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Warriors The Rebirth: Fire Tooth & Blood

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Whitestar, a tom with sharp green eyes and a black pelt with white tipped ears and tail


Hawkeye, a tom with gold eyes and dark brown fur

Medicine Cat-

Rabbitfoot, a she-cat with chestnut and white fur with yellow eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice-

Tinypaw, a small black tom with one white paw and ice blue eyes


Froglegs, a tom with cornflakes blue eyes with a red tabby pelt

Silentwhisker, a tom with rust colored pelt covered in scars, gold eyes, and one ear.

Doveheart, a she-cat with snow white fur and green eyes

Mistynose, a she-cat with blue eyes and a silver pelt
Sparrowheart, a tom with a brown pelt and white under belly and gold eyes
Sandstorm, a muscular tom with sand colored fur and green eyes

Shortpaw, a gray tabby tom with amber eyes and short tail (mentor Sandstorm)
Graypaw, a gray tabby with gold eyes (mentor Sparrowheart)
Firepaw, a fiery orange tom with brilliant green eyes (mentor Froglegs)

Brokentooth, a tom with brown and white spotted pelt, green eyes, and jagged teeth
Tinyears, a white tortoise shell with blue eyes and small round ears

Leafshade, a calico with green eyes
Mapletooth, a brown ragdoll with yellow eyes
Grayclaw, a gray pelted cat with gray eyes


Cloudkit, tom with light gray and white fur and green eyes
(mother Grayclaw)
Ravenkit, a tom with midnight black fur and ice blue eyes
(mother Grayclaw)
Leopardkit, a she-cat with light brown kit with darker brown spots, pale yellow eyes
(mother Mapletooth)
Jaykit, a gray tortoise shell she-cat with green eyes
(mother Mapletooth)
Mousekit, a tom with agouti fur and brown eyes
(mother Mapletooth)


Morningstar, a gold she-cat with blue eyes

Oneear, a she-cat with white fur with her left ear being black with gold eyes

Medicine Cat-
Shrewwhiskers, a small brown tom with small whiskers and blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice-
Lionpaw, a gold tom with amber eyes

Blackwing, a white tom with large black spots on both sides of his stomach with one blue eye and one green
Sharptooth, a small she-cat with white blonde fur and yellow eyes
Mouseheart, dusty gray tom with blue eyes
Skunkpelt, a black and white tom with yellow eyes
Frogthroat, a massive tan she-cat with amber eyes
Yellowtail, a blonde tom with gray eyes
Fishlegs, a white she-cat with gray legs and copper eyes

Hollypaw, a light brown she-cat with yellow eyes (mentor Yellowtail)
Cloudpaw, a fully white she-cat with blue eyes (mentor Frogthroat)
Squirrelpaw, a tan she-cat with gray eyes (mentor Fishlegs)

Whiteears, a brown she-cat with white ears and yellow eyes
Minnowheart, a white tom with a gray muzzle and blue eyes
Owlclaw, a white she-cat with black speckled fur and yellow eyes

Mistyeyes, a brown and tan cat with green eyes
Rosepelt, red and white cat with amber eyes
Mothtail, a gray and tan cat with blue eyes
Foxtail, a fox colored cat with light green eyes

Oakkit, a reddish brown she-cat with blue eyes (mother Mothtail)
Breezekit, a sand colored tom with brown eyes (mother Mothtail)
Twigkit, a brownish gray she-cat with green eyes (mother Foxtail)
Adderkit, a gray tom with yellow eyes (mother Rosepelt)



Fallingstar, a she-cat with gray eyes and blue fur

Sparrowpelt, a tom with brown and white fur and amber eyes

Medicine Cat-
Liontail, a golden tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice-
Thistlepaw, a gray and white mottled fur with green eyes

Silvertongue, a handsome black tom with brilliant emerald eyes
Thunderpelt, a massive tom with blonde fur and blue eyes
Roseleaf, a red she-cat with green eyes
Longlegs, a long legged marbled she-cat with green eyes
Squirreltooth, a black and white striped tom with amber eyes and front teeth that pokes out.
Ferntail, a shaggy brown tom with yellow eyes
Silvertail, a light gray slender she-cat with amber eyes
Loudheart, a light orange tom with brown eyes

Robinpaw (mentor Thunderpelt), a she-cat with black and brown fur and gray eyes
Spiderpaw (mentor Roseleaf), a tom with brown fur, amber eyes, and long legs
Adderpaw (mentor Silvertail), a rugged black tom with yellow eyes
Quickpaw (mentor Ferntail), a chocolate tom with green eyes

Oneeye, a calico with yellow eyes however one of them is blind
Yellowtooth, a dark gray tom with yellow fangs and amber eyes
Rabbitpelt, a tom with agouti fur and copper eyes
Firenose, a skinny orange she-cat with blue eyes
Tangledpelt, a she-cat w ith knotted tan fur and amber eyes

Leafpool, a red tabby with amber eyes
Brackenfoot, a dark red cat with gray eyes
Darkstripe, a orange tabby with darker orange stripes and blue eyes
Minnowears, a silver cat with brown eyes

Twigkit, a she-cat with light brown fur and sapphire eyes
(mother Darkstripe)
Cloudkit, a gray and white tom with gold eyes
(mother Darkstripe)
Tigerkit, a orange she-cat with green eyes
(mother Brackenfoot)
Redkit, a red tom with aqua eyes
(mother Brackenfoot)
Bluekit, a she-cat with blue fur and copper eyes
(mother Brackenfoot)
Smallkit, a tom with a small ears, gray fur and amber eyes
(mother Minnowears)


Rushingstar, a tall slender black she-cat with gold eyes

Badgerheart, a tom with badger colored fur and blue eyes

Medicine Cat-
Tigerclaw, a tiger pelted she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice-
Hawkpaw, a brown she-cat with green eyes

Fallingclaw, a maroon she-cat with green eyes
Raccoontail, a tom with a raccoon colored pelt and gold eyes
Venomtongue, a scruffy gray and black tom with amber eyes
Littlefoot, a marbled white red and orange she-cat with gray eyes and small paws
Jaywing, a silver and black striped she-cat with green eyes
Ashpelt, a smokey gray tom with copper eyes
Tigerfang, a white tom with black stripes and blue eyes

Twopaw, a small tom with an odd pelt his left side is white and his right is black, his left eye is yellow and his right blue (mentor Venomtongue)
Hoppaw, a rusty orange she-cat with amber eyes (mentor Fallingclaw)
Barkpaw, a grayish black tom with amber eyes (mentor Raccoontail)
Dogpaw, a she-cat with tan and black fur with copper eyes (mentor Littlefoot)
Splashpaw, a dark tan tom with a patch of white on his chest with green eyes (mentor Batnose)

Minktail, a dark gray tom with brown eyes
Mudwhisker, a muddy brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Birdsong, a gray tom with gold eyes 
Crowsnap, a ruffled black tom with tattered ears and gray eyes

Crookedtail, a brown and white mottled cat with blue eyes and a bent tail
Poppypelt, a cream colored cat with amber eyes
Dustclaw, a white cat with two gray paws in the front and gold eyes

Chirpkit, a spotted gray kit with yellow eyes (mother Crookedtail)
Runningkit, a kit with a frizzled orange and white pelt and long legs with green eyes (mother Crookedtail)


Other Cats
Misty, a silver she cat
Crow, a scrawny black tom
Big Shroom, a massive orange and black tom with a twisted muzzle

Other Animals
Jakuta, a red fox with a scarred muzzle
Brutus, a blue fawn pitbull