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Virtues and Vices

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(I’ve tried to reach you so passionately, that each particle, every fiber, every atom, has tried to help me. They say if your heart desires something truly, t he entire universe conspires to help the two of you meet.)


They say soulmates are meant to be together. No matter what obstacles they face, how perilous the journey is, or how heart-breaking the turns are. In the end, they always find each other. They will recognize each other and they will end up together.

Fate has spun so many legends on this celestial topic. Elders say an invisible red ribbon connects two soulmates together. Writers say the first letter of your soulmate's name is etched on the creases of your thumb-there to stay, always. Poets say time stops the first time you look into the eyes of your soulmate- no matter whatever be the color of their eyes, you find yourself drowning in the ocean depths. Painters never found anything as beautiful, as perfect as the smile of your one true love. Musicians describe the tinkle of their laughter as the loveliest sound to the ear, like lavenders gently dancing in the wind, like the sound of the first drop of dew collecting at the edge of a leaf and falling to the forest floor, gently caressing the dirt


But Faith has her own share of irony. Sometimes, it takes longer than a first meeting to recognize each other.

But they always do. Because they fit together like little puzzle pieces; they might not share the same interests, but they share the same passion. And most important of all- they understand each other.

Isn’t that what every soul is looking for? Someone who understands them, someone to whom they don’t have to justify their actions, someone, who accepts them for who they are? Because that someone, is their soulmate, their other half, their true companion. All other feelings, love, compassion, attraction, come next.

But what happens, when the soulmates live in different worlds? When they are bred to destroy the other? When they are taught to think and work for just the opposite causes? When they have different faiths?

What happens when soulmates are bound by duties and responsibilities, by honor and reputation? What happens when the Worlds see them as enemies? Can they betray their own people for their love? Is their love a force strong enough for them to abandon the ones depending on them?

But the most bothering question of all, would their own hearts accept that they are meant to be? That underneath all the hatred, their blood pulse in the same rhythm, yearning for each other? That just for once, they should listen to their hearts and not their brains?