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Heart of Frost

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Katsuki Yuuri stepped into the building slowly. He was able to get Ice Castle Hasetsu for himself for the night. He looked outside for anyone suspicious, before closing and locking the door. He placed his bag and glasses down, and then glanced around the rink slowly, ensuring that no one was peeking.

Then he ran onto the ice without putting on his skates.

He felt a surge of energy come from within him, and blades made of ice formed on the sole of his shoes before he landed. As he skated figures, he let snowflakes follow him like little ducklings. He created ramps for him to jump in the air. He spun in circles until he laughed and collapsed on the ice.

Perhaps most people would have said it was freezing, but not an Ice Magus like Yuuri.

Most Water Magi in Japan were regular undines that managed hot springs, with healing properties for Magi. But instead of the usual deep blue whirlpool that covered an undine’s chest, there were frost markings over Yuuri’s heart. Like all Magus markings, they spread over Yuuri’s skin whenever he was either using his magic or being emotional.

Like right now.

Yuuri stared at his hand, watching the frost slowly claim his skin. He wondered how life would be like to be human. It wasn’t bad skating without magic – after all, he had to if he wanted to participate in competitions – but he had to admit that it was more fun with. On the other hand, he wanted to stop hiding who he was and feeling terrified of letting anyone know about who he really was.

Sometimes, it was better to just stay alone on the ice instead.

Yuuri stared at the wide screen in front of him. On it, he could see a teenager, just four years older than he was, skating around the routine.

The silver-haired prince was gliding on the ice with the grace of a swan. His movements were delicate, but purposefully flowing. Every time he stepped, spun, and jumped, it was absolutely perfect. As a budding skater, Yuuri had to respect the hours of practice that the skater had put behind this performance.

He couldn’t hear the conversation that his friends were having because he was too busy focusing on the man in front of him. The only thing that slipped into his mind was that the skater was named Viktor Nikiforov.

He prayed that Viktor Nikiforov was a Magus, like him.


Yuuri ended the call with his mother. Still gripping the phone in his hand tightly, he thought back to the finals.

He was skating on the same ice as the best skaters in the world. There was a 99% chance that they were human. He was an ice Magus. Theoretically, he should have the advantage.

But he was a hundred points below his own idol.

It took five seconds before the tears came.

Yuuri was at the banquet after the finals. He couldn’t seem to hear his coach’s voice, and socializing wasn’t his thing. He ended up near the wall, beside the table with the food. He noticed that the kid who yelled at him earlier was staring at him, so he turned away. He stared at the champagne glasses instead.

He just felt nervous and depressed the entire time. He could feel frost markings slowly covering his chest. He was silently thankful that he was wearing a suit.

He needed to do something to calm down before they show on his hands and his face. Anything to distract him.

He continued to stare at the champagne.

Well, it was a formal occasion, so surely he’ll retain enough sense to stay sane throughout the evening. Plus it’s not like one glass hurt anybody, right?

(But sixteen glasses do.)

Yuuri’s mouth was gaping wide open.

He was staring at the naked man in the onsen right in front of him. While most people’s eyes would look downwards, his eyes were switching between his chest and his face.

His chest, because it had no markings on it, confirming sadly that yes he was a human, and his face, because he couldn’t believe that this particular face, which was plastered on sixteen posters in his bedroom, was belonging to a man standing buck naked in his family’s onsen.

“Starting today, I’ll be your new coach!”

Yuuri screamed.

 “Yuuri, would you like to join me in the onsen?” His new coach asked cheerfully.

Yuuri paled. He shook his head. “Ah, sorry. I don’t really like using the onsen.”

“Huh?” His bright blue eyes widened and his mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. “How come? If I were you, I’d be using it every day all my life!”

That’s because I end up making the water cold just by touching it, he thought silently to himself.

“I don’t like taking a bath with others,” he said out loud. 


“Yuuri, the both of you are going to be training under the waterfall, alright?” A familiar voice called out to them after practice.

Crap, I can’t show my chest to them! Yuuri stood up and hurried to another room.

He came back to find two confused Russians. “Yuuri, where did you go?”

He showed the white clothes in his hands. “I, ah, went to get bathrobes for us to wear under the waterfall, hehe…”

“Ohhh. That’s a great idea!”



Yuuri was practicing his free skate. As he sped up for his last jump, he kicked the ice and did a quadruple toe loop, landing smoothly.

“Good job, Yuuri! That was a perfect landing.”

Yuuri blushed. He felt a small surge of magic leave his body. Fortunately, there was a great distance between the two of them, so he wouldn’t be able to see it.

As practice ended and Yuuri skated to the entrance of the rink, the Russian commented, “I always feel cold breezes in here, for some reason. It reminds me of St. Petersburg. Do you feel them too, Yuuri?”

Yuuri froze. “Er… Not really?”

“Huh.” He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “I must be imagining things. Perhaps I miss St. Petersburg more than I thought.”

Yuuri really needed to get his magic under control.


As the last few piano notes of his free skate played, Yuuri put his right hand over his heart and extended his left hand towards where his heart belongs.

The first time he did his free skate in a competition, he was nervous, as usual, but he hadn’t done anything that warranted a big reaction, other than maybe hurting himself a little by slamming into the wall.

But this time, he had attempted a quadruple flip as his last jump. Even if he hadn’t landed it perfectly, he had still attempted the world’s most famous skater’s signature move, and this particular skater was also his current coach. He had no idea how the silver-haired man was going to react.

Yuuri watched him. The Russian had put his face in his hands, and then started running towards the kiss and cry. In reaction to that, Yuuri took off in the same direction as well.

Since he couldn’t be there first, Yuuri cried out, “I did great, didn’t I?”

He nodded, a mischievous smile on his lips, and jumped forward.

As the impact hit his lips, Yuuri felt burst of energy leaving his body. He used a bit of his magic to slightly soften the blow.

Blue eyes gazed into Yuuri’s, and his smile seemed to widen indefinitely. “This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you did today.”

Yuuri blushed. He leaned into his touch. “Oh really?”

He just kept grinning, tightening his embrace. He laughed goodheartedly. “Goodness, Yuuri, you’re so cold after the competition! Let’s get out and you all warmed up, okay? I’ll treat you to some katsudon!”

Yuuri smiled. If only you knew. 


“I’ll be back as soon as I can, alright?”

Yuuri curled up on the hotel bed. He clutched his blanket tightly. Frost was slowly covering the bed. He didn’t bother to cover the frost markings all over his body.

It’s not like he had to hide them from anyone. 


Yuuri was slowly walking in the airport. He was now back in Japan. He was glad that winter was coming soon. That meant he could hide his magic more easily.

As he was walking, he heard some barking to the side. As he turned, a familiar brown poodle was making the noise. As for the owner…

Yuuri started running towards the exit, as well as the other man. As he reached the exit, Yuuri jumped into his arms.

After all these months, Yuuri was slowly getting used to the man, thus his magic was getting more stable as the months went by. However, he was still being surprised, over and over again. He hadn’t expected someone to pick him up from the airport, since no one ever did before. Thus, he expected it when a burst of energy came from him.

But Yuuri didn’t focus on that. Instead, he focused on the man in front of him. He never wanted to let go.

Yuuri looked into his blue eyes and clutched his shoulders. “Please be my coach until the day I retire.”

He gave a gentle smile. “It sounds like a marriage proposal.”

Don’t lose control of your magic don’t lose control of your magic don’t lose control of your magic-

He brought up Yuuri’s knuckles and kissed them just as gently. “In that case, I wish you’d never retire.”

Yuuri’s dropped ten degrees in temperature.

He let go of Yuuri’s body and laughed. “Goodness, Yuuri, you’re rather cold after coming from Russia. Come, let’s go back to Hasetsu so that you can warm up in the personal baths!”


While they were shopping in Barcelona, Katsuki Yuuri looked around the area. He was wondering where he could find a store that was selling what he wanted.

Suddenly, he happened to see in the distance a store that appeared to be named after a woman. Yuuri froze, and then ran towards the store. Fifteen minutes later, he was 800 Euros poorer.

Yuuri dragged him until they stopped in front of a church, with a choir singing nearby. Slowly, his hands even shaking, Yuuri slowly put something round and golden on his boyfriend’s ring finger. He was trying his best to control his magic so that frost wouldn’t cover the ring. Yuuri was certain that the frost markings had covered all of his torso and probably half his arms and legs.

“I…” Yuuri breathed in and out slowly. “I wanted to give you something, something that would show how much I appreciate all the time and effort you’ve spent for me. I wanted you to know and feel my love.”

And Katsuki Yuuri looked into the blue eyes of Viktor Nikiforov. Viktor smiled, full of love, and quietly said, “If you want to show your love, then show it as you skate on the ice tomorrow, like you always do.”

And Viktor lifted Yuuri’s freezing hand, and placed the other ring on his fiancé’s hand. He smiled, with all the love unsaid in the silence.


As they went back to the room later, Viktor ended up sleeping first. As Yuuri curled up on the bed beside him, his mind swirled with many different thoughts about the earlier event, most of them happy ones.

But one small question came to mind: how was he going to tell Viktor that he was a Magus?