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The Transfer

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"Director Vance?"

Leon glanced up when the door to his office opened and Agent Iolanthe Compton-Jones stepped inside. He'd been wondering when she would finally arrive. "Jones, please, take a seat. This is Special Agent Kissane."

Iolanthe glanced to her right before she sat and kept her back to the blonde in the pantsuit. She knew Zoe Kissane well. For the past year, they'd been dating in secret. If anyone did know — anyone being Director Vance — they were keeping mum about it.


Even after moving to the USA as a child and growing up in West Virginia, Zoe was yet to lose her thick Irish accent.

"From tomorrow, you'll be on Agent Kissane's team. Is that an issue?"

"No, sir, it won't be an issue." The point of her being here was ladder-climbing. She'd pushed to be assigned to Virginia so she could fight her way to the top, not be sidelined and shafted. Iolanthe nodded and leaned back on her seat, hands on her legs. Play nice. One day you'll be in his seat.

"Zoe?" Leon said. She was a good agent, but according to Kincaid, she had issues with the chain of command and authority. According to Gibbs and Shepard, Kissane was the best undercover agent they'd seen since DiNozzo and his guitar.

"No issue. Welcome to the team, Agent Jones."

Zoe's smile betrayed only one thing: Iolanthe was going to be thoroughly and slowly fucked in the elevator of Zoe's apartment building once their shift ended.