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Mundane Life

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           Yes, she was part of some weird mermaid species and lived in a huge body of water. Drowning people for being asses, the red head itched to learn everything on the Land dwellers. Killing more than any of her allies can imagine, Undyne had snatched items and weapons to train herself to FIGHT on land. Dreaming of the day of she gets the ability to create fucking legs (for land purposes), Undyne stares at her fins in disgust. She wasn't a coward. It was those adventurers who won't come near her. She hates waiting. Watching Demons and Humans fight, Undyne wants to join in and go for the kill.


“You’re gonna do great things, hero!” The large tortoise bellowed, watching the young mermaid thrust the spear up in the air and create a slicing motion in a diagonal direction. Emitting BLUE and RED echoes from a slash, the red head grinned, revealing her sharp teeth. “HA! Of course I am unlike these guys.”

“Yup. Now fix your arms or you’re going to get stiff.” Mr. Gerson uses telekinesis to bend the child’s arms. Undyne twitched and tries to get used to the posture, “How much longer till I get my legs, Gerson?”

“Soon-! Be right back. A friend’s calling.” Mr. Gerson looks up at the dark caves. Patting the mermaid, the old entity left. Undyne stares as the shell disappears from her sight before swishing her spear around.


Learning about the ability to camouflage with fellow monsters/humans, there was a condition. She has to revert back to her mermaid self and swim once every 3 years… A whole twenty-four-hour duration and that's it. Yet, Undyne doesn't know anybody in the Capital. She is going to rely on her strength and wits if she wants to survive in the Kill or be killed world on the Surface. Ripping a Human to pieces was easy. It became easy when you watched your mother get drained of her blood by poachers. She couldn't do anything because her stupid sister was in the way, sealing her for her own good. Yup. Mermaid blood and tears were an alternative medicine for certain diseases, often SOUL-related. The rest of the body parts are a cuisine for those sick bastards. They think Mermaids are carnivorous, but they can also eat other stuff too. They just eat other Humanoids because they have more MAGIC/SOUL in them than animals. (She likes animal meat and the savory taste it has.) Mermaids are strong support spell casters for some reason... Except for her, Undyne prefers physical combat and maybe she utilizes magic in enhancing and inflicting greater damage. She also hangs out with Mr. Gerson, a father of some sorts.


"...." Undyne was panting, clutching her spear as she readies her stance against the Holy Emperor of the land. Beside him was the Wise Seraph Toriel, she was staring at her with curious eyes but Undyne can understand how confusing this must be for a Seraph. Wanting to join the battlefield even when Mermaids are a neutral party? This woman must be mad but if it means having more fun in her life, then Undyne prefers being mad. She loves killing, but fighting this dude made her realize that she has a long way to go in defeating her enemies. ‘That doesn’t mean she’s stopping!’

“Tenacious!” Asgore remarked with crimson eyes and his black hair disheveled from the constant dodge towards her spears and ice magic. Blood dripping down her face, Undyne's crimson eyes had a hint of blue in utilizing her spells. Asgore had a gash on his chest armor and dents in his armor, she heard it was blessed by the Seraph. (Stupid angels.) Undyne also feels greatly dehydrated with the lack of humidity. She had to fight in winter, but she doesn’t want to enter the pond and sleep!

“!” Undyne perked, seeing the King raised his trident towards her. He declared. "This is exactly what I need for the Organization. Starting this day! You will be my Right-hand, the Head of the Royal Guards!"

"Brace yourself child. It will be a long and weary journey." Toriel bows her head, the halo in her head seems to shimmer brighter than the norm. Undyne stood up and wiped the blood of her face. She has other injuries from the previous battles but who gives a damn? She was in!


Reaching the Surface and acquiring her rank as the Head of the Inquisition (Because they usually kill Demons) within The Organization, Undyne wasn't used to the norms of the place. She has no choice but to enter the Mass and do a Communion? She also has to interact with her Subordinates who were a bunch of Dogs and other fellow Half-breeds (which gave a slight feeling of relief in her part). Undyne also has to get used to the unknown security and traditions of the Capital. This was the sole Kingdom standing, the rest falling down and controlled by Dragons, Demons and Calamity. Sometimes, Humans give them missions such as reclamation of land, extinguishing territorial monsters and yes, killing demons. Undyne hates the mundane life of the job, preferring the hardcore action than paperwork.


"?" Under the orders of King Asgore, Undyne and the Dog Units entered the Black Market for immediate persecution. After the deed was done, Undyne was about to leave before she sees a box move. Looking at the area, the red head went over the area and pierced the box open. Inside, she found an injured Snow white Dragon. It stares at her with vermilion lights over crimson background for eyes, the dragon doesn't move but spoke in a weird voice. "N-nyeh?"

"..." Undyne knew what Dragons were and this fit the image. Dragons were needed in The Organization, she has to bring this back to the Headquarters. Picking up the frail dragon, it was as long as her arm excluding the tail and was surprisingly light. Looking down, the crate states its name is Papyrus. It was also obedient (possibly because it’s a hatchling). Having the Dragon rest on her shoulder, Undyne went out with her prize. Dogamy and Dogaressa stared at her with their bloody axes and remarked, "Yours?"

"Mine." Undyne scoffed. She knew what they meant. Whenever someone finds a dragon, it meant someone had to be its rider. The Dragon was sleeping on her shoulder, it felt like she was wearing the Church on her shoulder. It was a Holy Dragon, a wild one she bets. Good thing they have a rehabilitation center for it or the critter's going to start claiming everything.


In one of her expeditions, she found a Half-dragon with Holy affiliation. It was a widespread news of celebration as well as fear. Rumors has it that once Humanity has found an albino dragon, it meant God's Judgement is near for Monsters. She heard this from Mr. Gerson, a history fan. Humans state their prophecies differently. It was a call for Salvation. God will come to the Surface and bring back vitality to the Land. According to Asgore, there are steps and requirements such as 7 SOULS, an Angel, a Servant, etc. Undyne doesn't want to think about that. It wasn't part of her concern as she eyed her Dragon in his Human form walking around in a loose white shirt she got since the last ones were torn and dirty. Looking at her from time to time, the albino’s crimson gem eyes sparks a bit of blue and green from their PACT. She planned on making the dragon more than a cargo transportation, Papyrus has to be a rune knight! An ally of hers, Mr. Gerson, has mentioned that Dragons are capable of a lot of things and she wasn't going to let that potential go to waste! Requesting permission, Asgore and Toriel agreed in training the smiling, cheery five-year-old telepathic dragon puppy to be trained under her and King Asgore in the Art of Weapons and Magic respectively. Toriel and Asriel will help in the side lines since the two has to maintain the barrier between the Surface and the Demon Realm.


"...?" The White Dragon looks at her and Undyne sighs, placing the plank cards down. The young seraph went over and gave the dragon puppy a hug, "I think Papyrus doesn't understand any of these Undyne!"

"Yeah yeah I know. You mind taking care of him while I work, Asriel?" Undyne sighs, standing up as Asriel gives a tight squeeze on the clueless white dragon. The Dragon blinks and flops its head onto the albino's head. Asriel puff his chest and his emerald eyes shimmered with pride. "Of course I can! You can count on me, Undyne!"

"Papyrus can I trust you to take care of the Kid?" Undyne looks at the dragon. Before Asriel can retort that he was not a kid, the dragon repeated its first word to her. It was also close to the dragon's first words which were Nyeh. The voice was a small beep-ish voice, "YAA~!"

"Good." Exiting the room. Undyne wondered if the rampaging Fire Dragon was Papyrus' father. It was a pain in the Fins and yet, King Asgore refuses to hand it over. Well, The Organization has one dragon against two dragons in the enemies’ side, The Demon's side.


Speaking of Angels, she also has to watch over the gullible innocent duo: Asriel and Toriel. They were the most vital creatures in The Organization and losing them meant Humanity's downfall. Aside from vanquishing demons, Undyne also has to handle the felonies within the Kingdom. Trialed Killings and Life Imprisonment were the norm for Humans, Monsters can be murdered if they resist and Demons are instant death. It wasn't helpful how Queen Toriel (yeah. The Angel is married to King Asgore) loves to go around and care for the masses, especially children. Undyne found it hilarious that the Queen managed to persuade Asgore into accepting Abandoned Half-demon twins Frisk and Chara, not that she was complaining. Frisk was a master spell caster while Chara was a multi-weapon user. They were the perfect team within their group and she was proud. She also realized Chara and Papyrus got along quite well, Chara being a bad influence since she's feeding the dragon puppy coffee and chocolate. Undyne sighs, watching the albino wearing the gloves she gave him as he held a huge chunk of chocolate. Frisk remarked fondly that Papyrus reminded her of a certain friendly demon down below, something that Asriel wanted to learn. Undyne wouldn't let the child go there, Chara and Frisk are also going to help her since they have bad experiences in that place. The twins also have to attend masses with her for purification of their disease. This illness that transforms creatures into demons. It had no CURE and all they could do is pray.

[Mundane life]


"You really have a great voice." Frisk smiled, Chara and Asriel was eating beside the Human as Undyne took a breather. Giving a shit-eating grin, Undyne does a slicing motion towards the kids. Both Frisk and Asriel was alarmed, but not Chara. She giggled. "This is all for King Asgore, you hear? But... If ever you hear me sing outside the Church, which means I'm out to get you. Lure you out like the mermaid I am."

"B-but we haven't done anything wrong!" Asriel cries, teary eyes while Frisk and Chara patted the young seraph. Chara shakes their head. "It was a joke Azzy. Undyne never sings outside battle. She does a Battle cry and smashes through like a rhino."

"S-sorry Papyrus late!" Papyrus cries, rushing forward to the chapel carrying a bunch of scrolls with him. Seeing her dragon come back to her, Undyne often wondered who this mystery fellow was that helped teach Papyrus his words. Like a snap of a finger and wham! Papyrus begins to speak like he always knew what to say. Undyne scrutinized the albino and asked. "In the Grand Yet Forgotten Library again?"

"A-ah yeah!" Papyrus smiled nervously and Asriel pats the albino's back. Papyrus flinches, Undyne narrowed her eyes. 'Something was wrong.'


Undyne doesn't know how to feel when she realized the budding Love between the young Seraph between the half-demon twins. It was young love but very forbidden because Asriel should really love someone or something with the same or neutral property. She can't blame them for loving the innocent golden flower lover back, feeling REAL Love unlike any other. Frisk and Chara are lucky for being supported by the Royal Family, majority of the children behind these walls are starving and are chicken fodder for the Gluttony Unit. Those freaks of nature lower than Monsters yet are considered previous Humans - Undyne has to handle them in a daily basis. Then, there are the other Monster species which joined the side of The Demons to reclaim their territories or feed of the Human populace. It gave her squad a bad image. Undyne often drinks it out if she’s too stressed, forgetting that a small dragon puppy is watching her. Since Papyrus was young, she often allowed the dragon to do what it wants and don’t get into trouble. If Undyne ordered Papyrus, the dragon immediately obeys. Undyne thinks the rehabilitation centers must be a brainwashing area. Thus, she was unwilling to even allow Papyrus to enter the area after a year of continuous attendance. Sure, letting him in there was King Asgore’s orders but it feels wrong sending the kid into that weird white building. Papyrus is fine as is, her personal portable BBQ grill.


"Where did you get that injury?!" Undyne demanded and Papyrus blinks and held his left eye bandaged by some unknown person. Tears were falling down his face and Undyne had to be the one to wipe the tears away. When Papyrus was first admitted to the rehabilitation, the humans taught the dragon how to remove the sensation of PAIN in case The Organization needed his blood or whatnot.

“Papyrus okay.” Papyrus smiles at her genuinely. He must've tried making friends again and got bullied again. Why the kid didn’t FIGHT back is because of the Rehabilitation training which Undyne is trying to remove from the dragon’s system. Undyne wouldn’t know he was in trouble until she sensed the distress call emitted by the dragon. She was not only Papyrus' dragon rider, she was also his teacher.

“No you aren’t!” Undyne wiped his tears with a white handkerchief given to her by Queen Toriel. Papyrus closed his eyes as she rubbed his cheeks and eyes. The dragon added, "Brother helped!"

"Brother?" Undyne looked around. She knows Papyrus has been ranting about this imaginary cool brother for quite some time. Imaginary because she knows that the skeleton species are wiped off from existence. But the bandage couldn't be placed by the child, Papyrus doesn't know first aid.

'Demon’s incarnate.' Undyne looked around and saw a pile of corpses around the front of the Playground. Undyne pursed her lips, horrified of her conclusion as she can sense the dark aura in the air. Her Dragon puppy has attracted unwanted attention for a ‘brother’. “Let’s go!”

“Ok.” Papyrus obeys and Undyne held his hand. Dragging the child, Undyne ordered in a tone that meant there was no negotiation for this. "I forbid you to see your brother ever again.”

“!!”Papyrus' eyes widened in surprise. The dragon looked back at the playground (Undyne knows the dragon can see the cloaked demon) then he looks at Undyne. "Why can't Papyrus see him?!"

“I will explain later.” She said in a whisper. Papyrus nodded and yet continues to look behind. After a few more feet, Undyne picked up Papyrus and ran. Running as fast as she can, she chants a spell to teleport away. The sound of window glass shattering was a fair warning she made the ‘brother’ angry.


It also was to her displeasure when she felt a dark presence following her small dragon puppy like a plague. At first, she didn't care because the presence was weak, but it was growing stronger and stronger without any fail. Every time Papyrus was hurt or within the area, something or someone gets hurt or killed and no one can point the cause. It was also starting to affect the livestock and human satisfaction level so one day. She decided to enter a house carrying Papyrus like a sack, use a teleport skill towards the Sacred Springs, clean Papyrus and return to the Headquarters. She knew Papyrus was stupid. Not the book stupid or the physic stupid, but the innocent stupid. Isolating him with Asriel for research, Papyrus begins to forget his 'brother' after a month and Undyne was thinking the Demon would come out and FIGHT. It didn't so Undyne continued with her work. Papyrus was crestfallen, asking why his cool brother isn’t coming. She said the guy’s a bad news, the demon from the Sloth Unit are known for being lazy asses. Papyrus became sad for a week, but interacting with the twins and the young seraph made him feel better. The twins are kinda adorable, not that she’s going to say that to them. Chara might stab her, Frisk might flirt with her, Asriel would tell Toriel which the lady would be happy that they finally agreed in something (no!) and Papyrus would cast an electric spell on her (as she banned fire magic since she’ll smell like sushi according to her best friend.)


"I need more effort unless you're giving up? I thought you wanted to get stronger... but" The Riverperson wondered, her staff looked like a rowing boat as Sans panted in exhaustion. Yet the demon grinned and the individual was pushed to the nearby tree using telekinesis.  

"cut me some slacks! i was taking a breather." Wings raising up, Sans' crimson eyes glowed and his right hand was coated with dark red magic. The Riverperson sensed the incoming wave of dark magic and warped away from the tree before the tree bursts into flames. Looking at the tree, the female covers her mouth. "You may want to tone down your magic, young one." 

"that's why i'm here, to learn and control it." Sans rolls his eyes and the Riverperson laughs. Watching the young demon prince dodge the barricade of ice spikes emerging from the ground, the female comments. "You are so much better than your father. The same demon who triumphed in destroying a fragment of God, you will have-" 

"don't compare me to that fucker!" Sans cursed and summons out skulls that opened its jaws to create a beam of darkness. The Riverperson continues to warp from place to place, humming. “Control your temper and understand the situation! If you were not the son of a dear friend, I would have never accepted your apprenticeship. However, I do hope you protect your loved ones with your WILL." 

"fine fine. i get it. less talking, more fighting." Sans has his eye sockets closed, annoyed and impatient on the lectures of the individual. While the two FIGHT, Mr. Gerson was watching in the sidelines taking down notes about the Demon Prince. The tortoise was one of the Historians of Monsterkind.


When the Capital celebrated Christmas (We, monsters, call it Gyftmas), that was when The Demons strikes. It took two months with the best Intel to learn it was an act of terrorism. Even then, they have no idea how many the fuckers killed. Some Humans died from stroke. Some died from a bone stab or their bones protruding out of their bodies. Some died from being twisted like a towel, some died from blood loss. Who was these guys?! The entire Kingdom was in panic as this occurred. They called these events must be the work of the creatures of the Demon of Despair. Of course, The Organization has no record about a Demon that has this sort of strategy. The rumors were based on past experiences and had no evidence but Human accounts which were exaggerated and not connecting with the other. All they know is that it just happens. They were at a dead end from all of this, but they continued to persevere because it may be a demon group. A New Demon Unit? What is that Demon Lord doing with his life?! What, complete the 7 sins because it’s catchy or his favorite number? She entered into those shady dealings for information and they too are stumped with the identity of the group. Toriel and Asriel felt greatly disturbed from the events. Toriel mentioned the demons have no patterns in their attacks while Asriel refuses to leave his room in fear. Papyrus was his companion while Frisk and Chara were rotary assigned as the bodyguard.


"A Demon group that can manipulate bones and blood... Are you trying to tell me the Demon Lord has a secret special force?!" The blonde reptile laughed, Undyne watched her friend as she took a sip of the cocktail made by the purple flame elemental. This girl in front of her is Alphys, the incoming head scientist of The Demons. Undyne and Alphys were in a bar, within the Demon Realm. She’s a monster she met during her patrols in the forests. The yellow lizard’s inquiry to herbs and substances attracted her, such dedication and hard work must be respected. Undyne forgot what happened after that must they became acquaintances or besties? Heh. Undyne nodded, “But those were the reports, Alph.”

“Maybe the group are Humans, having learned necromancy. It’s an ancient art, but not impossible to learn when they have DETERMINATION.” The bartender yawned, flipping a golden coin as he passed the time away. This guy’s Chillby. Stingy, cunning and territorial, she learned from Alphys that Gaster wants the elemental to be his right hand. Chillby refused, stating it will go down to his wallet.

“Or it’s a league of homunculi disguised as Demons like that one account in this village where…” Alphys continues with her speech. Undyne listens carefully, slightly disturbed with the way Alphy’s glasses slide down from time to time. Aside from the 7 GODs, there are other deities praised as Gods as well. Sometimes, she can see Alphys texting while talking to her, cursing her creation called Mettaton. Not really a creation, more like a lackey. Weird demon logic, LOVE and Love are parallel to each other. Mettaton and Alphys is a friend-enemy thing?

‘So it’s either a necromancer group, a vampire cove, homunculi, strong demon wannabes… Since this group has no accounts within the Demon Realm.’ Undyne summarized since Alphys had access to the records in the Dark Castle. She, having enough information, decided to have some fun. Removing Alphys’ glasses, Undyne taunted the female and began running. Alphys needed her daily dosage of exercise so as the lady’s best friend, it was her duty to make the girl healthy. Strange. Why was her SOUL beating faster than the usual?

"Give it back!" Alphys screamed, annoyed at her antic, but she wasn't using robots to chase after her. Undyne stuck her tongue out and continued running. It must be from the heat in the area, the Demon Realm has conquered a part of Hotland. Undyne eventually 'gave up' to give it to Alphys.


Increasing their defenses, retraining the soldiers to handle and limit possible outcries or suspicious activities, Undyne issued a major Military structural change and waited for the group to reveal themselves. As planned, they were able to catch a lot of groups and not the one they were looking for. Chara and Frisk also were able to gain a respectable position in Society, no longer called abominations but as the undefeatable duo. That’s a long name. Undyne doesn’t understand Humans and their weird naming system.

[Attention found and attained]


“Who are you waiting for?” Papyrus asked. Frisk was looking outside, a distant smile on her face. The brunette turns her head and smiles at the half-dragon. “I am waiting for someone special today.”

“?” Papyrus blinked, charcoal black eyes stare at her. Frisk decides to give a hint, “He helped us escape and is really nice in the inside. He is a demon and his name is Sans! I just saw him walking down the road yesterday an-”

“… You can sense him?!” Papyrus asked, his voice with a hint of alarm. Frisk wondered why the dragon was worried, but then again. They were talking about a demon. Frisk places her finger on her lips. “Yes.”

“Is he near?” Papyrus asked, this time the dragon hid under a blanket. Frisk finally caught on, remembering Undyne’s orders that Papyrus should not be talking with demons. Frisk scratched her elbow, “Yeah…”

“Can you hide me?” Papyrus’ head popped up, those pretty ruby like eyes shine with a hint of yellow. The Human nodded, wondering if her eyes were as shiny. No… It was usually Monsters who can have dual elements. Frisk crawls up to the big bed, most of the areas have huge beds. Picking up the child transformed hatchling, Frisk responds with a white dragon in her arms. “Whatever you say Pap.”


From the increase activity of The Organization, the Aristocracy began to give more funds to the Royalty (King Asgore). A lot of sponsors entered the area and she was caught off guard take two. She should have expected an ambush from the area, but everyone was scanned before entering! More shocking news is the fact it wasn’t a group of monsters or humans. From Toriel’s Clairvoyance spell placed in the Royal Castle, it was a single hooded figure with a twisted smile and everything was getting murdered around it! Sometimes, Undyne wished she was inside the castle when it occurred. She, being the guard of the King.


“…” Asriel stood behind Papyrus as they heard the screams from some of the Human spell casters protecting their area. Tugging the albino’s arm, Asriel shivered at the oozing darkness entering the room. Feeling dizzy, Asriel fell in Papyrus’ arms and the albino places his friend on the bed.

“W-where is Chara o-or Frisk?” Asriel asked, shivering at the intensity of LOVE in the air. Whoever this creature was, it was angry and fear blossomed in the angel’s SOUL. Papyrus gives a kiss on the forehead, white wings covering the air pushing into the room. Papyrus used air magic and closed the door.

“They’re having a communion with the Queen and the King. I will head out and bring back-up. Stay here!” Papyrus rubbed his head in a soothing manner. Asriel whimpers, “I’m sorry for being useless…”

“Do not say that! You are important to everyone!” Papyrus chirped and gives a head bump to his forehead. A cloaking spell casted on him, Papyrus jumped down from the fluffy bed and fixed his wings.

“Don’t get caught!” Asriel warned and the white dragon agreed. Opening the door slightly, Papyrus heads outside. Waiting, Asriel fell asleep and woke up with Undyne and the Dog couple asking where Papyrus was. Dread filled him and Asriel told the account to the female, hoping Papyrus isn’t dead yet.


This was Asgore realized how weak his Castle was if ever betrayal occurs behind its walls. While Toriel and Asriel purified the area, she and the King had to create another plan to reconstruct the rooms. Half of the Units were placed in the Defensive while the other half was intelligence gathering so their enemies wouldn’t think something happened. It was only after a week that Papyrus came back, explaining he lost track of the skeleton demon. It was a skeleton demon. Undyne felt dread since the last skeleton demon account the Organization had was the Demon Lord. Was the guy pissing them off for their sucky defenses? Undyne listened to the wrath rant of her Boss while Papyrus lies on her lap, tired from his adventure. Scratches here and there, Undyne had to pick him up and clean him in the Sacred springs again. Things can’t get any worse right? It did. The Ritual was supposed to happen next year and they have yet to gain the last SOUL – Determination. For the sake of the Kingdom, Chara and Frisk was to be the next SOUL sacrifice. For the first time in her life, she witnessed the submissive Toriel refuse the order and then. And then… A lot of things happened. She can’t recall what happened but she knows something went wrong. Undyne scratches her neck, reading her reports that was composed by her men.


Aftermath: The Tragedy 

"Chara! Frisk! Are you guys okay?” Undyne screamed, losing her left eye and some bruises and ‘scratch wounds’ on her body The red head panicked at how she woke up to find herself in a devastated Capital. It was like the apocalypse happened and everyone fell unconscious after it. Running at the flickering energy, Undyne paused to see the older brunette standing at a pillar as she clutched Frisk’s favorite stick. Walking closer, Undyne saw a fresh batch of corpses and ash. Everything pieced itself together, Undyne clutched her hand. ‘No…’ 

“WHY?! Of all the people it had to be, it had to be her! Answer me, God! You-you…” Chara slammed her hand on the pillar, tears falling down as she raised her head on the air. Undyne doesn’t know how to comfort the female except to give her some alone time. Leaving the female alone, Undyne found her Unit one by one. The dog unit were in critical condition, aided by the Humans. She sees some of familiar faces, but nothing registers her.


“Hmm…” Undyne placed her pen down and looked at the window. Because no one can recall what happened on that fateful day, everyone dubbed it as The Tragedy. All for certain, they knew the Ritual was disrupted by the demons. It wasn’t Toriel, it can’t be her because Asriel and Papyrus was the Host and Servant. Toriel was also murdered according to Asgore, the King turning more reclusive after the incident. The Natural Order was also tilted. Global changes and calamities were happening faster and against the usual predictions of the alchemists. Creatures, slumbering for millions of years, have begun to wake up and cause havoc. Monsters are starting to grow erratic and possessed, attacking villages and allies at random. The Humans have begun to give them the credit their Unit deserves. This sounds like a great ending except for the fact the WAR is still going and…


*THUD! *


“It had to be paperwork.” Undyne growled, chained in her responsibilities as Head of the Royal Guards and her job as the Right hand of King Asgore. Stupid paperwork! The door slowly opens, Papyrus and Monster Kid’s head poked out to see if their superior was in a good or bad mood. Undyne waited, hearing the door open wider and Monster Kid slowly dropped the loot to Undyne’s table. Moving away, Papyrus ducked just in time before a spear stabbed his skull and looked at her in horror. Undyne stood up, flexing her arms and with a devious grin.

“It’s time for some training punk!” Undyne greeted. Papyrus looks for his back-up, only for Monster Kid to retreat faster than a rat. Papyrus raised his hands, looking at Undyne with a slight sweat. “D-don’t you have paperwork?”

“As my second-in-command, I will have to train him to the best of my ability.” Undyne shushed and Papyrus rolled his eyes. Undyne rushed out of the room, dragging the skeleton by the scarf. “If I win, you do my work!”

“I KNEW IT!” Papyrus cursed, trying to remove his scarf. “NO WAY! I STILL HAVE MY OWN PILE TO DO! YOU DO YOUR OWN WORK, FISHY SUPERIOR!”

“I do not take NO for an answer!” Undyne cheered and Papyrus summons out his wings to try and create air resistance yet Undyne was too strong for him, too DETERMINED. “DAMN IT UNDYNE!”

“You’re welcome!” Undyne called out and Papyrus cursed in dragon.