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Leave out all the rest

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Title: Leave out all the rest

Pairing: snupin, heavily implied pairings eventual drarry, SiriusxCharity, ect




Fifteen years ago…



November 7, 1976


He was running…


He could hear growls behind him.


They were getting louder…


Then a stag leapt over his head..


He heard a howl of rage…


He was torn between running and turning back.


Why? Why would he be tempted to return?


Simple, because inside that werewolf somewhere was his lover. How could Remus have kept this from him? One scratch, one bite and his life might as well be over. His lover was a werewolf…


The sense of betrayal was crushing; he collapsed in the passage his body shaking.


Who was the stag? Why had they come? Severus didn’t care. His life was over right? If Remus ripped him to pieces who would care? His parents were dead, a murder-suicide the police and the Aurors decided. Lily might care, they had been friends since they were six and met in the park before they were to go to school together.


Though she tried to hide it, Lily was drawn to James. She loved him; Lily only denied it because of how James treated him. To be honest it was usually Sirius who bullied him.


His thoughts were interrupted…


“Damn you Severus! Why in Godric’s name did you listen to Sirius of all people? Don’t you know he practically hates you? That bastard! He never thinks anything through. Did he bit you? Tell me! Did Remus bite you?”


Severus threw himself at James, hitting him in the chest. “You knew? You all knew? All this time? Was this all a joke at my expense? Was Lily in on it too?”


James gaped at him, “What are you talking about? Yeah we knew about Remus.”


All the fight went out of Severus at that admission.


“Damn it this is coming out all wrong! Remus didn’t tell us either. We figured it out. I mean seriously, he’s always grouchy near the full moon and he slips out of the tower before moonrise about then. Sirius had no right to say anything. It should have been Remus! Lily’s been telling him to say something for months.”


Severus wrapped his arms around himself, “Even Lily? Lily? How could she not tell me…?”


“Because it had to come from Remus! It’s Remus’ secret to tell. I didn’t even know about the two of you, Lily had to tell me. Mostly because I walked in on an argument between them. I believe Remus would never knowingly hurt you…but Moony? I don’t know I couldn’t take the chance. If Moony hurt you, Remus would never forgive himself. I had to keep you safe, I may not like you Snape but you’re important to Lily and Remus.  Well as long as Sirius or I is around he’s under control. I’ve never know Moony to fight me like that.” James shrugged, He held out a hand, “Come on. Let’s get back to the castle. We don’t want to be out here all night.”


Severus was in shock by now and he couldn’t move, which left James to move him not to the Slytherin dungeons unfortunately but the hospital wing…


“Sev…wake up. Please be alright. I’m sorry. Wake up. I need to know you’re alright…”


Severus woke with a start and shoved Remus away. “You bastard! Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare touch me like you’ve got a right to. You’re a coward! You let everyone else learn your secret but me? What so you can laugh at me? Poor dumb Snape doesn’t have a clue. You even got Lily in on it. You turned her against me, you and the rest of your rotten friends. I hate you!”


Each word seemed to hit Remus like a punch and he sagged, “I should have told you. I planned to. Then every time I came close I got scared or distracted. That’s not an excuse but it is the truth.”


Severus snorted, “A cowardly Gryffindor would wonders never cease? You wouldn’t know truth if it bit you in the arse. We’re over. You’re nothing to me. Don’t talk to me. Don’t touch me. Tell James that I didn’t ask for his help. I don’t acknowledge his so-called life debt so he can shove it. I hope he and Lily are happy together because they deserve one another.”


Remus frowned, “That’s going too far and you know it. Lily loves you.”


“Not if she kept what you are from me so I was the only idiot in the room.”


“You’re not,”


Severus snapped, “Get out and don’t come back. Tell that two-faced girl not to come near me again. I want nothing to do with any of you. Stay away from me.”


“I don’t want anyone else Severus. I’ll wait for you as long as it takes.” Remus said quietly.


“GET OUT!” Severus hurled a pillow at him.


“I think my patient is overwrought. You should leave Mr. Lupin.” Nurse Pomfrey chided.


Remus rose and left.


Severus curled up in a ball and silently began to sob. It felt his heart had been torn to pieces…


He could never trust either of them again…