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The Professor

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They hid in the darkened corner behind the giant doors to the Astronomy Tower. Neville knew they only had a few minutes to spare before heading their separate ways. Neville was going to go to the greenhouse, and Theodore had to report to Muggle Studies – a required course for all Eighth Year students who had returned to Hogwarts after the war.

Neville bit his lower lip, trying to keep his gasping to a minimum. Theo's hand was down his trousers, and he was taking his time trying to get him off. Neville figured Theo was willing to torture him because of the frantic blow job he’d given Theo.

“You’re going to…” Neville released a low grown when Theo rubbed his thumb against the head of his cock. “Fuck, the—”

“Shouldn’t the two of you be in class?”

The authoritative voice of the Care of Magical Creatures’ professor sent a shiver through Neville, and from the way Theo had reacted, he’d experienced the same thing.

Theo immediately let go of Neville's cock; Neville began to button himself up.

“Sorry, Professor. We were just—”

Neville stopped when Charlie—Professor Weasley—he was Professor Weasley at Hogwarts--raised an eyebrow.

“This ought to be interesting,” he said, crossing his arms. “You know, I don’t get you lot. Are all Gryffindors who get together with a Slytherin this randy? Don’t you have dormitories where you can engage in such activities at a more appropriate time? Say after dinner or—”

“Housemates, and such,” Theo said; Neville immediately elbowed him in the ribs. They needed to excuse themselves and get away as quickly as possible, not start an argument with the Creatures professor.

Neville grabbed Theo’s hand, pulling him away from the corridor where they’d been hiding, and they ran away from the Astronomy Tower and the Professor.

After what felt like had been a good enough distance, Neville let go of Theo and looked at him. His boyfriend had a huge grin on his face.

“What?” Neville snapped.

“You like him!” Theo said.

“What? He’s a Professor--what are you talking about?”

“It’s not the first time we’ve been caught, but this time, your face was burning red, and your cock didn’t go limp.”

“You might’ve forgotten your hand had just been on my cock so no—it wasn’t limp at—”

“When McGonagall caught—”

Neville groaned. He didn’t want to be reminded of the time they were caught by the Headmistress: Theo had been on his knees, and Neville's trousers had been round his ankles. They’d been hiding in the Potions lab after Slughorn had taken his entire class out on a trip.

“Admit it,” Theo said. When Neville didn’t answer, Theo crossed his arms. “Admit it, or no sex for a week.”

Neville glared at Theo. “You’re too much, Nott.”

“Fine,” Theo said, turning to walk away from Neville. “Have a good time with your hand tonight.” When Neville still didn’t say anything, he added, “I know you’ll be thinking of him watching us.”

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One of the great things about dating Theo was--no matter the situation, he’d do something unpredictable. Neville, sort of loved that. He loved being caught off-guard by his boyfriend, and loved the feeling of how he was always in for a surprise.

However, things had taken a turn, for the worst, after getting caught by Professor Weasley in the Astronomy Tower. Now, Neville could predict was Theo was going to do. He dragged Neville from one corner of the castle to another, took routes via the enchanted stairwell, and once they’d start kissing, Neville would hear the Professor’s voice. Professor Charlie Weasley’s voice.

He would be lying to himself if he said he didn’t think Charlie was attractive. Whenever he was at the Borrow, he’d find reasons to look at Charlie, but this was different. Here, Charlie was a teacher. Sure, he wasn’t Neville’s teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. He’d no idea why Theo was so hell-bent on getting them in trouble.

“At it again, I see,” the Professor’s voice echoed in the empty corridor.

“Bloody hell, Theo,” Neville mumbled to himself. At least this time, Neville was fully dressed with his prick inside his trousers.

“Professor! Fancy seeing you here,” Theo said, and Neville was just about ready to kill him.

“Nott, so glad you’re dressed today.”

Theo gave his shy smile and ran a hand through his hair. “Too bad we can’t say the same thing about you, Sir.”

“Theo…” Neville tried to drag him away again. For sure they were going to get detention now. He knew Charlie was being really cool by not reporting him but now Theo was completely crossing the line.

Theo didn’t move and the Professor crossed his arms, giving them both a scrutinising look.

“You watch yourself there, Nott,” he warned.

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Neville's eyes widened as the Professor gave them his first warning. Though, technically it wasn't a warning as he'd only told Theo to 'Watch himself' still, Neville didn't want to take any chances.

He had a sinking feeling this thing he and Theo were doing, a stress relief, of sorts, was going to end up a complete disaster.

"What is your problem?" Neville asked Theo once they were in Theo's room; Neville had locked them in. He didn't want to get in more trouble today. "You know this celebrity thing is only get me out of trouble so many times."

Theo shrugged, looking absolutely nonchalant, and plopped down on his bed. "You like him, I think he's hot--"

"He's a Professor!," Neville said.

"Not for long."

"You're trying to get him sacked?"

Theo gave a soft laugh and shook his head. "No, of course not. I'm just saying we're only here for a few short months and then who knows what will happen in the summer. I'm just trying to get the idea in his head..."

"Theo, you can't possibly be serious."

Theo gave him a wicked smile that told Neville yeah, he was absolutely serious.

Surprisingly, Neville wasn't surprised.

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Easter break was finally upon them and Neville was happy he'd managed to keep it behind closed quarters with Theo. He enjoyed Theo's company, and really enjoyed their sex life, but he didn't enjoy Theo's obsession with sex in a public place. Even if it wasn't full on sex, Theo had a habit of simply groping Neville in a public place.

He was glad the castle was going to be mostly empty for break, and he and Theo could have all the freedom to do the deed wherever Theo pleased. With little to no chances of getting caught.

What Neville hadn't counted on was Professor Weasley also staying behind. Didn't the Weasleys do a big celebration for the holi—Neville stopped his train of thought then. Of course, there wouldn't be a big festive holiday with Fred being gone and all. Not this year.

"We should do a pub crawl with all the students that've stayed behind!" Theo suggested when he arrived at the Gryffindor Common Room, announcing to the near-empty room.

"Why?" Seamus asked.

"Where?" asked Dean.

"Hogsmeade…" Theo said.

"That'll last long. Hogsmeade has like three pubs; you're banned from two of them," Neville said, trying not to remember the time when he and Theo were caught in one of the toilet stalls.

Theo made a face.

"I'm afraid we'll be stuck drinking Butterbeer at the Hog's Head while the rest of the people are going around in circles," Neville said.

"More like a triangle," Seamus and Dean said in unison.

"Come on, I'm gonna go crazy here."

"It's just one week," Neville said, shaking his head when Theo rested his head in Neville's lap. "You should've gone with Malfoy."

"Right. Malfoy and Potter," Theo snorted. "They're worse than Pansy and Ginny. They're all going to be at the Weasleys’, you know, with Granger and Ron."

"It's a wonder you wanted to stay back."

"You know why I'm staying back."

"Not this again."

"What?" Dean and Seamus asked.

"Theo wants to seduce Professor Weasley." There was no point in keeping it a secret from his friends. Eventually, Theo was going to get in trouble for it. And possibly expelled.

"Oh?" Seamus asked, sounding interested. He looked at Dean before speaking again. "Why didn't we think of that?"

Dean frowned. "Because a) you're not allowed to shag anyone but me, and b) a Professor?"

"He's hot," Seamus said.

"He is hot," Theo echoed.

Neville closed his eyes and threw his head back. He wanted to groan out his frustration but Theo would only edge him on more.

"Come on," Seamus said, standing up and offering his hand to Dean.

"Where?" asked Dean.

"Well, our rooms are empty right now…" Seamus gestured towards Neville and Theo sitting on the sofa, "and I'd like to play a fantasy."

"I didn't need to hear that," Neville said, making a face.

"Let them be," Theo said. "A fantasy is all they're going to get. Because we are going to get the real thing."

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As the weeks continued, Neville managed to keep his distance from Theo in the halls, therefore, avoided Professor Weasley. Since it'd been so quiet and Theo seemed to be behaving himself, Neville wondered if his boyfriend had stopped his foolish pursuit.

After telling Seamus and Dean about Theo's intentions, it was only a short time until their closest friends found out. Ron, naturally, wasn't pleased with the idea; Ginny didn't seem to care.

If Neville were honest with himself, he enjoyed the notion of the three of them. It was hot. But he wasn't idiotic enough to ever admit it.

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The rain had finally stopped. Neville was getting tired of staying indoors because of the bad weather. It was one thing to spend all his time at the Greenhouse, that was for fun, and schoolwork, but he'd been getting antsy staying in his room. Ultimately, when it was sunny and nice out, he took a walk by the lake. It seemed everyone at Hogwarts had the same idea as the nice spring day, although delayed, was definitely welcomed.

Still, he didn't see Theo anywhere. They had opposite schedules this week with Neville's Herbology assignments and Theo's extra-credit Potions work, they'd barely had time to say hello. He didn't mind it though, he liked being with someone who was equally dedicated to his work as he was to his play.

Neville smiled to himself and sat against a tree, soaking in the sun. After he'd closed his eyes, he'd nearly fallen asleep when he felt a presence next to him. The way the person had cosied up to him, Neville knew it was Theo.

"Finished your assignment?" Neville asked without opening his eyes.

"Yeah..." Theo said, sounding different.

Neville immediately opened his eyes, looking at him. "What's the matter?"

Theo seemed to hesitate for a moment. "You know..." he drawled slowly. "How we aren't exclusive, right?" His face frowned slightly. Neville had no idea why he seemed so worried. "Are you all right with that?"

"I...yeah..." Neville said with confusion. They'd never really talked about it. They were 'together' sure, but not exclusive. Theo had all the freedom in the world to do whatever he wanted with or without Neville. Then Neville chuckled lightly, "Did you accidentally promise yourself to another."

"Shut up!" Theo said punching Neville. "I was talking to someone—"

"Flirting," Neville said.

Theo rolled his eyes. "So, yeah. For us."

"Moved on from the Professor, have we?"

"What? That is not what this is about but that’s where this is going..."

"Oh no," Neville said, worried.

"Anyway, I was speaking with Hartwell—"

"The transfer student from America?" Neville asked, intrigued. "Turned you down, did he?"

"No!" Theo said, sounding outraged. "He was all but melting into me. Loved what I was saying to him, things we could be doing to him and..." Theo frowned.

"What happened?" Neville asked, turning around. "Oh no, don't tell me," he added when Theo didn't reply right away. "Don't tell me, you got caught with your hands down his trousers. Again."

Theo rolled his eyes. "I didn't even get the chance. Your Professor walked up to me, scared him off. And then he gave me a lecture on how I should be treating you better."

"Charlie?" Neville's eyes widened with surprise and he looked at Theo, almost waiting for him to make fun of him, but he didn't. "I didn't know he cared."

Theo grunted. Neville wondered if there was more to the story than what Theo had told him.


"I didn't like the way he talked to me. As if it were a threat."

Neville laughed. "I didn't know you cared."

"You're mine," Theo said with a possessive tone and grabbing Neville's wrist. "I share with you. You know I don't do anything behind your back and I would never..."

"What are you getting at, Theo?"

"If he wants you...what if you choose him over me?"

At Theo's question, Neville was stunned silent. What was he talking about? What was he implying? And above all, when did a Slytherin show vulnerability?

Before Neville could give Theo a reply, their conversation was interrupted by the sight of Charlie approaching them.

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Neville felt Theo stiffen next to him, but didn't look in his direction. It was strange how his boyfriend had changed in such a way. He went from wanting to seduce Charlie for them to basically hating him. Sure, Neville had a bit of a secret crush on Charlie, but he wouldn't just leave Theo out like that. Theo had been a great friend and lover over the past year. Where every other boy or girl in school was interested in Neville for his fame, Theo had treated him like a reasonable person. Fame wasn't everything, and Theo understood.

Charlie understood it as well. Given how important his entire family had been in the war.

"Hi," Neville said, looking up at Charlie. He placed his hand on Theo's knee and squeezed hit.

"Neville," Charlie said warmly, and followed it up with "Nott," in a cool tone.

"Can we help you with something, Professor?"

Charlie narrowed his eyes at Theo, who hadn't looked up to acknowledge him. Gods, this was getting ridiculous.

"Hagrid's gone to London for a few days on some task assigned by Mcgonagall, and he wanted me to take care of his pets. I'm having trouble with Junebug—"

"Oh, that fluffy thing?" Neville asked with delight. Of all of Hagrid's creatures Neville was afraid of, he was surprisingly fan of Junebug, she was a tiny little fluffy cat like creature that loved licking on Neville's fingers.

"Yeah," Charlie said with a smile then sobered his expression. "Professor Sprout said you had brewed a somnus potion from the pudica seeds in the Greenhouse, and she suggested it might help Junebug sleep. It serves as a minor sedative to magical creatures. I wanted to ask you if you can bring a small phial by Hagrid's hut."

"Oh. Sure," Neville said, surprised. Charlie was trusting him with a potion?

"We'll be there," Theo said before Neville could add anything else.

"I only need the potion. I have no use for your smart mouth, Nott."

Neville could feel an insult rising from Theo, so before he could do anything to get them both detention, he squeezed Theo's knee. "Brilliant. See you later then, Professor. I'll just go and collect the potion now."

Neville got up and nodded at Charlie who seemed satisfied and walked away.

"I'm coming with you," Theo said.

"Why? You two clearly hate each other now."

"I don't hate him," Theo said. When Neville raised an eyebrow at him, Theo added, "I just don't want you alone with him."

"We're going to take care of—"

"I know what you're going to do. Don't tell me it doesn't sound romantic."

Neville laughed. "Romantic?"

"Yeah. Alone in that dark hut, taking care of a magical creature...he might make his moves on you."

"You're completely mental, do you know that? I mean, I've heard Harry tell me some crazy stories about Draco's jealousy, I didn't realise it ran in all Slytherins."

"I'm not jealous!"

"Right. And I'm the Queen of England."

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"It's going to be quite the hike from here to the dorms, and then to Hagrid's," Neville said to Theo who didn't seem to be budging away from tagging along. "You'd hate that much exercise."

"I resent that," Theo said, looking cross. "I enjoy various types of...exercises."

"Yes." Neville nodded. "I'm sure thrusting into a seventh-year while you're sucking me off at the same time is quite the work-out."

"You say like you don't enjoy it." Theo rolled his eyes. "I've already told you, I'm not leaving you alone with the Professor."

"Very well then," said Neville. "Let's dance."

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After Neville and Theo made their way to Hagrid's hut, Theo looked around the room, while Neville approached Charlie with Junebug in his lap.

"You know I've seen her hopping around the Astronomy Tower at night, probably after Hagrid's fallen asleep. She's an adventurous little thing." Neville petted the little creature who immediately turned away from Charlie to nibble on Neville's fingers.

Neville reached into his pocket with his free hand to give the potion to Charlie.

"Thanks, Neville. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. You're going to make a great Herbologist one day."

Neville looked up from Junebug and at Charlie, giving a soft smile. "Thanks," he said softly. "Theo is the one who'd actually brewed the potion. He's going make a great Potions Master too."

"Yes," Charlie said clearing his throat and he looked like he was hesitant to look at Theo, but did. "I hear you're doing very well in all your classes, despite the..." He paused for a brief moment. "Despite your reputation for your extra curricular activities."

Theo chuckled, shaking his head. "Just because you were done by the time we started Hogwarts, doesn't mean I don't know about your reputation, Charlie."

"Theo..." Neville said in a warning tone. He was trying to will his boyfriend to stop talking.

"Don't think the halls of the castle don't vibrate with the echoes of your antics."

Charlie's brows furrowed, before he gave a huge smile. "Of course, you're right. But it's still my job as a professor to--"

"What are you two talking about?" Neville asked in confusion. Had Theo and Charlie just bonded over something? Reconciled?

Theo walked up to Neville then, who was still kneeling in front of Junebug busy playing with Neville's fingers. He raked his fingers through Neville's hair and Neville inadvertently leaned into the touch. Theo had the effect on him.

"Nothing, love. We should get back."

Neville continued to look at Theo in confusion who was smiling at Charlie. When Neville looked at Charlie, he saw Charlie swallow as his eyes were fixed on Theo's fingers in Neville's hair.

"Or should we stay?" Theo asked Charlie.

Charlie cleared his throat and picked up Junebug. He walked towards the creature's tiny bed and laid her down before grabbing the phial Neville had brought. He mixed the potion in Junebug's water and placed the bowl next to her. Junebug immediately started to drink it.

They remained quiet. Theo and Neville watching Charlie as Charlie walked around the room. Eventually, he got to the door and closed it. Locking it.

"Stay," Charlie said, his voice hoarse.

Was this really happening? Was Charlie actually doing what Theo had been trying to do for weeks now. At Hogwarts?

With a murmured spell, Charlie placed a privacy charm around them, and Neville figured the spell cocooned them in the hut and away from everyone else.

"Finally," Theo whispered to Neville. He pulled Neville to him and started kissing him.

Charlie stood there, watching.

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The cool breeze from the wind gusting outside the window at Hagrid's Hut sent a chill down Neville's spine. Or maybe it was his own nerves. Charlie was looking at them with a look in his eyes Neville had never seen before. Well, he'd never seen it in Charlie.

He was still in disbelief, and slight shock, and nothing could be more surprising if cornish pixies flew out of the cracks in the hut and started dancing on Neville's head.

"So you're just going to stand there, Professor?" Theo said in a teasing tone; Neville felt his face burn up. "Neville, be a peach, and go and get him."

Neville looked from Theo to Charlie, unmoving. Theo was pushing his luck and he knew it. He started to take a step towards Charlie when Charlie stopped him with one word.


"But…" Theo began.

"This isn't. I shouldn't have. We can't—"

"We're over eighteen," Theo said sounding serious, but didn't lose the hint of tease in his tone. "We're consenting adults. And you want to."

"I'm a professor," Charlie said, and his argument was unconvincing even to Neville. He resisted rolling his eyes.

"But you're not our professor," Neville said.

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"You locked the door," Neville said, pushing against Theo's body as he stared Charlie down.

"A momentary lapse in judgement," Charlie replied, coolly.

"Inviting us here was no accident, Charlie. You've seen us. You got cross with Theo because he was trying to flirt with another bloke. You either want us, or you're simply very confused. And I didn't take you to be someone who got easily flustered."

Theo's grasp on Neville's tightened; he pressed his groin against Neville's arse. He, for one, was loving this argument. He always did like it when Neville took charge in the bedroom.

"You could've asked to stop by and pick up the potion from the Greenhouse. You allowed me to come; visit here. With Theo."

"Is that what it is?" Theo asked from over Neville's shoulder. "You wanted him alone here." Theo asked, his voice and spirit sounding slightly sabotaged. Neville pulled him closer.

"You allow him to flirt with other boys at school?" Charlie asked, evidently ignoring everything else they'd said.

"We're open..." Theo said.

"We share."

"Oh," Charlie said looking perplexed.

Neville grabbed Theo's hand, taking a step closer to Charlie. "So, are we doing this?" he asked in a soft voice. "Or should be plan for something for the weekend."

"The weekend?" Charlie asked, looking intrigued.

Neville chuckled, slowly shortening the distance between them; Theo's fingers still twined with his. "Not sure what Hagrid will feel about us...doing the deed in his hut...around his pets."

Then, he was pressed against Charlie, Theo right there with him. Neville nuzzled into the crook of Charlie's neck, his left arm wrapping around Charlie as if he were pulling him in for a hug.

"Merlin you smell good," he said.

Theo pressed against Charlie's side, moaning, "I've wanted this for so long..."

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Charlie sucked in a deep breath, hesitating before his grip tightened on Neville. "This isn't right…"

"Why?" Neville asked in a whisper.

"I want you…" Charlie said to Neville, "but you're with him. I can't—"

"We want you," Neville answered. "I share with Theo, Charlie. I want you too…can't you…"

"It wouldn't be right," Charlie said softly.

"I don't mind," Theo replied, still pressed against Charlie. "I can just watch you two. Until you're ready for me, too. If you're not…if Neville wants to be alone with you—"

"No," Neville said, firm; he felt Charlie's hold on him tighten some more. Was he panicking that Neville'd go away, or was he getting turned on? Did he want Neville to be commanding—the way Theo did?

"Charlie…" Neville ran his fingers through Charlie's hair; Charlie leaned into the touch. It was amazing, really, he'd been avoiding the Professor all this time only to find out Charlie was going to be all but putty in his hands. "Theo stays."

Charlie swallowed then. He looked at Theo and nodded once.

"Kiss him," Neville said with a hint of demand. He saw the expression on Theo's face, and Theo was resisting giving him a smile. He liked it when Neville told him what to do, and now, he liked watching Charlie do the same.

Maybe it was the fact that normally Neville was so mild-mannered—when he directed an order, it caught his lover by surprise.

"Okay, but we shouldn't do more here. It isn't right. The school—we can—"

Before Charlie could finish his thought, Theo'd grabbed his chin, turning Charlie to face him. Neville knew Theo was getting impatient, so he sealed their lips together.

Charlie's left hand settled on the small of Theo's back; he pulled closer. Neville's cock pressed against his trousers. He wanted to moan with frustration, and desire. The sight of Theo kissing Charlie was hotter than he'd imagined.

Theo let go of Charlie. Finally, Neville had his turn. Charlie's tongue slid in with such ease, Neville thought, it was like they'd always been doing this.

It was a beautiful thing, but Neville knew they should stop. Charlie'd been right; unfortunately, they couldn't continue here. Not in Hagrid's Hut, and not while still at Hogwarts.

When they'd finally stopped, Theo had Neville trapped in-between himself and Charlie.

"We need a place to meet," Neville said, pushing back against Theo's groin as he looked into Charlie's eyes. He licked his lips before Charlie leaned down to kiss him again.

"I have a place…" Charlie said in a hush tone as if he were sharing his deepest secret. Maybe he was. "I own a flat in Romania. It's empty while I'm at Hogwarts. There's a Portkey…" He seemed to hesitate again.

"You want this, don't you?" Neville asked, he didn't want to sound vulnerable, but he needed to make sure that Charlie was truly okay with this. He wouldn't want the man to risk his job for nothing.