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Pt. 12: “don’t get caught”

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When licking Jazz open in a quiet corner of the base, two things to keep in mind:

1. Keep the slurping down. Sound effects were nice and Jazz had an oral fixation a kilometer wide, but slobbering all over left more evidence behind than ideal. Clandestine meetings were meant to be secret. That required silence and discretion. Unfortunately…

2. Jazz liked to get caught.

So if you happen to be on your knees in a quiet corner of the base, face brazenly nuzzled between coaxed-open chestplates and tongue busy on a hot spark chamber, don’t be surprised if someone clears their throat pointedly behind you. Remembering #1 didn’t mean #2 hadn’t called in backup. Just pull your head out of Jazz’s chest, look appropriately ashamed of yourself, and resume activities after the lecture finishes. Don’t worry. Jazz will only get hotter for the wait.

[* * * * *]