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Ain't no saint

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Lena knew that kicking and screaming wouldn’t help, so she didn’t do that. If she had, it could have made matters worse and really, she should have known the Luthors would be homophobes. When they caught her kissing a girl from the neighborhood in her bedroom, with her shirt off, the house had been too small. Lillian exploded and packed her suitcase in an instant. She had begged and even cried, not wanting to go through conversion therapy because being gay is not an illness.

Her mother wasn’t having any of it and drove her to an institution. Conversion therapy is supposed to be illegal, but of course the Luthors paid a smack of money and now here she is, whether she likes it or not, and she really doesn’t. It’s been a week now and hell doesn’t even come close to describe this place. She’s been beaten several times, sometimes with a belt.

Her eyes are watery and she wants to close them, doesn’t want to look at the screen, but if she closes them, they will beat her again. Nearly every day two men drag her to a private room where they try to brainwash her. They are showing her pictures of naked men and all she wants to do is throw up.

She’s seventeen and all she did ‘wrong’ was kiss a girl. If she could go back she would do it all over again because there’s nothing wrong with her being a lesbian. Being here hurts, mostly on the inside considering her heart breaks to know the Luthors spat on her and so do the people here who are supposed to give her treatment. She’s not crazy, if anyone is, they are.

When they free her from the chair after hours of seeing pictures and hearing them talk, she’s exhausted. It’s late and she wants to sleep, but sleep never comes easy.

“I hope you took a good look at those pictures,” one of the brutes says.

“I think you two secretly enjoy this,” Lena replies, a small smile on her lips. “Maybe you’re not so straight yourself, watching those dick pics for hours in that room with me.”

That comments earns her a backhand which splits her lip open.

“The truth hurts, doesn’t it?” Lena asks, laughing wickedly. She spits the blood from her mouth at the men who drag her to her room. Well, if it can be called a room since it might as well be a prison cell. Her attention is drawn to the room next to hers where a girl is being dragged to, kicking and screaming. Ah, newbies, kicking and screaming doesn’t help, but newbies always try.

“Unhand me!” Kara demands, struggling against the grip the men have on her. She huffs when they let her go and walk away while she flips them off. “Bastards,” she mumbles under her breath. “Oh hey,” she says when she spots the girl close to her, who is staring. “How are you doing, beautiful?” she asks sweetly, leaning one arm against the wall.

Lena’s jaw drops and she wonders if this girl is for real. Thank god the men already left so they don’t get reprimanded for this. “Excuse me?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’m Kara,” Kara says, holding her hand out. “What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“Jesus,” Lena whispers. She wonders if the new girl – Kara – is going to keep calling her things like that.

“Fascinating name,” Kara replies. She grins smugly while she sizes the girl up and fuck yes, she’d get on top of that. “Oh Jesus,” she moans quietly.

If Lena thought her jaw dropped before, it’s sure dropping now. “Lena,” she says quickly, gathering herself. “My name’s Lena.”

“A pretty name for a pretty young lady,” Kara comments, winking at Lena.

“I can’t believe this,” Lena mutters. Is Kara seriously flirting with her? Is this some kind of sick test she doesn’t know about?

“Why are you here?” Kara asks, tilting her head. “You don’t look… sick.”

“Gay conversion therapy,” Lena answers, pained. “And I don’t look sick because I’m not sick, it’s not an illness,” she says defensively.

“You’re right,” Kara agrees. “You’re not sick for being gay.”

“Are you here for that, too?” Lena asks curiously, considering Kara was definitely flirting with her moments ago which doesn’t exactly scream straight.

“Not quite,” Kara answers, placing her hands on her hips. “I’m a pansexual sex addict.”

“Come again?” Lena asks, unsure if she heard that right.

“Oh, I wish,” Kara replies, licking her lips.

“Christ,” Lena whispers, shutting her eyes for a second.

“You heard me right the first time,” Kara husks. She takes a step closer towards Lena, trailing her fingertips up her arm. “I’m into whomever and I’m a sex addict. It’s like an itch I need to scratch all the time.”

Lena gasps and backs up against the wall because Kara is standing way too close and oh my god, she can feel her breath, which is entirely too much for her poor gay heart. “Well, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” she gulps. “You have two hands, after all.”

“Yes, I have two,” Kara replies lowly. She leans in closer, her lips brushing against the shell of Lena’s ear. “And I know how to use them well, but that’s nothing compared to what I can do with my tongue.”

“Fuck me,” Lena moans. She blushes when she realizes Kara must have heard her moan and that wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s funny how she’s in here because they want her to be straight and yet with this particular blonde around, she feels herself getting gayer.

“If that’s a request, I accept,” Kara whispers, letting her breath tickle Lena’s ear.

“It’s time to go to bed,” Lena sighs, sliding down the wall to slip underneath Kara’s arms which were on opposite sides of her.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kara teases. Her sexual frustrations are through the roof because she hasn’t slept with anyone in a month, aka forever.

“No, no, no,” Lena replies, shaking her head. “You need to go to your bed in your room and I’ll go to mine in my room,” she clarifies. “We should hurry before anyone catches us.”

“Mhmm, kinky,” Kara whispers, liking the added thrill. She cups Lena’s cheek with one hand and gently runs her thumb over her lips. “What happened to your lip?” she asks, noticing the cut.

“One of the men slapped me,” Lena answers, shrugging her shoulders.

Kara’s hand freezes and she feels angry that someone dared to lay a finger on Lena to hurt her. The only touch this beautiful young lady deserves is a loving one. “Come,” she whispers, pulling Lena with her towards the area with the sinks and the showers.

“What are you doing?” Lena hisses, although she’s not resisting Kara’s pull. “We shouldn’t be here.”

Kara wets a washcloth and dabs it at Lena’s split lip. “Those men really are bastards,” she grumbles. “Clearly they don’t know how to treat a lady.”

“They’re homophobes, that’s what they are,” Lena replies, hating them. “Just like my family.”

“I’m guessing your family is what got you here,” Kara says, considering someone must have signed the paperwork for Lena.

“Yes,” Lena confirms. “They caught me kissing a girl without my shirt on and they freaked out,” she explains, surprising herself with being so honest to Kara when she barely knows her.

“Damn, their reaction was rough,” Kara replies, wishing it hadn’t gone that way for Lena.

“What about you?” Lena asks, since she told Kara her story. “How did you get here?”

“Aside from kicking and screaming?” Kara asks, laughing when she manages to make Lena smile, although Lena is wincing fast. “My family was worried my addiction was getting out of hand after I sort of lost my mind when my boyfriend left me and I got the wrong number sometimes when I was sexting, so anyway, here I am.”

Lena isn’t sure if it’s positive or negative that Kara is here to get help, though given how this place treats patients – ugh she hates that word – she’ll have to say negative. “How does your family feel about you being…?” she asks, leaving the last bit lingering. She doesn’t want to overstep, but she has to admit that she’s curious.

“About me being a sex addict?” Kara asks, unsure if Lena is talking about that or not.

“No,” Lena answers. “About you being pansexual,” she clarifies.

“Oh, that,” Kara replies unfazed. “They don’t mind,” she says, lucky with the family she has. “My older sister is a lesbian and she has a girlfriend, so it’d be weird if they wouldn’t accept me being pansexual.”

“I see,” Lena whispers, nodding slowly. “That’s nice.”

“Did you ever go further than kissing?” Kara asks inquisitively. She undoes Lena’s hair tie and plays with a lock of her hair, curling it around her finger.

“Y-yes,” Lena answers, hoping her frantic heart isn’t betraying her. “I have done a few… things.”

“Things, huh?” Kara asks gleefully. “What kind of things?”

“That’s not your business,” Lena answers, blushing furiously. She has touched a girl a few times when she was exploring and experimenting, which is not something Kara needs to know who might have had more sex already than she’ll ever have in her entire life.

Kara turns the knob of the sink too hard, causing the water to splash over her shirt. “Darn, now I’m double as wet as I was,” she comments shamelessly.

Lena needs to get away and go to her room fast so she can escape Kara and not think of where else the girl is wet. Dammit, someone is really testing her and this is so unfair. A part of her wants to say what the hell and just enjoy what she can have to have at least one good thing in this hellhole, but the other part of her knows she shouldn’t. In the worst case they would both get caught and punished and while she’s used to the pain, she doesn’t wish it upon Kara.

Kara lifts her shirt over her head to wring it out in the sink, leaving herself standing, wearing a sport bra.

Lena’s eyes are being sucked towards Kara’s chest like magnets because boobs. Oh god, oh god, oh god. “What are you doing?” she asks sharply. This is not good, well it sort of is, but no, she shouldn’t be seeing this.

“Wringing out my shirt,” Kara answers. “What does it look like?” she asks sarcastically.

Lena would say it looks like Kara is doing this on purpose to seduce her, but she doesn’t say that. “I’m going to my room,” she sighs, hoping to avoid trouble and the girl happens to have trouble written all over her. “You shouldn’t stay out here too long. If they catch you they’ll do something bad,” she warns, worried they’ll hurt Kara, too.

“It’s not normal that one of those men hit you,” Kara says, because this place should help people, not abuse them. It’s beyond her why they even hit Lena in the first place and she’s not a doctor of any kind, but she’s also not an idiot. She can tell the difference between right and wrong and what they did to Lena is wrong.

“’S not the first time,” Lena replies, staring at the tiles near her feet.

“That’s not right,” Kara grumbles, feeling her anger bubble up. “They shouldn’t be doing that.”

“No, they shouldn’t,” Lena agrees. “But they do,” she sighs.

Kara stops wringing her shirt out and puts it back on, shivering at the cold touch. She can’t wait for the visiting day to come up so she can tell her sister what’s happening here. If she tells Alex, then she can tell Maggie so she can do something. Maggie’s a cop after all, a detective. If there’s anyone who can help her to get Lena out of here, it’s Alex and Maggie.

The institution has a grab-bag of patients with different issues, though the violence part most definitely isn’t mentioned in the brochure. 

When Kara hears Lena whisper a faint ‘a split lip is nothing compared to the bruises on my back ’ her heart hurts for the girl.