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Just my luck

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Love is a weird thing. Sometimes you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and sometimes you find a better friendship with that person that ruins everything. That was the story of Felix 'lux' Culwell and Dominick 'sonny' Carisi jr.

They were born a month apart and lived next door to each other all their lives. Their parents were close friends and never even thought twice about how close the two were. They started dating at 13, with his sister's disapproval because they weren't allowed till 18. His parents said it was different, she was a honorary carisi at this point.

Their bedroom windows were across from each other, they walked to school together, they had the same groups of friends, and they always studied together. So it wasn't a surprise when they started dating, though niether one could place where they started to fall in love. Was it the nights they skipped studying and just watched TV. Maybe when he asked her out for the first and she quickly said yes. Possibly at the bar-b-q his parents had where they fell into the pool with clothes on. Could it had been the first kiss where he snuck up the side of the her house and kissed her goodnight through her window. Honestly, niether knew when it happened but they both knew it did.

They thought they would get married, he would be a cop and she'd be a chef. They would have kids and live in New York happily ever after. But fate wouldn't let it be that way. He got into college and she received a job offer in LA that would pay her schooling. They fought and ended up breaking it off. But things couldn't be that easy, no, she found out she was pregnant a month after the move. Needless to say, sonny was surprised but they couldn't continue the way they were... So they stayed apart. He would fly out once in a while, she would take them to New York once in a while, and on holidays they always tried to be in New York.

Sonny wrote, called, and video chatted all the time around work and school. Sonny never talked about it to anyone but his family and her, because after everything... They were still best friends. So when she told him she got a job offer in New York she couldn't pass on, he left work early to be at the airport waiting on them. He helped her move everything into her gorgeous apartment and found time around his crazy work schedule to spend time with them.

In fact it was going so well, he was thinking of spilling the beans. After a month of having his son close, sonny wants to show him off some. So he came over on his lunch to talk.

"Hey lux, can we talk a moment?"

"Sure sonny, Ezio a moment please?"

"Sure mom," the boy hopped down and ran to his room.

"Thanks," sonny smiled as he sat down across from her at the table, "I want to discuss maybe... Possibly making arrangements to keep Ezio a night a week or some father son time?"

"That's sounds great sonny. Maybe on weekends since school has started up unless you want to work that into the schedule too."

"Let's start with the weekend, especially since I have a crazy work schedule." He smiled, "thanks lux."

"No prob sonny, when we moved i was hoping you would want to get closer to him." She sighed, "he needs a dad."

Sonny hugged her, "could you possibly stop by the precinct with ez this weekend and do a quick lunch maybe? I mean if it's to much trouble I can just wait till after and pick him up for the night."

"That'll be fine sonny. I think ez will love that."

"Good," he caught the time on her wall clock, "I need to be going. I'm on a case right now that is just stealing all my time."

"Go tell your son bye, later sonny."

"Later lux."

He hugged her before running back to ezio's room and saying bye, then out the door to work.



Felix dropped Ezio at a friend's house for the night, before running to work. She picked up a bartender shift for the owner, she felt like she owed him it anyways.

The restaurant owner, Jason, had offered her the job in LA. He also paid for all her Schooling and helped her with daycare for Ezio. So when he decided to move to New York and open a second restaurant, Felix was given a top spot. She was the lead sous chef, she basically ran lunch service and helped cover on nights on occasion. She didn't work weekends, never past 5pm unless she was given noticed ahead of time, and was given a salary that was more then enough to live on. 

So yesterday when a bartender said he couldn't make his shift tonight, Jason asked and she took it. It was a simple job that didn't need a lot of thought and she didn't have to guide a team. She just made drinks and suggested food. So she came in and put on the uniform... a black and white dress that looked like a suit, a red bowtie, and she pulled her hair back in a clean pony tail. She tossed a rag over her shoulder and took her station, ready for this simple 4 hour shift.

At about 8 o'clock, Felix wiped the bar and smiled as a man approached and took a seat. He looked early 40's, nice tailored suit, tanned skin... Cuban possibly?, and a briefcase he sat on the counter before moving it beside his feet. A folder slipped out and he didn't catch it, she peeked at it when she got closer... Court case. He's a lawyer.

"Hey darlin, what can I get you?" She gave her best smile.

"I'll take a scotch and a menu." He smiled back.

"Sure thing," her hand pouring a glass as the other grabbed the menu to sit Infront of him, "I suggest the seared scallops, goes great with scotch."

"And if I don't want sea food?"

"You look like a steak man, the filet Mignon melts in your mouth and I'd skip the wine sauce with the scotch... Weird flavor mix."

He chuckled, "I'll take the scallops."

She took the menu back and put the order in before walking back towards him, he was the only customer in her section.

"Excuse me?" He motioned over and she came right over and nodded, "what's your name?"


"Isn't that usually a boy's name," he smiled.

"It is, most people called me fe or lux though."


"Long story, maybe I can tell it later." She flirted back.

"Are you new here? I haven't seen you before." He took a sip.

"I'm usually in the back. Just a fill-in tonight."

"What's the job title? if you don't mind me asking."

"Sous chef. I run the lunch service and occasionally assist in other spots." She refilled his drink, "so are you a defense lawyer or state attorney?"

"What makes you think I'm a lawyer?" He smirked and sat back.

"That suit isn't cheap and it's well tailored. I see the edge of suspenders under your jacket so it needs to be mildly active work. You have a air of arrogance and a sense of sarcasm that could possibly be at my level... But mainly," she tapped the file that fell out of his briefcase before he moved it, "the case file that only a lawyer would carry."

"Clever. I'm a A.D.A. for Manhattan." He leaned forward to put the file away.

"One of the good guys... Well as good as a lawyer can get."

He laughed and she grabbed the plate that was delivered for him, placing it in front of him and watching expectantly as he took a bite. He watched her as he chewed the bite then nodded. He swallowed quickly and smiled.

"Brilliant advice Ms. Felix."

"That's what I'm here for."

The next half hour went quickly as the two chit chatted, basic small talk. By the time he had finished, he left cash and told her to keep the change. She looked down carefully, it was a 30 dollar tip. She picked up the cash and seen a card under it. Her fingers ran over it as she read it out loud for her to hear in her empty section.

"Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba."

Her lips curled into a smile as she flipped it over.

call any time.

Underneath was a hand written number, she pocketed the card and finished the night on a high. I should call... I deserve a good date.  She walked home with a huge smile, she was gonna call him.