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It's Still You

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The first time Frisk heard the voice was when she tumbled into the underground. At first, it was barely there. A soft murmur that only occasionally spoke up- very quiet and subtle- a soft, unsteady, difficult to understand whisper. It wasn’t exactly friendly, but it wasn’t truly hostile either. Eventually, it became clearer. The first time Frisk heard obvious words clearly was when she “fought” the training dummy.


You encounter the dummy. It said, dry and with a less-than-subtle tinge of snark.


Frisk was at a loss. Toriel had told her to talk to the dummy, but what on earth would she say? Eventually, the child settled on a simple greeting.


“Ummm, hello!” She squeaked.


It doesn’t seem much for conversation. The soft voice murmured, stronger now. Frisk bit back a giggle, as Toriel swept forward. Toriel seems happy with you… They added hesitantly. More and more emotion was seeping into their voice. There was a subtle notion of what Frisk felt was… pride?


“Who are you?” Frisk muttered softly. The presence jolted. Frisk wasn’t sure how she knew that. It just felt as if somebody jumped in shock.


You can see me? It pleaded hopefully. Frisk wondered if they could hear her thoughts, and firmly sent out what she hoped the Voice could hear as “no”.


Oh. Voice sounded disappointed, and Frisk felt the presence droop a bit.


I can hear you though! She thought-spoke as she trailed after Toriel, pulling the levers that she was told to. Toriel’s warm, proud smile made Frisk feel quite Determined.


...Hey. It sounded mischievous. Pull that other switch. The one on the wall. Frisk hesitated, glancing about. Toriel wasn’t looking, and she doubted it could do any harm if she did. She darted over and threw her full weight on it. All fifty pounds of tiny human child tugged down on the switch...


It didn’t even budge. The voice groaned, and Frisk pressed on. Lame.


Did you expect anything?


I thought maybe a booby trap would happen. It’d be exciting. Like spikes would come from the walls or something!


I don’t think that would be very exciting. It would be scary.


Psh! Fear is just another kind of excitement.


Not the best kind.


You don’t watch many horror movies, do you?


Frisk shrugged, then paused. Directly in her path, his head tilting from side to side in curiosity was what appeared to be a giant, wide-eyed, blank-faced frog. Why Frisk immediately assumed that the frog would have an expression at all was beyond her.


He seems… interesting?


The frog blanched suddenly, his head drooping and a rather timid expression appearing on his face. He slowly shuffled away. Baffled, Frisk raised her head and found Toriel glaring at the Froggit with death in her eyes.


Go Goat Mom!


Goat Mom? Frisk couldn’t help but smile a bit- the same thought had crossed her mind, although she had decided against calling the Monster “Mom” just yet. The voice was quiet after that, until Frisk finally got bored of waiting for Toriel in the long corridor, and the last phone call she received seemed to be that of a small white dog.


Wait, how did I know that the dog was small and white? Frisk blinked, shaking the sudden torpor from her mind.


...That’s kinda spooky. You can hear me AND know the color of a dog based on sound… are you some kind of psychic?! The voice sounded excited and a bit gleeful. How many fingers am I holding up? Tell me the future! MOVE SOMETHING WITH YOUR BRAIN.


Frisk nearly staggered from the internal volume boost. “Agh! No! No I’m not! Stop yelling!”


A nearby Froggit ribbited in alarm. Clearly this poor little human was mentally deranged, and he decided to politely maintain a slight distance from the poor delusional girl.


Oops. Voice mumbled sheepishly. Sorry! They didn’t sound sorry at all. If anything, Voice was bemused.


Frisk groaned and sighed. She stomped out of the room and squeaked, finding a large bowl full of candy.


“Please take one…” She read, before lightly plucking a piece from the bowl.


Only one? But they’re tiny! Whined the Voice. Don’t I get one?


Can you even eat?


I’m not sure! I’m kinda new to this whole “being a ghost of a long-dead human” thing.


Is… that what you are? I didn’t just hit my head?


Well, you don’t sound all that alarmed that I told you I’m dead so that’s a sign that yes you may have hit your head. But I am certainly here! Cogito Ergo Sum.




Nevermind. Yes. I’m dead. Oh, that’s right. Chara!




Me, idiot. The voice sounded annoyed. My name is Chara. You?


Frisk! She smiled, at the invisible Chara.


...Weird name. But seriously, can I even eat? There was a pause and Frisk almost felt as if something moved beside her. ...I can’t even touch the bowl. Still, you may as well take one or two more, right?


Frisk shrugged. It couldn’t possibly hurt…


You took more candy? Chara giggled. How disgusting. Three pieces! You must be the scum of the earth!


“Stoppit.” Frisk whined, pocketing the pieces and putting her hands on her ears.


I don’t think that works. Chara called, sing-song. “La-la-la-la, I’m inside your bra-ain~!”

Oh my gosh, why are you so annoying? Frisk pouted.


I haven’t had anyone to bug in forever! Chara squealed gleefully. Just let me have this! I’ll behave later!


Frisk rubbed her brow softly, and nearly stepped on a small, jello-shaped monster. “...Hi?” She greeted uncertainly.


Moldsmal; Stereotypical. Curvaciously attractive, but noooo brains. Chara drawled sardonically. Oh! Flirt with it! Go on!


“What?!” Frisk blurted, flushing a bit. The moldsmal wiggled in a confused manner- words meant nothing to it really.


Chara kept insisting, and finally, Frisk reluctantly wiggled her hips. To her surprise, the jello creature wiggled back.


What a meaningful conversation! Chara remarked dryly. Wait. It actually worked?!


It had indeed. The satisfied moldsmal wiggled away, somehow seeming happier than before.






There was a brief silence. Frisk, after hesitating, continued her exploration of the Ruins. For a long while, no words were exchanged between the two, as they delved further and deeper into the Underground. Finally, Frisk broke the silence with a tentative, nervous question.






You said… you were dead right?


For a long time now.


How… did you die?


I- The voice cut off in a manner that was abrupt, even for telepathy.


None of your damn business! Chara hissed, sounding distinctly uncomfortable.


Frisk flinched. Sorry.


Chara didn’t reply. Frisk continued on her way. The awkward tension filled the air, thick enough to be sliced with a plastic knife.