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Discovering the Silent Stalker! The Circuit-Su Kid

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Follow/FavDiscovering the Silent Sneaker! The CircuitSu Kid


By: ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury

Three years after End Game,Sari still has no humans friends, the rest of the bots came back to Earth for the same old trouble. Now a girl comes to them, & with Saris help trying to find who she is. But finds there is more then meets the eye with her trip

Rated: Fiction T - English - Suspense/Romance - Jazz, Prowl, Sari S., OC - Chapters: 3 - Words: 29,678 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: Apr 5, 2011 - Published: Apr 2, 2011 - id: 6871412


Part 1: Huh Life Sucks Sometimes!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing first I was sitting in my college dorm room extremely sick feeling like dying, a friend needed an emotional help as most of his friends left to comfort his now ex, and then my finales went awful. I was just waiting for the world to end at my feet for it seemed my world was crashing suddenly.

My parents warned me that if I got one more F my freshmen year of College, that they would take me out of college and I would have to stay home for a year. Pft like I was going to take that we may have been hurting in this economy but there was nothing to compare to the weird feeling I had that my heart lead elsewhere before my college career. Whether I wanted to believe it or not my heart had pulled me to discover who my biological father was since I first entered freshman year I thought I wanted nothing to do with him. However, I knew now that my heart longed to know what really was there if anything what genetic diseases I may get and who my little sister and two older brothers were. I longed to meet my siblings on his side no matter the jerk he was I only cared to kick him in the balls and beat him up a little for deserting my bio mom and forcing her to give me up for adoption before my birth.

Oh there was nothing wrong with my adoptive parents in fact they were amazing I almost wished they were my biological parents we looked so much alike and were so much alike people couldn't tell I was adopted even forgetting after I told them.

I just did not want to break mom's heart I guess I remember now I was scared to tell mom and dad that I spent my money or half of it with the help from the rest of the family. To go to on the other side of the country for the rest of the summer for there were answers I needed to hear something, I needed to know about my real father.

I cared about my bio mom but with her still being somewhere in Washington I choose to go find him first and make it less awkward on the parent I knew cared for my well being. Well enough that she rather give me up then have me live with her unstable family like my older sister and her would have to.

It wasn't easy to explain to my mom and dad seeing as it wasn't my plan but something my cousins, aunts and uncles came up with before my Graduation the previous year and had saved up for me but choose now was a better time to surprise me.

"Hey mom…Dad?" I said while watching Mom a larger women with a California tan short black curly hair that used to be long with a extremely skinny bod when I was a child looked up from her laptop. Although she was larger even larger then she was when I was a child I still saw her as that skinny lady and not the women who's lupus pills unfortunately caused weight gain. In my eye's she was one of the most beautiful women especially with what she has gone through she still looked so young you'd have thought she was early thirties and not in her middle fifties, especially since she dyed her hair. A man had his arm around her shoulders looked up. He had a pair of reading glasses with a strong cute build looking to be in his late thirties but do to the look around his eye's was definitely much older. His hair was a light blonde and dark blonde no gray even if he should have it. With soft gentle green eye's while my mother has dark brown eyes.

"Yes sweetie" they both said in a normal tone looking to their daughter who had been through so much but argued her way back into college. They looked so proud at me as I felt clumsy but knew as always I walked gracefully like an angle by them but my eye's gave away the feelings that something hard would come.

"Um there's something I need to tell you but I don't want you to get upset for to me you are my parents no matter what and are my true parents."

"Oh sweetie." Came a fatherly tone of the man doing the puppy dog face my dad, but more as if to cheer me, his sad daughter up as he could not help but feel the need to comfort me he however had no clue how to. As always he was not the best at comforting wanting to hug but not knowing what to do besides that as most fathers are unsure, from what I've seen at least.

My mom spoke up in a high but deep pitched voice "You can tell you can tell us anything, but honey you know were not…"

"Yes I know mom but…but….hu..." 'I wish dear Lord this was easy to tell them. Tell them the family looked into my biological father as uncle Bob had come up with when he was doing the family tree. Not telling my parents finding the whereabouts of my biological father. Paying with the rest of my family to go on this trip. Promising me not to say anything. Yeah what they expected me to do when the time came "Oh hey mom and dad I'm going on the other side of the country to find my real dad and siblings I love you and all but need to know them. I'm to scared of genetic disease. Oh don't cry I love you and will be home in two weeks and a half. Pft Yeah right that would be so kind they are my parents and my real parents are not my parents just the people who created me. I was not going to hurt my family.

Dear Lord Jesus be with me now and keep your hands and grace on me as I face the coming day's they won't be easy. Speak through me now and let me say the right things through the coming days let it be your words I speak, I need you know dear Lord, and Jesus name amen.'

"Um I haven't been totally honest…Hu…" brushing her hair back and looking at her two dogs chase each other on the floor.

"I received a ticket in the mail to go to Detroit, um apparently Uncle Bob decided to research for us my bio father while doing the family tree with the rest of the family and he called up your sister, mom, you know Uncle Chris and Auntie Jackie, they donated money and everyone has been in this. Well they have planned this since before graduation and hoped they would have it as my graduation present from high school, but not everyone was able to help pitch in on time nor did they have all the money set. So the letter explained everything and I just had to rent a hotel room which I did, Until they called last night and explained Cousy Christa is indeed home those weeks and will be happy to take me in. But um the trip is to be like for two to three weeks more like two and a half they made sure I would be able to come back with dad when he comes for that business trip, so we could come home together."

I paused for like ever to try to read there expressions but nothing was different "I never was to interested in this but they noticed me wondering through the years about him and my siblings. I do want to meet them once. Well college being close to where he once supposedly lived is quite scary and well I feel that I need to know. It's what's been distracting me from working well in every class and getting B's and mostly A's like in high school. But I won't be gone for long I checked out with my job at the shelter and the camp they both are cleared and gave the ok. "

Looking at my parents for a reaction scared of them getting mad, even though I knew they would never, I just wished to sink to the floor and melt for since childhood I wanted to avoid the question I knew it never hurt my parents but on the inside I felt it did. Maybe I was just protecting myself and trying not to hurt myself. The man I want to see is not my father, is not my dad, he's just my biological dad but never will be the real deal, these parents are the real deal and no one replaces that, that's what I have been protecting. I'm protecting my parents for they are my true parents even my bio mom would not be more than a friend for these parents dried my tears, taught me, watched me grow. They are my parents.

They look at each other and back at me "Honey, Byronella Betsey Joughin this was a test to see if you would approach us, or you weren't going. We wanted you to find him for a while we know you were scared about genetic things or him, but its time you met one of them. You should meet him even if he's a dush we know you should meet him. You see all along, we've known about it, but most of all we agree now that you will go to school if this makes you focus more just a visit then go ahead. We already have your bags packed up to go you just need to pack the little things." My mother and father said in broken unison and smiles with the stars glistening in their eye's.

"Oh, Thank you! Thank you." I told them as I had run on the couch they sat on jumping on top of them giving them kisses on the checks big smooches and hugs with the dogs barking in the background.

Yeah that was a good day now that I think of it. Only a few days ago and now here I am, I still can't believe they played a fast one on me.

Part 2: The Dream State:

Nothing could ease the feelings that I had I always felt like something was going to happen more recently then before. The feeling of having the adventure like people had in the old stories and movies had always been a part of me that only could be eased by writing stories, creating them in my head, reading books, going on vacations to new exciting places, or watching movies. I always had an adventurous personality and couldn't escape it, no matter how much I wished to I know my life would take me away on an adventure.

Suddenly the song from Pippin called Corner in the Sky started to play quietly on my IHome while my IPOD was on shuffle, I kept it quite as to not wake my parents. In fact I was just days away from leaving on the plane by myself for the first time. I could not figure out if I was excited or scared, maybe I was something completely different. I knew I was finally living my adventure that I didn't want to face but eventually would have to. I knew I had to do this since childhood.

I kept my light on as I did some nights since three years back when my rabbit Sweetiepie died, but more was me just a little scared and unsure somehow I felt as if the light was the Lord being with me and driving out the darkness.

I hoped the song didn't wake my parents nor my light being on, but knowing my dad when he was worried or stressed like he always was before trips or even about me going to camps or something, he would probably be awake or tossing and turning.

I still remember sitting there not wanting to fall asleep but staring at the TV as something on Disney xd played but as always never paid attention to it just sat there in thought. I recall thinking what I was doing. Then the guy started singing in the song but I couldn't help feeling the song was meant to play I mean it was describing everything I felt but knew I needed to find my corner in the sky.

However, I stopped focusing on the song as my mind started drifting off, I was scared of dreaming and scared of not waking up. The one thing, no the one feeling, I can't escape is the feeling that somehow my life would be short I felt it since I was a little six year old.

I knew my life somehow was short and the feeling went away until I came home this past summer. Then this past Spring to now I kept dreaming of a man and dreaming the same dream.


A tall dark and handsome man stood infront of me off in a distant shore that I could see from the top of a hill, I heard the wind carry his whistling of some tune, as shadows showed him standing next to a tree while he was leaning against a motocycle. I would look through the binoculers I passed, that were like the binoculers cities have on tall buildings to see things closer up. Each one faced him and would show him smiling as I approuched. The wind was blowing so gently and smelled so heavenly as the ocean air and smell was all heaven sent.

I always appeared in some sparkly off white halter that looked like a my Junior year of high school, Homecoming dress from Macy's, that I used in my Ballroom classes in college. Except it wasn't the same dress, instead of the silky fabric it was a sparkly unrealistic fabric on top or the silk with the diamond shaped jewel thing that was made with several small fake jewels in the center of the top of my waist. Than my hair would always be cascade down and would appear the waviest and curliest its ever been hanging long and looking like an angles hair. Everything from the fancy shoes to my suttle makeup even the way I glowed made me believe I was dead and in heaven, not to mention the fact that I was on a old flower path, of a dirt road or trail. As the windy trail crept down the hill it would suddenly approuch a large flowered feeled but still have a path that lead towards the sun, sudenly the path would end and field ended at the water edge. A boat was off in the distance in the water, looking off to where the sun and clouds touched the water, knowing someday I would walk across the water to get into this boat and it was waiting there for me.

I took my steps and felt the smooth cool water as it relaxed my feet and body and the smell of the sea refreashed my mind. But as I walked futher into it my feet stayed above the water, although this surprisingly didn't surprise me. I knew where to go and where I was going. I walked forward to the other direction I first faced, to see that tree and man across to the other shore waiting for me to arive. My stride and body would glid over this water as if it was some sort of dance, I was in no hurry and nither was he at least at the moment he wasn't.

His smile was would get large as he leaned against the shady part of the tree his dark sunglasses gleaming in the sunlight, his arms would cross when I was in sight to make out his appearance. He leaned with a leg crossed over the other as if resting all his wait along the tree, smirking as I aprouched the rock and climbed over them with no problem but never huried. I would look to him at one point before I would jump to a larger rock and he would keep his smirk almost looking sad like he was going to cry even if his glasses were so dark there was something that I could tell seemed to make him look like crying, but at the same time he was over joyed. Even though the sad to the point of tears and over joyed look would have confused me from a stranger in the past I'd seen it before and knew what this look was, not only that but knew this man was no stranger to me. Just someone I never met while living.

Once I got to the path on this shore I would walk toward the tree and road along it. I now could make out the man more then before. THis man wore a black leather jacket with gold color on it placed here and there, then he had off-white pants and some white and black double striped helmet, black sunglasses that gleamed when he was happy, black boots. His face had a small brown mustache with bushy brown eye brows and a nose that was medium size but large for a guy with a kind of ski slope like curve in it. He had the appearance that he was some type of cop especialy since his belt had a holder for a taze gun and the oppisite side had a gun holder with a gun inside. He was so kind to to me the way he looked at me it was so lovingly as if he knew me and raised me almost parental look. The late afternoon gleam gave the mountians, feilds, hills and some of the water a goldish glow to make it the most gorgeous gleam, there was truely no place like it. As the light touched me I could have sworn all my bindings and things that could hold me back were gone in the past, I felt almost as if I had died and was walking the path home. The water even glowed such a heavenly blue behind me, with crystal shine to the tip of the waves.

The man infront of me glowed so heavenly as I approuched you would have thought we both were dead or angles. The man spoke a voice so wise, proud and angelic it was like sweet heavenly angles choir in one voice, "You know I always will love you." he would say as I approuched with a quiet tear floating in my eye. My fears and harms crept through my mind as if distant memories as the man spoke agian "I will try to protect you from any harm." the sudden thought of my life and were I was would float around me fear for those I left behind would apear I knew I wasn't ready not yet, but I wasn't dead. I heard my conciouse or was it the wind, then something about the boat back there that waited for me something told me my time was soon. The man almost seemed to know every thought that crossed my mind. He picked up a rose that seemed to grow from my tears and placed in securly in my hair, it wasn't any rose but my favorite rose a Disneyland rose, that grew and blosund from my tears many others grew out of my tears. The man sighed and looked me in the eyes as my tears stoped at his touch, his look was a complecated one to read before he spoke again "Sadly, we both know my darling rose, that you may not live past your twenties. I always loved you and never wanted to leave you, I never stopped loving you. You were my mission you and your sibling were but I returned home early and afraid, I let everything but you sweat glistening rose leave my memories of that mission for you weren't a mission but a heavenly bleasing to so many including myself." He pulled me into such a strong and gentle hu and kissed me on the forehead before kissing the top of my hair in such a fatherly way.

Then he would be stroking my hair, as I held him so tightly and the tears continued to stroll down my face and cheaks, I cried words to him word of things like "Don't go I never knew you."

He would always chuckle at this and smile looking down at me as I saw the reflection of my sad face, seeing the dreadful sad look in his. But the happiness and love in his smile stoped my tears and my mind focused on his smile. I never let my grip go, he spoke so kindly and sweetly to me my heart felt over joyed by his presence "But I have been here to protect you I have always been here to protect you. Everything I did was to save your life from evil. You are my sweet bird singing to the sun, you are a dainty flower who blossomed so young, you have thorns that that make no one pluck you. Other flowers surround you as the sun and moon care for you. You lived and survived the winter and the storms you almost died but the other flowers gave you nutrients to survive."

By now I couldn't help but hugged him so tightly that as he also pull me in as if he didn't want to let me go either. I started crying to him "Please Please stay. Why do you have to go? There is so much we could talk about so much I need to know. I love you."

He turned towards me and sat me down on the rock under the shade of the tree he crouched down besides me at eye level and spoke kind yet serious almost sounding remorsful"You know that's all I ever wanted, all I wanted has been to speek to you without you freaking out, to hold you, to see you live the full life you deserve and not die so young when you have a long life infront of you. But tonight is not the night to talk you will have several nights that we will. You know I've always wanted to hold you in my arms and not these but my true ones. I wanted more than anything to watch you grow and to speak to you my angle. I'm sorry I never could my sweet daughter but at least these dreams I will be there. Just remember to listen to your heart as I have. Never think I didn't love you, for you were my world."

"Daddy don't go please Papa, Father, Padre, Daddy don't leave me before I can know you." Suddenly wings appeared gorgeous white ones that sparkled in the sun. As he approuched his motorcycle there was a moment that it was like he wasn't there and his bike had his wings, but suddenly he was getting on the bike and both seemed to have wings.

He smirked towards me as a light shown in a distance and I heard several voices of those I knew were gone but I still knew and loved. They sounded so heavenly and angelic choir like "Don't worry your safe we all are with you Byronella, we are here always to protect you. We are happy don't cry you aren't ever alone. Your still alive and have a life to live, we will see you soon and be there for you, but don't worry life is going to be great don't worry of how short it is we are here and love you. Listen to your heart as you know you should it will help you on this short but troubled path you will journey."

Then a loud voice echod from the light and would speak to me almost sounded like and reminded me of the voice of Mufasa in the Lion King when Simba is told by Rafekea to look in his heart and his father talks to him from the clouds, this voice sounded as proud and loud "My child you are never alone angles have watched you your whole life. I created you for a purpose you have a destiny that will make make several differences in the world, you are to help people as you know you were born to do, you are a borrowed angle on earth and will always have love surrounding you, don't you forget it, do not live in the thought of death for your life is yet to end."

As the man I called my father, was on his bike he smirked back at me as his sunglasses would always have a gleam of light would reflect from the sun but give off his feeling. "My sweet dove, my darling daughter I'm always with you always in your heart you need to follow your heart. Look inside it you'll find I have never once left your side."

Sighing as I as I had somehow always known that he was right. He always was right and was so wise in the way he spoke I finally agreed and told him "I love you daddy." He would again smirk but a sadder smirk and start driving off into the sun that was high above.

The words would echo "I love you too my princes. I will come for you in the near yet distant future, then you will and can come with me, and I will never leave your sight."

The thing is I always woke up quietly crying, holding my heart and asking "Don't leave me." I never wanted to sleep because these dreams were nightmares, I almost felt as if something had happened and I was to live a different life then I had planned. What bothered me is how I knew these dreams were trueth how no matter how many times I dreamt them this man in them was always right no matter how I wished him not.

I did not want the feeling that I had when I woke up and had been feeling most recently that my life was to end and that something was to happen to my life. Even that night it was hard not to drift into sleep but I stayed mostly awake.

I still remember I was thinking I don't want to die young I want to have a family, give my grandma her "Babies of the second cousins" kind of great grandchildren before she dies. I want my parents to have grandchildren. I never have dated I want to fall in love. Please let me marry let me have a few boyfriends or something, I want to grow old even if I hate the idea I want to be with the man I love for as long as I can. I don't want to die young not yet, I want to help people in my life but I can't do that dead.

Hu two days from now I'm flying away and my life will be changed I just know this flight is what that dreamed talked about somehow my life would suddenly change from what it was supposed to. I just hope I'm doing the right thing and it will be for the better even if it means causing me latter an early death. I wish to have the answers I need. I feel the minute I get on that plane my life is set to fly away on a adventure of a lifetime, but is the moment my spirit will begin to sore. I'm going to fly away soon somehow I can't think I know how but it will be my time to fly away. But someday soon as I have known I'm going to sore my soul is going to sore off to heaven, all I wish is I knew the reason why, why it was so short then originally planed? Why this single change was going to change it? Why I must make it if its to lead to a early death? I must I even go? I just wish I knew the answers.

What startled me next was the song from Moulin Rouge Some Day I'll Fly Away began to play, but somehow I knew this was no coincidence but was an answer that I was unleashing some type of destiny once I went on that plane there would be no looking back, turning back, or going back. I just hoped that I wouldn't die any time soon maybe I could have a few years ahead of me, all I wanted is to know for once knew what heaven knew my life was about, knew why my life had to be changed from there plan, why I had to go.

I could have sworn someone was holding me and singing to me the song from Les Miserables Fantine's Death. It sounded like a males voice I felt like I was being held like a baby and being rocked but my eye's were open I was in my room and nothing was different. I heard my mind echo the voice of that man "Listen to your heart my sweat rose." echoing and echoing before the song I thought I was hearing caused me to finally fall asleep. For once in a long time I dreamed normal dreams which for me was dreams of hot guys at a beach right next to me and having nice abs then some action movie like action scenes yep that was a nice dream.

Suddenly I woke back up on the plane a hour after takeoff I wished my dreams were no longer thinking about that night I had tryed to avoided the dream but now my dreams were surrounding that night like I was beign haunted by everything it could drive me nuts its not like I was escaping fate or trying to like Joseph and the Whale I just wasn't wanting the same dream I had since the begining of the Spring it didn't help me. But at least since then I wouldn't deal with the other dream well actually it was weird the dream about that man and all thoughs things that were heavenly and sad started to slip more and more by every passing day.

A hand touched me and I jumped in my seat. Everyone on the plane was gone no belongings were left but I felt I was all of a sudden in the film I refused to watch cause I knew I would refuse to go on planes and would have night mares for weeks or weeks or months later because of it, for this was a exactly like the movie Left Behind. No one was on the plan and some evil thing would suddenly appear from the cockpit and my heart beat really fast.

I suddenly remembered that hand that had touched me just seconds before, it was that man from my dreams.

Ok now even that sounded wrong in my head and she started to laugh a little before the man's face became serious and I sunk in her chair and felt a bit embarrassed and like a child being scolded. I noticed this man had his glasses off and I saw eye's that were as bold as hers and although they were super blue and larger but had the same bold look to them. His nose was medium but I saw a ski slope like nose like my small one was. I had the same brown hair that he had except the blonde streaks in mine from my mother.

The only thing I knew was super different was this man had a long chin and face where not like mine because mine was more small oval shaped.

"Who…Who are you." I asked almost reaching out trying to see if he was real. Before looking around the plane seeing it was more open and metal like I was no longer if I ever was from the time I woke up on a plane.

"Did I die or something where's the airplane. Where, where am I this is not heaven." A little scared feeling now like she was in an episode of LOST. Great am I now going to just go through a LOST scenario to end up finding I'm dead in the end. Ugh I thought it was all fake now my life is a movie and show like scenario.

"No you aren't on the plane at the moment, well you are but you aren't."

"So what! Am I like dreaming or something? And why are you in my dream again I don't know you and I never knew you I don't know who you are nor why I called you dad in my dreams. Why do I wake up every night crying about you I never met you? Nothing makes sense anymore." At that last word I was starting to cry.

Putting his hand along my other shoulder and leaning me into him "My funny darling Bre your not listening to your heart I see. My funny daughter you always like to surprise yourself."

"So you are my father, then can we talk this time or do I still have to wait."

"You have to wait but not for long just a day or so and you will talk to me."

"Can I ask you something?"


"How are my siblings?"

"Well that I can't answer yet but I suppose you will talk to them soon there headed to Detroit as well. But you will meet them all in time. You are the one who must know first, you were born with both your mothers heart and mine, your stronger than them, you will help lead them when they're told. However, you need to survive right now go through this first so you can help them. A father should not choose favorites but if I had to I would choose you your heart and courage, strength and wars of life have made you strong but beautiful. You can face more then I could have at your age before I was taught. I see me most of all in you, out of your siblings. However I still love you all the same, just admire what you have faced and concurred more then what your siblings have faced I should say then favorite you for them, I don't love them any less then you nor more."

Suddenly he holds me and pulls me into his chest letting his chin rest on my head "You know how much I've wanted to hold you like this." Suddenly he starts to sing to me as I cry while he brushes his hand along my hair trying to comfort me. I recognize the voice and singing to what put me to bed several nights before the song was from Les Meserables Fatine's Death just a little changed.

"Byronella, its turned so cold, Bre its past your bedtime, you've played the day away and soon it will be night."

Kissing me as I relaxes into his chest "Dad there is something bothering I can tell I'm your daughter I know there is since I had those dreams and could tell what your emotion was I saw the look that told me something was bothering you, please tell me I know it has to do with me or something close."

He continues singing but this time with a tear trickling from his eyes as he looks to the light off in a distant clouds outside the window. He gives me a soft giggle as I had spoken, he holds me closer and goes on with the song "Come to me, Byronella, the light is fading, don't you see the evening star appearing? Come to me and rest against my shoulder. How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder. Hurry near another day is dying, don't you here the winter wind a crying? There's a darkness that comes without a warning. But I will sing you lullabies and wake you in the morning. I love you so much Byronella."

He pauses before looking at her mournfully, again kissing her hair and bringing her head to his neck and gently crying to himself.

"Yes, your to much like me while so much like your mother, my sweet blossom rose that's not what's bothering me although it makes me hate myself for ever leaving her and most of all you. But no, what's bothering me is that you are too much like me. What's bothering me is that the sacrifice I made only a few years ago would condemn your life most of all. But if I hadn't done what I did you would have been enslaved or killed I couldn't let that happen. But what bothers me the most is the decision that hurt my life caused your life to be shortened and not allow you the simple life you should have if anything. You should be allowed to get married to find a love to date, and don't tell you have I know you run from guys. Which I have to admit being your father I prefer, if I was in your town when you were growing up I would have kept all guys away from you, since you were fifth grade guys looked at you."

"They looked at me cause I was fat I already fit teen cloths back then and now I'm back to being a size 11/12 I don't like it."

"No they loved you for your beautiful you were tall for your age not fat." Giving a soft giggle before softly sighing "It's my time to go but I will be with you soon. Farwell my little one."

"Farwell dad I'll see you soon I came to find you."

"I know but there's more than meets the eye then you think. Keep your heart open and look in different places for me, but if you need me just look in your heart and I'll be there." Giving me that smirk with the star shining in his eye as he puts his glasses on he suddenly disappears.

All of a sudden I hear the attendant announce "We are approaching ten thousand feet you may turn on your electrical devises we will arrive in Detroit in four and a half hours we are an hour into the flight and there are slight winds but they should clear by the time we arrive, we should arrive in Detroit at 11:45, enjoy the flight and thanks for flying with Alaska airlines." And I grown awake.