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Bride of Re-Animator Extended Cut

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Dr. Herbert West giggled as he assembled the collection of fingers and an eyeball onto the wiring he'd provided. Thank you, Dr. Hill!

"I'm moving out," Herbert's thoughts were interrupted by Dan Cain's tensed voice.

Herbert looked up, "What?"

"I'm moving out!" Dan repeated.

"Dan, you can't turn back now! This...this is the key to creating life! Parts! Re-animated parts!" Dan had always been weak, but even he couldn't deny the magnitude of their work.

"We're trying to save whole people, not parts!" Dan spat.

"Exactly!" Herbert replied, "And what are people, Dan, over and above a collection of living parts?" Herbert picked up the mixture from the re-agent. "We can create new life." He dabbed the mixture on the sculpture of fingers and the eyeball, sure that once Dan saw the results, he would change his mind. They watched together as the collection of once dead parts became whole and alive. Herbert couldn't help but chuckle as his creation crawled along the pan he'd put it in.

"This morbid doodling with human body parts!" Dan moved around the table to Herbert. "Is this what it's all about? Is this what our great work has led us to?"

Herbert turned to face Dan. "Just what exactly are you insinuating?"

"This is pure madness! Look at you, Herbert! You can't see beyond anything but...but...THIS! How can you expect to create human life when you're barely even human anymore yourself? You're obsessed!" Dan looked into his eyes, and before Herbert could respond, he felt Dan's arm around his waist pulling him close, and then Dan's lips descending upon his own.

Herbert had been afraid of this. Dan was sentimental to a fault, and it interfered with his work. Herbert had seen the way Dan had been looking at him, so this was no surprise. What Herbert hadn't anticipated, though, was how good Dan's kiss would feel. The kiss itself was rough, carrying all of Dan's frustration and anger, but his lips were soft and inviting, and Herbert found himself opening to the kiss, allowing Dan's tongue to explore the warmth of his mouth. Soon his fingers were woven into Dan's hair, and he was shamelessly pushing himself against the taller man. It felt as if he'd been injected by his own re-agent, and he could feel it in every part of him, bringing him to life.

Herbert gave a slight moan of protest as Dan broke from his mouth to suckle the sensitive flesh along his neck, holding him even tighter. He gasped as Dan brought one hand between them to grasp his hardness through his pants. "Yessssss," Herbert hissed as Dan dropped to his knees and began to unzip him, pulling him free of the confines of his briefs, dropping all the material down to his ankles. Dan's touch felt divine, with one hand wrapped around his cock, and the other moving up his thigh, while the fingers of Dan's other hand traced along his bare buttocks...wait...Dan's other hand? Herbert opened his eyes and shook himself from his bliss to look behind him. There was his new life, massaging the valley between his cheeks with its eyeball staring up at him. Herbert smiled down at his creation and allowed it to proceed, as he grasped the back of Dan's head, encouraging the other man forward.

As Dan's mouth closed around Herbert, and the new creation probed further, the scientist groaned. "Help me, Dan. Help me finish what we've started here.”

Dan ceased his actions to look into Herbert's eyes. "Yes."

Herbert looked down at him and brushed his cheek with his thumb. "I'll need you, Dan. At the hospital."

Dan looked so beautiful on his knees. And uncertain. "What about the police?" he asked.

Herbert smiled and pushed forward letting his prick brush along Dan's chin. "Don't worry, Dan. The police will never come here."

Just then, the buzzer sounded....