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One Shots

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Patrick glared up at the top shelf. He needed the box of pop tarts.

Why did Pete decide to put it on the top shelf?

He knows Patrick is only a small muffin who can't reach that high up.

Patrick lets out a sigh and pushes himself up onto his tip toes.

His arm is stretched out high, fingers straining.

That's the sight that Pete walked in on.

Patrick, with his right arm stretched high up toward the shelf, the other bracing himself on the counter. His legs elongated, his shirt riding up on his stomach.

It was adorable.

Pete cleared his throat to alert his husband of his presence. Patrick turned his head toward Pete. His face was red from the strain.

"Do you need me to get the poptarts for you?" Pete asked sincerely.

Patrick gasps.

"HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!" His face red from the yelling and position he's in.

Pete lets out a laugh.

"If you say so babe." Pete turns to leave.

It's a few minutes later while Pete is watching television when his husband comes into the room looking defeated.

Patrick lets out a sigh.

"Help meeeeee." Pete chuckles, stands, ruffles Patricks hair and effortlessly grabs the poptarts.

Patrick has his arms crossed and his face turned into a scowl. He swipes the poptarts from Pete, turns away, turns back and jumps onto his husband.

"Thank you, you tall freak." Pete grins and pulls Patrick into a kiss.