Safety and Security Standards in a different area of uninhabitable wilderness. Due to budget and environmental considerations, arenas' shapes, sizes, and applicable technologies may differ; take these into account during planning.

The Gamemakers have access to an unparalleled database of natural environments as well as scenery from restricted works. Feel free to use these and anything else as inspiration for your arena.

Once you have the concept for your arena, submit it to the Architectural Design Corps for adaptation. The Officers of Design have spent years training to make ideas such as yours into a tangible reality. Your correspondence with them will take around a year, possibly up to fifteen months. At the end of this process you will have a set of complete schematics for your arena.


Unless otherwise noted and/or authorized by Form 18-F, construction for the arena's interior will start eleven months in advance, right after the previous year's closing festivities. You don't need to concern yourself with much of this, but your approval will be needed at critical points. In particular, you will need to approve the layout sans life and every species entering the arena. Feel free to ask the Division Heads questions during this process!

Ideal Schedule

5-7 years in advance - You are assigned your games and given introductory materials. Begin design phase.

3-4.5 years in advance - Contact Architectural Design Corps. Begin creating finalized schematics.

2 years in advance - If a new specialized species is desired, submit form 25-A to Creative Evolution Division.

11 months in advance - Interior construction begins.

8 months in advance - Submit forms 20-A and 20-B to the Ecology Division so that relevant flora and fauna can be provided; note any species you specifically desire. Submit Form 25-B to Creative Evolution division to receive any specialized species you require; note specific breeds where applicable.

6 months in advance - Finalize any design changes. Select Ground Crew for actual games. Receive Games Notes, if any, and alter plans where necessary.

Do's and Don'ts of Gamemaking

  • DO think outside of the box - unique arenas are fun!
  • DO ask your ground crew about their expertise - it can add a fun flavor to your games!
  • DON'T defy your Games Notes.
  • DO fill out appropriate paperwork - it makes our lives easier.
  • DO listen to your advisors - they know what they're talking about.
  • DON'T leak your plans.
  • DO pay attention to the media coverage - it can give you ideas on what to do next.
  • DO have fun - your enthusiasm shows!

Enjoy creating your games!