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Barba's other life

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"no JJ!"
She retracted back and started to cry. His face fell, he hates watching her cry more then letting her make a mess of his office.

It was the first time he was bringing his daughter to work with him and he planned it for the squad's day off. They didn't know he had a family and he preferred it that way. The only person that knew at work was Carmen because she took your calls.

Today, little JJ was with dad why mommy went to jury duty to be dismissed and then a doctor appointment at noon. She promised to pick her up before 2 at the latest, that way he could finish work without the little monster ruining all his files.

"JJ, come sit on daddy's lap" he Pat his chest as she came running around the desk.
"Rut pa...papa rour working."
"So," he smiled, "I use to hold you and work all the time princesa."
"Really?" She perked up.
"Yes," he picked her up and sat her on his lap facing the desk, "maybe you can help papa organize the papers here."
She nodded, "rok."
"Let's find 1."
"Rere it is!" She picks it up and she smiles.
"What comes next?"
"Roo." She smiled, "there."

He kept her counting till 20, then he had to help her. She found all the pages to 38. Then he grabbed the folder and she stacked them in.
"Good JJ," he kissed her head, "do you want to call Carmen to come get the file?"
He chuckled, "pick up the phone."
JJ picked up the phone.
"Now press that button," he pointed to the button as she pressed it.
"Now tell Carmen to come in."
She nodded, "rawmen, come rere rease."
He motioned the phone down and she put it on the receivers.
Carmen knocked and and stepped in with a smile, "yes, miss JJ?"
"We done rit file."
JJ held up the file with both hands as Rafael held back a chuckle.
"OK, let me take care of it for you."
Carmen took the file and walked it out.

Raf kissed jj's head and then carried her to the table.
"OK JJ, can you color a picture for Carmen?"
"Sure papa."
He sat her on a chair and laid out her coloring books and crayons. He walk to the desk and watched her a few minutes before returning to work. He skimmed through files and glanced up every few minutes to make sure she was still sitting there.

It was a little after noon and Carmen had ordered some take out and brought it in. JJ cleared the table and smiled as Rafael walked up. She motioned him down and he obliged.
"Ran I rask rawmen to roin us papa." She whispered in his ear.
He chuckled and nodded.
She smiled, "rawmen, will rou roin us?"
"Sure JJ."
Carmen sat down on one side of jj and Rafael sat on the other, they were enjoying the meals. No one heard the footsteps or noticed the door opening until there was a voice.

"Barba, we need a warrant fo..."
Carisi stopped dead in his tracks. Carmen quickly jumped into action.
"Hey JJ, let's leave Mr. Barba alone right now. I think I can sneak you into the copier room," she winked and helped her down, "follow auntie Carmen."
JJ smiled and took Carmen's hand and ran out quickly.

With those two gone Barba looked to carisi.
"I thought you guys had the day off."
"High profile case... Your specialty." He tipped his head and asked, "who was that little girl?"
"JJ." He answered nonchalantly, "what is the warrant for?"
"Search a office building and home of a accused rapist." Carisi looks closer at Barba, "why is there a child here?"
"JJ needed a babysitter and Carmen volunteered." He looked up, "can i have the file so I can make a call to a judge?"
"Yeah," he handed over the file, "how does Carmen know her?"
"A freinds kid. I told her it was fine." He looked up as he dialed a number, "why? I thought you were a kid person."
"Yeah but I didn't think you were."

Barba called a judge and walked with carisi to get the warrant before returning alone to a JJ and Carmen laughing in his office.
"What are you laughing about?" He steps in the door to see his wife Addison sitting on his desk.
"JJ photo copied her hand and colored it." She smiled as Carmen escused her self.
"My goofball," raf hugged JJ and kissed her head, "what am I going to do with you?"
"Watch her grow up and be constantly worried like the control freak you are."
He chuckled, "cute."
"So Carmen said carisi walked in... Does he know or did you mislead him."
"I said she was a friends daughter that Carmen was watching for the day."
"So your just hoping that he didn't see her eyes or nose close enough to tell they came from you."
"She doesn't have my nose."
"Oh she does... Cheeks too but mine are about the same so it could go either way."
"I can't argue right now cariño. See you tonight."
"Te amo Rafi."
"Re amo papa"
"Te amo cariño," he kissed addy, "and you princesa." He kissed her head again.

He watched them walk out and wave to Carmen before addy turned and smiled, "she definitely got your eyes and nose amor."
He held back a laugh as Carmen added, "carisi is blind if he doesn't see her as your daughter."
"Carisi is blind, I'm just praying that blind." He walks back into the office and goes back to work.