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The Stardew Valley Excursion

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Skyhold, near the Eluvian Room…

Dorian looks around, hoping no one has taken notice as he quietly slipped into the room. Success! He thought as he closed the door behind him. He found the room empty, except for the tall Eluvian. How interesting, if felt a little odd when we stepped through. Almost like we stepped through a thin layer of vertical water.

He bent forward, almost touching the surface of the Eluvian with his nose. Fascinating, it doesn't even show my reflection, sacrilege! He soon turned his attention to the ornate frame. The top is dominated by what he thinks is a High Dragon, which appears to be draped over the curving top, it’s head flows down the left side while it's tail flows down the right side. The dragon's wings are folded tight to its back. A small golden light seems to be coming from the Dragon’s eyes. Oh dear, that can’t be good!

Soon the golden light flashes out, blinding him for a moment. When his eyes clear, he looks around. Where am I!? He seems to be in a rural area that has definite signs of habitation. There are fences and a smooth black surface, which he stares at for a moment when his eyes settle on a large rectangular box that seems to be made of metal and glass, it has an open door and many windows and wheels made of a substance he’s never seen before. Then he hears a voice…

“Hello there! You must be Dorian, we’ve been expecting you! Welcome to Stardew Valley! My name is Robin, the local carpenter. Mayor Lewis sent me to fetch you and show you the way to your new home. He’s there right now. Though it kind of surprised me to hear the bus broke down just as you got here.”

Dorian felt more than a little lost as he looked at the woman who called herself Robin. She is dressed so strangely, is that the local fashion? A shudder passed through him as he took it all in. “Bus?” He muttered under his breath. She must be referring to the thing behind me. A sigh escaped him as he tried to piece it all together.

“Are you alright?” The concern that colored Robin’s voice got him looking at her again.

“Uhhh… yeah I’m alright… I guess, no physical injuries anyway. Dorian of House Pavus most recently of Skyhold…” his voice trailed off as he gave her a courtly bow.

“Never heard of Skyhold, but maybe that's way away in the Mountains somewhere. Your Grandfather left you a rather nice bit of land, could become a great vegetable and fruit farm or even a proper Ranch with lots of animals. Guess it all depends on your Farming style. Come on then Dorian of House Pavus, the farm’s right over here, if you’ll follow me.”

Grandfather? WHO? WHAT!? Me a Farmerwhere in the blazes am I?!? Yet he cannot voice his confusion as he sedately follows the woman named Robin. It is not long before they stop near a ramshackle house that, to his eyes, has seen its better days.

Robin went on in a cheery voice. “This is Minrathous Farm.”

Dorian looked from the drab little house to the weed choked fields littered with branches, rocks and a plethora of trees and saplings. “Minrathous Farm? And you say my Grandfather left this to me? What am I supposed to do with it?”

Robin looked a bit confused, “What's the matter? Sure it’s overgrown but there is good soil under that mess!” She rolled her eyes at his obvious disdain. “With a little effort you'll have it cleared in no time.”

As they  stopped in front of the little house Robin spoke again, “... and here we are, your new home.”

At that moment an elderly gentleman came out of the house. “Ah the new farmer! Welcome! I'm Lewis, the Mayor of Pelican Town. Everyone's been asking about you. It's not everyday someone new moves in. It's quite a big deal! So you're moving into your Grandfather's old cottage. It's a good house… very 'rustic’.”

Robin breaks in, “Rustic? That's one way to put it… 'Crusty’ might be a little more apt, though.”

The Mayor shouted, “Rude! Don’t listen to her, she's just trying to get you to buy one of her upgrades. I’m sure your trip here was exhausting, the house is set up with basic amenities.  A bed, TV, a table and chair, and a lovely fireplace! You can decorate it any way you want, but first get some rest. Tomorrow you ought to explore the town a bit and introduce yourself. The townspeople would appreciate that.”

The Mayor walked a few feet before he stopped, “Oh, almost forgot, you have anything to sell, just place it in this box here. I'll come by during the night to collect it. Well good luck!”

Before he could raise any kind of objection the Mayor and Robin were gone. Dorian stood there feeling like he was suddenly a fish out of water. He muttered, “Now I know how the fish feels.” A long sigh escaped his lips. “What in Andraste's name is a TV?” He asked to no one in particular.

I'm to farm this overgrown mess? I'm an Altus of House Pavus, what do I know about farming. Kaffus! Whoever this 'Grandfather’ is, he has no actual relationship to me! I wish I knew what was going on here! Another long sigh is drawn out of Dorian as his signature mustache droops. Somehow he got himself up the steps and into his 'Grandfather's house’. In the far corner was a box like thing that seemed to have a glass plate stuck in a strange hard resin of some kind. He pushed the button on the front and the dark glass filled with light, showing a moving picture of a male stating what the weather would be tomorrow which was 'Mostly sunny with a chance of high pollen in the air.’

Though he found this 'TV’ interesting, all he really wanted was to fall asleep and pray he would wake up in his own bed, back at Skyhold…


That night… Dorian dreamed…

“Well hello there, Grandson!” The Spirit said. “Everyone in Pelican Town thinks I lived here for years. I implanted myself in their memories.”

“Wait… What? Why? What’s the purpose?! What am I even doing here? I cannot be a Farmer! I'm an Altus for crying out loud! I will be assuming my Father's seat in the Magisterium someday!” He falls silent for but a moment. “That of course assumes I can ever return home again!”

“Calm yourself, Dorian.” The ancient looking Spirit said. “I will explain what is needed if you just hold your tongue! Stardew Valley and the small berg of Pelican Town are in grave danger. I chose you out of all the beings I could have summoned, because you are unique.” The Spirit pause, chuckling inside as he studied the Altus, who had begun to preen.

“Well I AM rather remarkable, aren’t I?” Dorian smirked as he smoothed his perfectly trimmed mustache.

“Of course, would you rather I chose someone as unkempt as the apostate, Solas?”

Dorian actually looked offended at that. “That hobo has his head so far up a thousand years ago, he fails to see what's right in front of him!”

The Spirit of the old man could not help it, he started chuckling. “Very true! But you see so much more, correct? Soon this place will be overrun by monsters! The people lost the ability to fight effectively long ago. Plus there is much you can learn here and perhaps take that knowledge back to Thedus with you.” The Wizened old spirit made the statement something of a question.

“Oh…” Dorian became lost in his thoughts, in Moments he was shaking his head, “But ME a Farmer! Kaffas!”

The Spirit made as if he was going to slap Dorian, “Watch your tongue young man! No need to swear at me!”

The Spirit pulled into existence a TV and a computer. “You need to know about the technology from this world.”

Many hours were spent teaching Dorian all he would need to know, to survive in this strange new world. “Above all, remember they don’t have magic, not true magic at any rate. There is one man living on the western most outskirts of Stardew Valley who calls himself the Wizard, but he mostly makes potions and observations on nature and the people in and around Pelican Town.”

Dorian let out a frustrated breath, “Yes I understand. No magic, unless it is the only way to save someone who genuinely needs that kind of help or against the monsters that plague the different caves and dungeons of the region.”

“Well that is all this old man can think of, I will return when you have completed your mission. Oh one more thing, don't be afraid to forge strong friendships, or deny yourself a chance at love. If you find it, as we never truly know what tomorrow. Now it's time for you to wake up and start your first day in Stardew Valley.” The Spirit whispers to itself, “You're going to need it!”


1st of Spring, Year 1

Dorian woke with a start in his single bed and one room cabin. I don't even have a means of cooking anything here. As he looks around, he sees a large box sitting on the floor near the table. Inside are all the starting tools he will need to care for his farm, as well as a small stack of seeds.

Dorian suddenly finds himself sitting on the floor contemplating his new position. Everyone thinks I’m a Farmer , when I have no real clue what I’m doing! I'm a Mage! From Tevinter for crying out loud! Kaffas! I may be stuck here longer than 'Grandfather’ thinks! To save these people I have to turn Minrathous Farm into an actual profitable Farm! Andraste, what have I gotten myself into?

It was almost 7 am before Dorian could drag himself out to look at the overgrown state of his Farm, and all he could do was sigh. I can't even let lose a fireball because I might destroy valuable materials for building the things I need around the farm. Like chests to store said material. I will work on clearing the immediate area until around 9 am then head into town and start introducing myself around. At least I can say Dorian Pavus of Minrathous Farm!

So Dorian worked with the scythe to cut down the weeds and tall grass, finding fibber and wild seeds. Then he pulled out his ax and cut up branches, seedlings and trees that blocked the area he had chosen to prepare for seed. Lastly he pulled out his pick to break up stones and slightly larger rocks. He built himself one chest and deposited the excess materials within it.

Dusting himself off, he headed into Pelican Town, along the way he found and picked Daffodils, Wild Horseradish, Leeks and Dandelions. Why do I need to collect this stuff? Oh right to earn more money to buy additional seeds to grow other vegetables and to maybe buy some fruit trees. Kaffas!

Dorian had not worked like this at anytime in his life, yet the muscle ache wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. There maybe something to the simple life of the Farmer after all. He thought.

The first person he saw was a kind looking gentleman who he learned was named Harvey. Turned out he is the town's Doctor, or if he was in Thedus, healer. He seems like a good man, though he really needs to work on his mustache! Dorian couldn't help smoothing his to make sure it was up to his personal level of perfection.

He passed the small clinic with the red Cross above the door, which 'Grandfather’ had said was the universal sign for healing in this world. It was closed, after all he had just met the Doctor. Next door was a slightly larger building that served as the general store and Temple to a god named Yoba, as well as home to the family that ran the general store. On the wall next to the door was a calendar and message board, he took a moment to examine these.

Going inside Dorian introduced himself to the man named Pierre, who owned the store. He also bought a few green bean seeds, as they would continue to produce the entire season. He also introduced himself the Pierre's wife, Caroline. And daughter, Abigail. Andraste, I hope I’ll be able to remember everyone's names! He also encountered Marnie, the lady who sold livestock out of her ranch south of Minrathous Farm.

When Dorian left the general store he ran into a young man with bright golden hair named Sam, and a ginger haired lady named Leah. As he made his way clockwise around the town square he came to a residence. Outside he found another young man, who tossed an oddly shaped ball up into the air before catching it again, named Alex. Upon entering he found the cutest elderly couple he’d ever seen. Turned out they were Alex's Grandparents, Evelyn and George. I just want to wrap Evelyn up and tuck her away in my pocket! She’s just so cute! The 'gran’ I never had!

As Dorian left their house he saw Lady that sort of reminded him of a primary teacher, she had the brightest orange hair he'd ever seen, her name was Penny and she admitted that she tutored the children of Pelican Town.

Then he found the Mayor's house, but the man was not home. Dorian continued west hitting 2 Willow Lane, where he met Emily. She sort of reminds me of a Rivanni Seeress. He thought with a bit of a shudder.

On his way to 1 Willow Lane he met Jodi as she was heading off to the store. I wonder how many more I have to meet. In the house house he met Jodi’s youngest child, Vincent. Turned out Alex was her oldest child.

On his way back to the town Square he stopped in the Saloon and met Gus, since it was rather early there were no other proprietors in the establishment.

After that he met Maru coming down out of the mountain, which is where he was heading next. Once he entered the mountains, he went right into the Carpenter's shop/home. He greeted Robin and met her son Sebastian. He seems to think my moving here is preposterous, frankly I think so too! I am not a Farmer!

Back outside Dorian met Demetrius, afterwards he saw an old man in rags that got his attention, he was standing behind the Carpenter's house near a tent. His name was Linus, and he seemed to be a definite loner. By this point evening had settled over the region, so Dorian decided to head back to the Saloon to see if he could meet anyone hope might have missed.

When he got there, there were only two other people besides Gus. So he introduced himself to the slightly older lady, her name was Pam and by the look of it a woman after his own heart. She was enjoying a glass of wine at the time.

There was also a quiet looking fellow at the other end of the bar, he looked rather morose, as if the weight of the world rested on his shoulders. So Dorian went over and introduced himself. “Hello there handsome, my name is Dorian Pavus, the new owner of Minrathous Farm.” Dorian gave him his most charming smile.

The man looked at him with blank, blue eyes. He muttered, “Shane, but I don't know you. Why are you even bothering to talk to me?” Shane had dropped his eyes back to the floor before he'd finished speaking.

Dorian shrugged, “I just wanted to introduce myself and perhaps get to know you a little bit.” However Shane did not look at him again or respond further.

Dorian thought as he turned away, Perhaps he’s been ostracized for enjoying the company of other men, like me. And being in this small of a community can be detrimental.

Just then someone new entered the Saloon. He introduced himself to Dorian as Clint, the town Blacksmith. Shortly after that Dorian left the Saloon, a yawn cracking his jaw. I think I’ll turn in, I'm sure I missed a few. I’ll try and catch them tomorrow.

With that thought he headed home and crawled into his lonely single bed. Sleep claimed him quickly that night. His last thoughts were, Everyone has been fairly nice. I wish Shane would have talked to me more. And, Tomorrow is another day, I hope everyone one back home is doing okay.