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The Professor

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They hid in the darkened corner behind the giant doors to the Astronomy Tower. Neville knew they only had a few minutes to spare before heading their separate ways. Neville was going to go to the greenhouse, and Theodore had to report to Muggle Studies – a required course for all Eighth Year students who had returned to Hogwarts after the war.

Neville bit his lower lip, trying to keep his gasping to a minimum. Theo's hand was down his trousers, and he was taking his time trying to get him off. Neville figured Theo was willing to torture him because of the frantic blow job he’d given Theo.

“You’re going to…” Neville released a low grown when Theo rubbed his thumb against the head of his cock. “Fuck, the—”

“Shouldn’t the two of you be in class?”

The authoritative voice of the Care of Magical Creatures’ professor sent a shiver through Neville, and from the way Theo had reacted, he’d experienced the same thing.

Theo immediately let go of Neville's cock; Neville began to button himself up.

“Sorry, Professor. We were just—”

Neville stopped when Charlie—Professor Weasley—he was Professor Weasley at Hogwarts--raised an eyebrow.

“This ought to be interesting,” he said, crossing his arms. “You know, I don’t get you lot. Are all Gryffindors who get together with a Slytherin this randy? Don’t you have dormitories where you can engage in such activities at a more appropriate time? Say after dinner or—”

“Housemates, and such,” Theo said; Neville immediately elbowed him in the ribs. They needed to excuse themselves and get away as quickly as possible, not start an argument with the Creatures professor.

Neville grabbed Theo’s hand, pulling him away from the corridor where they’d been hiding, and they ran away from the Astronomy Tower and the Professor.

After what felt like had been a good enough distance, Neville let go of Theo and looked at him. His boyfriend had a huge grin on his face.

“What?” Neville snapped.

“You like him!” Theo said.

“What? He’s a Professor--what are you talking about?”

“It’s not the first time we’ve been caught, but this time, your face was burning red, and your cock didn’t go limp.”

“You might’ve forgotten your hand had just been on my cock so no—it wasn’t limp at—”

“When McGonagall caught—”

Neville groaned. He didn’t want to be reminded of the time they were caught by the Headmistress: Theo had been on his knees, and Neville's trousers had been round his ankles. They’d been hiding in the Potions lab after Slughorn had taken his entire class out on a trip.

“Admit it,” Theo said. When Neville didn’t answer, Theo crossed his arms. “Admit it, or no sex for a week.”

Neville glared at Theo. “You’re too much, Nott.”

“Fine,” Theo said, turning to walk away from Neville. “Have a good time with your hand tonight.” When Neville still didn’t say anything, he added, “I know you’ll be thinking of him watching us.”