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The Pieces That Fall to Earth

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sent / 19:47   
I see you changed your name in my phone. Ha bloody ha.

Sherlock is a genius / 19:48
I strive for accuracy in all things.

Sherlock is a genius / 19:48
I changed the photo too, in case it escaped your breathtaking powers of observation.

sent / 19:49    
I liked that photo, berk. You really do hate that hat, don’t you?

sent / 19:49
And I’m making a slight alteration to your name. For the sake of accuracy.

sent / 19:50    
Did you get my letter?

Sherlock is an idiot / 19:55

sent / 19:55  
Have you read it yet?

Sherlock is an idiot / 19:56   
Not yet.

sent  / 19:57
I know it’s weird, me writing to you like this, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d read it.

sent / 19:57  
It’s been two days. Why haven’t you?

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:00  

sent / 20:02
What is it, Sherlock? You can say.

sent / 20:03    
If you don’t want to read it for some reason it’s

No actually I think you need to read what I have to say, please, there’s so much we need to

sent / 20:03
It’s fine.

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:04
It’s not that.

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:04

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:05

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:07
The last letter I got from you...

sent / 20:07
Oh god.

sent / 20:07
No, it’s nothing like that, I swear

sent / 20:08
I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think of that

sent / 20:10
We'll just add that godforsaken letter to the list of things I have to apologize for

sent / 20:10
It’s a long list

sent / 20:12

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:12
Reading now.

sent / 20:12
Oh. Okay, sorry. I’ll leave you alone.

sent / 20:13
When you finish just

Will you pleas

sent / 20:14
Never mind

sent / 20:14
Good night, Sherlock

sent / 20:15
See you tomorrow

Sherlock is an idiot / 20:27