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Small Flame

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“Oh, son of shit, I’m so sorry!” A voice gasped.

“Bloody hell! Why don’t you watch where you—!” A tall blonde started.

“Rebekah, its fine.” A pretty brunette said grabbing a napkin to wipe the beer was spilled on her shirt.

“No, she’s right, I really should watch where I’m going.” The woman said before glancing quickly over her shoulder.

She grabbed a few paper towels and turned to help the blonde, Rebekah, but the sharp look made her turn to the other. She started to help wipe up the mess trying to be quick but thorough. With a sigh she quickly pulled her hoodie over her head to reveal her thin long sleeve.

“Here, that not gonna come out. I’m so sorry I ruined you shirt.” She handed her the hoodie.

“Oh no, it’s fine really it’s an old shirt anyway.” The brunette tried to push her jacket away.

“Hayley, let’s forget about the beer, she practically threw a glass at your stomach!” Rebekah exclaimed glaring at her.

“No, she didn’t she tripped.” Hayley sighed.

“You’re still pregnant. You need to be more careful…” Rebekah shook her head.

“Oh my— you’re pregnant. Of course you are, I-I mean I can see that. Not that you look pregnant, I mean I just— I’m so sorry, I could have hurt your ba—ah!” She squealed when a hand came down on her shoulder.

She quickly whipped around to look at the tall man. “Jax! I, uh, I was just helping them. I accidently spilled your beer on them. I’m sorry, I—.” She cut herself off when her glared down on her and then behind her at her mess.

“Really? You can’t do one simple task without fucking things up. Fucking hell, you piece of shit.” He stopped and closed his eyes. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll deal with you later. We’re leaving. Sorry for my dumb ass girlfriend’s clumsiness, bye now.”

“s’fine…” Hayley said quietly as Jax dragged the girl away by her upper arm.

“Don’t even, there’s no help for that girl. I know, half this town has tried to report it. But… it seems that anyone who tries to report it are never seen again.” The bartender said before grabbing the glasses from the counter and disappearing.


With a paper bag in her arms, the girl rushed down New Orleans sidewalk. Her thick hair tied up in a messy ash brown ball and her freckled cheeks slightly red from the struggle of trying not to trip on the concrete. With a grunt, pushed open the door open and found herself in a room full of vampires.

She sighed and started making her way to the kitchen. She quickly put the bag down and started to put the ingredients up, nearly dropping the vegetables. She tried to put them up as quickly yet, as neatly as possible. Suddenly a hand came down on her shoulder and her breath caught in her throat as she spun around.

“You’re late Emma…” Marcel said calmly.

“Y-yeah, yes. I know.” She breathed.

“He’s in the back. Waiting for you.” Marcel grabbed a beer. “Maybe it’ll ease his temper.” Marcel handed it to her.

Emma sighed and started towards the back corner where she her boyfriend was. She popped the lid off of the beer bottle as she came to the table where her boyfriend and three other girls were, one of which was sitting on his lap. Emma set down the beer and grabbed the empty bottle, the quiet click making him glance over at her. His lust filled eyes instantly hardened.

“Where have you been?” He snapped.

“Uh, Um, Jerimiah asked me to go grocery shopping really quick. I tried to hurry back here to you.” She answered quickly. “But it seems you kept yourself entertained.” Emma mumbled half hurt.

“Awe, does this upset you?” Jax gestured to the girls around him. “Are you upset that she gets to touch me?” He said, groaning as she moved her hips against his.

Emma looked down hiding her eyes.

“Answer me, Emma.” He said.

She nodded slightly. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.” Jax said.

“Y-Yes.” She said weakly.

“Really, now?” He asked. “Well, maybe if you were a better girlfriend maybe I wouldn’t be so inclined to have other girls doing your job. But you don’t listen,” He slowly stood up and moved the girl off his lap. “You’re a klutz.” He walked over to her. “You’re horrible in bed.” He was now standing in front of her. “You’re not entirely something worth looking at, either. I mean, hippos aren’t my type.”

Emma kept her head down knowing it to be true.

“Cassidie, come here.” A woman dressed as a purple hooker stood and walked to him. “Look at her.” Jax order Emma.
“I said look at her!” Jax grabbed a chunk of her hair and ripped her head up. “Look at how obedient she is.” He pulled her close. “Maybe you should take notes.” He shoved her back.

“Sure, I’ll take notes,” She nodded before whispering. “If you like your woman oozing puss from their genitals.”

“What was that?” Jax looked back at her as she looked away, almost regretting what she said.

“If you like sluts like that so much why don’t you take her home instead.” She snapped quietly.

“Watch your mouth.” He warned.

“Why? Am I offending her? Did I make her feel bad? Well she should, she’s trying fuck you when you’re min—!” She was cut off as Jax threw his beer at her face.
Emma fell to the ground with a yelp as the beer bottle shattered against the side of her skull. Jax didn’t give her time to blink before her snatched her up by her hair again. He hauled her up, no doubt ripping a bit of hair out, to his face.

“I am not ‘yours’. You are mine. You are my pet, nothing more and everything less.” He growled tossing her back to the ground.

He stormed off leaving her on the ground bleeding. Emma winced and sat upon her knees with tears pooling in her eyes. She quietly picked up the glass her boyfriend shattered on her head and wiped up the mess, trying to ignore the blood seeping down her face.

After cleaning up she made her way to the bathroom to clean herself up. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed, blood was dripping onto the green sweater she had on. She casted her gaze down into the sink.

Why did she snap at him? She knew it wasn’t going to end well. It was so stupid of her. Tears filled her eyes at the thought of that girl touching him, kissing him, sleeping with him. It wasn’t unusual, he’d always have one or two pretty girls in his bed each night. But that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. She wasn’t allowed to leave but she couldn’t love him like she wanted.
Emma sighed and cleaned up her head and blood. And quickly made her way out of the bathroom and bar. She started on her way home, knowing Jax wouldn’t be around, at least not until late tonight. She sighed and walked slowly, she had nowhere else to go so she didn’t have to rush.

“Hey.” Emma turned around to see the girl from a few nights ago, the one she had spilled beer on.

“Hi.” She smiled. “It’s Hayley, is it not?”

“Yeah.” Hayley nodded.

“I’m Emma. Nice to see you again.” Emma smiled cheerfully.

“Yeah, I just saw you walking and this is kinda random, but you seem nice and friendly and—.” Hayley was cut off.

“Oh for heaven’s sake. Would you like to join us for coffee.” The blonde, Rebekah said stepping up to the girls.

“Oh?” Emma choked. “Um, y-yeah. Yeah, that’d be nice.”

“Great, let’s go.” Rebekah ushered.

Within five minutes they were in a small cafe, ironically, where Emma worked. Emma know her coworkers too well, she was very quiet, not exactly shy, just timid. She slid into the booth across from the two girls and sat quietly. She was unsure of what to say, she didn’t know them.

“I’mma go get our food. What do you guys want?” Rebekah stood up.

Coffee and a cinnamon muffin please.” Hayley smiled.

“Um,” Emma looked down at her thighs.

“Um, just some green tea please.” Rebekah nodded and made her way to the counter.

“So, where is your boyfriend?” Hayley asked.

“Oh, he’s out with friends.” Emma lied.

“How long have you been together?” She questioned.

“Since I was fifteen, nine years.”

“High school, sweethearts?”

“More like childhood best friends.”

“I got you a muffin, anyway.” Rebekah placed their items down and slipped into the seat.

“Oh, I’m not, hungry.” Emma tried.

“Too bad.” Rebekah hummed.

“How about you and your…?” Emma looked for a ring but didn’t find one. “Boyfriend?” She guessed.

“One night stand actually.” She laughed. “He’s come around to… help me through the pregnancy process, since half the town seems to be against the baby’s existence.” Hayley laughed.

“But you’re not together?” Emma tilted her head. Wasn’t she the werewolf the witches had no to long ago?

“My brother isn’t one for long term relationships.” Rebekah noted.

“Oh.” Emma furrowed her eyebrows, kind of sad for the girl.

“He’s still quite helpful, protecting me and letting me stay with him. His siblings, Rebekah,” She jutted her thumb to Rebekah next to her. “And Elijah are very supportive too.”

Emma smiled and looked over to Rebekah. “What about you? Anyone special?” She asked.

“What?” Rebekah asked.
“You don’t have to answer.” She quickly said fearing she made a mistake.

Rebekah raised an eyebrow and gave a questioning look to Emma. “I don’t bite. So you can relax. No, I don’t have anyone special. Klaus makes sure of that.” She says and goes to quickly grab her drink out of a little annoyance.

When Rebekah went for her drink Emma flinched. Hayley and Rebekah noticed the flinch and started moving a little slower than what they were. Emma realized what she had done and quickly covered it up with a cheerful smile.

"So, is he like one of those 'If-I'm-not-happy-neither-are-you' type of guys?" Emma laughed.

"Something like that." Rebekah shrugged.

For the next hour, the girls talked and got to know each other, kind of, at least. Hayley was the only one to reveal a bit about herself, unlike Emma and Rebekah, they talked cryptically. Emma could tell, but it didn’t bother her, it seemed to not bother the other two either.

Finally the girls decided to depart and part ways, not before exchanging numbers of course. Hayley wouldn’t let her leave without getting the short girl’s number. As Emma strolled down the sidewalk she looked at the muffin in her hand, still wrapped in it’d bakery bag. She smiled and took a short cut to her house.


Later that night, Emma was already fast asleep in her spot on the floor. She had cleaned the whole house, made dinner for Jax, and prepared everything for when he got home. Most nights he didn’t wake her, unless she did something wrong or he was irritated.

Tonight appeared to be one of those nights. Emma gasped when a foot was thrusted into her ribs. She thumped against the wall from the force of the kick. She barely had time to sit up when Jax kicked her again. This time she stayed down on the ground holding her ribs.

“Did you make a new friend today?” He asked sharply.

“E-excuse me—?” He kicked her hard.

“Don’t you lie to me! I know you were talking to that Original bitch today!” He yelled. “We had a little chat today.” He kicked her twice more.

“I d-don’t see the p-problem.” She gasped.

“She doesn’t hook up with ‘abusive cheaters’! Is that what you told her I was, you slut?” He yanked her up by her hair.

“I didn’t tell her an-anything!” She cried.

“Don’t—” He thrusted her head into the wall. “lie to me!”

“I-I didn’t!” She tried.

Her answers seemed to piss him off more. The vampire growled and yanked her away from the wall making her stumble to her knees. He dragged her out of the room and to the basement. She felt the stairs hit her tailbone hard and the more she struggled the harder he ripped at her hair.

Emma didn’t register where she was until she was pushed into a cold box. When she tried to get out he drove her head into the wall rendering her semi disoriented. He closed the glass door and slipped a heavy padlock through the handles.

“W-wait! Jax! I didn’t say that! I didn’t!” She screamed as he went back up the stairs.

“Jax!” She cried before the door shut, leaving it dark.

He put her in the freezer. It was like an indoor ice merchandiser. It was his favorite way to punish her. She was claustrophobic and it was dangerous and deadly. Though he never left her in it long enough to kill her. The longest he’d ever left her inside was six or seven hours.

She screamed and screamed until her voice was gone. After that she just laid there, exhausted and cold, she wanted to cry, but she already wasted so much energy, she needed to conserve.

Eventually, her eyes started to droop with
her fatigued, instead of struggling to keep her eyes open she let them close and half-hoped it would be the last time she would.