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Heart of Frost

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Did you receive mysterious messages? It’s a piece of the puzzle…

The letters are the only clues to solve the hidden mysteries… 

 Yuri did not sleep that night.

After reading the text, he tossed his phone into the sofa so that it was clearly hidden from view, took a shower while Viktor was drying himself, and screamed as quietly as he could. All that he could think about was who text him.

Maybe it was Phichit, who wanted to scare him. Maybe in the morning, he’d “wake up” to find out that Phichit sent another text saying, “Peace! That was just a joke, my friend!”

Except Phichit didn’t even know that he was a Magus, and had no reason to even think that a sentence like that would scare Yuuri.

Perhaps it was Yurio who sent it? Yuuri wouldn’t be too surprised if he figured it out from their discussion on his first day in the Russian rink and on the succeeding days afterwards.

But Yurio was more likely to confront Yuuri in a secluded place (probably a bathroom again). He would’ve talked to Yuuri earlier, then.

Mila? Georgi? Heck, any of the other skaters? None of them seemed to fit the bill.

Yuuri didn’t seem to know what to do.

 By the time morning came, Yuuri was as sleep-deprived as he was in his college days. While he was used to sleeping late, sleeping late to enjoy a Christmas Eve date with Viktor and then not sleeping at all had taken a toll on him. Nothing, not even his favorite green tea, could pick him up. The same question kept bothering him: who had texted him last night?

Suddenly, warm arms wrapped around him from behind.

 “Solnyshko,” Victor whispered into his fiancé’s ear, “you’ve swirling your kasha for the past five minutes now. Is there something the matter?”

“A-ah, sorry, Viktor! There’s nothing wrong, I just, ah, didn’t sleep well last night.” In an attempt to appear normal, Yuuri scooped up some of the porridge and attempted to eat it. Unfortunately, he was so distracted that he missed his mouth by just a tiny bit, and spilled some of the kasha on his face.

“… Yuuri, are you sure-”

“Oh, ah, how, uh, clumsy of me! I’m gonna go wash this right off, haha!”

As Yuuri dashed to the bathroom and rinsed his breakfast off, he cursed how awkward he had sounded earlier. He returned to face a serious Viktor.

As Yuuri nervously sat down in his chair, Viktor spoke. “Yuuri, I’ve noticed that you’ve been rather... secretive these days.”

Oh no.

“You also seem more anxious and worried now.”

Oh no.

“I mean, you’ve always been anxious, but it seems to have worsened?”

No no no he was not ready for this discussion yet-

“ And… I was thinking, since we moved to Russia and you had to leave your old psychiatrist, so maybe we just need to find a new one?”

… What.

Viktor placed his fingers on his mouth. “I don’t know. Maybe it was a silly idea-”

“Oh no, no, no!”  Yuuri grasped Viktor’s hands, and pulled Viktor towards him. This was his chance to cover up his anxiety with something else. “You know what? I think you may be right. I… I’ve always had a psychiatrist ever since I was sixteen, even in Detroit. If you think that may be what’s bothering me, then you may be correct. Maybe I miss my parents so much as well; it’s just subconsciously affecting me.”

Viktor’s worried frown broke into a gentle smile. “Oh, Yuuri. I know that you might be nervous about leaving your family again, but it’s just like moving to Detroit, right? Only you have me this time, and I’m here to support you.”

Yuuri returned the smile, and leaned in forward to kiss his husband fiancé.

It was getting harder to think of Viktor as just a fiancé. But soon, hopefully…

“Hey, if the competitions are canceled, do I still need to win a gold medal to marry you?” Yuuri asked in a playful tone.

Viktor smirked. “We’ll see.”

Yuuri grinned back at him. All was well.

But… no… Yuuri couldn’t pretend everything was okay. The question lay at the back of his head: who had sent him that mysterious message?

The happy couple cheerfully made their way to the rink. Surely, everything was okay.

As the practice evidently showed, Yuuri sucked at pretending everything was fine.

After another unsuccessful attempt at the quadruple flip, Yuuri signaled to the others, “Hey, I’m taking a break.”

But before he could exit the rink, a certain someone shouted at Yuuri, “Oi, katsudon! What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Yuuri turned to face Yurio and gave him a side glance. “Wait... what did I do wrong this time?”

Yurio’s mouth dropped. “Are you kidding me? You really can’t tell that you’ve been messing up literally every single quad flip you’ve been doing so far-”

“Okay, Yurio, I know that I’ve been failing miserably, but you don’t need to rub it in-”

“No! You were completely fine last night, weren’t you?” Yurio crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “Did something happen between you and the old man?”

But before Yuuri could reply, two voices shouted at Yurio simultaneously.

“Yurio, leave Yuuri alone!”

“Yuratchka, concentrate on yourself!”

Of course, Viktor and Yakov would enter the picture. Of course.

Yuuri felt someone’s familiar warm hands envelop his body. “Yurio, he’s just feeling a little homesick. We talked about it earlier and it’s all going to be resolved.”

Meanwhile, Yakov started yelling at Yurio about being distracted at practice.

Yuuri heard Yurio swear miserably. “Fine, katsudon. But you better be fine tomorrow. I’m beating that free skate record no matter what, and I want you in top shape as I do it.”

 Practice was horrible. Yuuri got better, although he still couldn’t land a quadruple flip. After the end of practice, Yuuri was getting ready to go home, when Yakov called out, “Katsuki, please meet me in my office right now. It might be a long talk, so ask Viktor to go home.”

Viktor pouted. “Do you have to do this?”

Yuuri laughed. “Viktor, it’s just a small talk. Why don’t you hang out with someone while waiting? Or you can scout for psychologists while I’m busy with Yakov.”

Viktor’s frown straightened. “That seems like a good idea.” He kissed Yuuri on the cheek, leading a nearby Yurio to stick his tongue out at the couple and mutter some insults.

Viktor soon joined Yurio and joked around with him. As the two left the building, Yuuri shuffled towards Yakov’s office. He quietly opened and closed the door, looking around in the office. He realized that he had never gone in before.

Yuuri asked quietly, “Is there something wrong, sir?”

The reply was simple: “Katsuki, I know that you were surprised by my text last night, but don't make it obvious.”