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In The Shadows

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"And Orlando?"

Zoe leaned back on the pew and swallowed her pride before she forced herself to look at Iolanthe. "The Invisible College deemed it necessary."

"I thought you were one of us."

"Your brother was corrupt. He turned his back on the mission," Zoe said, as if that would explain everything. "You have your duty, Iolanthe, I have mine."

No. Iolanthe refused to believe it. Zoe wouldn't — she wasn't a traitor, or was she? She'd said she was working for the Church the entire time. Spying on them, reporting to Mendoza, and the College.

"My duty was record keeper, to preserve knowledge, not kill people!"

"I preserved knowledge by preserving lives. Unfortunately that involved taking some."

Zoe bowed her head reverentially, murmuring an 'amen' before she slid to the end of the pew and stood. She didn't want to fight in a church, it was outright disrespectful.

"And what about Kincaid?"

Zoe tensed. Cieran deserved to die. He was a rapist scum bastard, a zealot homophobe and God forbid he ever pull his head out of his arse. The night she'd put two bullets in the back of his head and dumped him in the Potomac, the weight was lifted from her shoulders.

"Everybody dies sometime," Zoe said, a callous tone to her voice. "Even spies."

I'm sorry, Iolanthe thought, resting her head on her hands. I should've said something when I saw the memory card. "See you at home tonight?"

"I don't know, Iolanthe, I don't know."